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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Ooh la la!

Wow! Plausible Body are currently offering a french maid's outfit. I'm confident the concept of the erotic french maid is not lost on any of you, being a staple of films and photography over the years. It's also something called 'open price', which means it's L$0, but then you can donate as much or as little as you wish according to how much you feel it is worth to you. It's certainly worth quite a bit to me, as there are a variety of options available in what is an extensive folder of items that offer many, many opportunities to mix and match elements to achieve different sexy looks.

Starting with the top two photos, I'm in the full ensemble complete with feather duster. The third pic shows just the apron and shirt being worn, and the fourth stockings and garters (there's also 'frills' for the panties should you wish to add them. I could have taken so many more photos but I've limited to five here. The final photograph shows the undies, a see-thru bra (always a favourite at 2ex) and also just a wonderful pair of panties. I'm getting tired with the thong look, and a simple full brief pair of plain black panties just look wonderful.

Plausible Body also do a further range of shoes, latex jumpsuits and other items, and I'm pressed for time today, so I've IMed a couple of the other girls to maybe hop along and provide their own comments and photos about this wonderful little shop full of excellent, wonderful sexy, erotic items. This maid's outfit would be great for roleplay. And girls, maybe you could encourage the odd guy to offer employment opportunities by cleaning his condo while wearing this! ;)


Friday, 28 October 2011

Bare Sensual pubic layer

I'd not heard of Bare Sensual before, but I was given the heads up by a 2ex reader (and SL friend) today about its current group gifts. So...without further ado...I headed on over there and joined the group (L$0) because, well, just look at the photos!

It's a free (free!!!) tattoo layer of delightfully natural pubes, and I'm really excited by these. Why? Because not only to they look absolutely fabulous, but the tattoo element means no awkward attaching/detaching of pubes that show through clothes. (I'm wearing a pair of sheer panties in one of the photos (below) to show how well the effect works, and oh how sexy it looks as an ensemble).

I've IMed the store owner, Gigi Ponnier, and have asked that the item -a sure fire 2EX 'sexy' item that I know you, the readers, will adore- is kept 'live' for at least a few more days so that you can zip over there and pick this sexy, sexy item up! No response yet (I've just sent her a notecard within seconds of blogging this on Friday morning) so be sure to hurry along and join. I note that Bare Sensual also does some very affordable L$10 items, such as skins. I missed a lovely looking Asian styled skin, but it's still available at an affordable price if you're looking for something in that line.

This store is a fabulous find, and I would encourage you all to nip over there and pick this up, pronto!




I'm grateful to the reader who sent me the top photo (in its uncensored form) and said that it reminded him of one of Mal's photos on the Attitudes Lingerie shoot. I sent Mal out to do a sort of replication of the real life photograph, and one example is attached. The rest of the shoot is going on our flickr site.

Note: I've censored the RL picture, as this is a 'cartoon', SL sexuality blog, not a porn page (although, granted, the photo isn't actually porn, but simply nude women). But I was tickled by the idea of readers comparing what they see elsewhere on the web and comparing to our pages -although I'm not quite sure what form of googling led to discovery of the RL pic, lol. And with that in mind I've decided that if you see a pic that you think is 'erotic' in any shape or form, and you'd like to see some of the girls or guys pose in similar SL surroundings, let me know and I'll send some of us out to pose for you!

Another brief inworld hiatus from me

Well, my 'weekend' is now over, and I'm currently at the airport as work is taking me away from home for about 10 days, and long working days at that. A project that I've been working on behind the scenes for months is about to come to fruition, and I'll be on site to manage certain elements of it.

The hotel has wi-fi, of course, so there'll be the odd posting from some of the other girls and boys, as time permits me to upload their contributions, but I don't expect to have any inworld presence for the next 10 days or so.

I'm quite excited about this upcoming 'gig', which is an MTV Europe production. And that's the only clue you're getting, lol. I should be in my hotel around lunchtime, so after a quick orientation of the site, I'll maybe get the chance to publish a couple of quickie posts before the hard work starts tomorrow.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Drama? Drama!

One of our growing band of readers passed the following to me. She received it unsolicited, and says she never met, knew (or slept with) the person named in the notecard, but I thought you might like to see the contents anyway.

This may come as a shock to some of you that I am sending this too or you may not even care but (name removed) is a 52 yr old man and also my husband whom I loved and trusted. After discovering he has this whole other life here I need some closure and would like to know why he did this and what kind of relationship he had with all these people.... was it just a game or did he really have a relationship with you. Did he have any other avatars? Anything you can tell me will help me figure out why he did this. I am also sorry if any of you have been hurt by his lies.

I'm guessing, but it rather looks like a male in his 50s has been posing as a female(?), and a milf(?). Now his RL wife has found out about SL and gone nuclear. Her whole world has been turned upside down by SL and some secretive world her husband inhabited, and reading between the lines she could, in theory, be suffering right now with the foundations of her marriage crumbling. Or is that the case?

Further sleuthing on the name of the person who has led this secretive Second Life reveals the following profile.

Yes I am a lying piece of shit!! I am a 52 yr old man. Be careful who you trust on SL. All of you who knew me are sick fucks! What comes around goes around.

Is that the wife re-writing the profile? Or is it something else? The first two sentences are consistent with 'the story so far', but then things go slightly awry. 'All of you who knew me are sick fucks?' Are they, though? If I've got this right, then the RL guy posing as a 'milf' has probably been cybering guys. Now, those guys may think they've been having sex with a woman, but it's really a man behind the keyboard. Does this change anything? We project our own mental images onto an avatar (and the words they write) and take whatever we need from the text exchange. Does this make the exchange more 'screwed up'? I'd argue it doesn't, as literature is littered with men writing as women, women writing as men, and projecting a false masculine/feminine 'sexuality' onto the page (where sexuality is in the text). If we read a racy novel, and the female heroine is sexually succumbing to some rugged hunk, the sexuality on the page remains real, erotic and maybe even arousing. Does it matter if it's male author writing from a female perspective, or vice versa? No. The words remain erotic and maybe even arousing.

SL is the same. If this guy has been posing as a 'milf' and bedding RL guys in the context of SL, it doesn't make those guys 'sick fucks'. Or the 'milf' author. It's merely an exercise in roleplay, fantasy, imagination, projection and literary skills. The 'milf' doesn't have to have issues pending, nor the (RL male) recipients of his 'loving'. It's a game and it's fantasy and imagination. Now unless there has been some RL confession about RL gender confusion, and latent homosexuality on the writer's part, it's not overly important, in my eyes. Worse, I think, would be the RL male posing as a young stud and bedding SL women by the score, because that might signify something in the RL marriage requiring attention. Even then, exercising a virtual need is probably better than visiting RL hookers.

Of course, that's only my opinion, and I'm aware that others (such as RL wife) might regard things differently. But I'm still confused by the profile, which says that 'what comes around goes around'. Will it? The RL guys screwed the 'milf' in good faith. What makes them 'sick'? (unless she's referring to them, too, being caught out masturbating in front of a SL screen by their RL wives. It's not very clear what's intended here.

But if we can learn anything from this is that it's real people with real feelings behind the keyboard, and it's always best to be nice to one another and as truthful as one can be. Yes, it's a fantasy where some truth is suspended, and it's the suspension of the real that makes SL such fun. How horrible would it be to live a SL where you work all day and then come home to watch TV with a Sl partner and maybe have sex once a week? Best to do nothing other than sail your yacht and bed shapely lovelies 2-3 times a night, isn't it?

The Pregnancy Reports (5)

Doksie's pregnancy continues, and she's now in her fifth month. I've asked for (but not got back yet) a further update, but I have heard from the father! There has been an exchange of IMs, and I report them verbatim (with his permission). I've decided not to name him, and his 'going public' will remain his choice and decision. I'm not overly fond of the 'f' word being used so often and freely on this blog, but having reached agreement for verbatim posting, I felt compelled to leave the words in. The only alterations are my italicised and bracketed comments where there were spelling errors.

We'll pick things up with the 3rd IM I sent him.

Emma: Hi, I'm Emma and I run a blog about SL sexuality. One of my volunteers, Doksie Resident, is pregnant with your child yet she hasn't heard from you despite IMing you. I'm wondering about your feelings on it and whether you'd like to talk about it.

??: Yeah, I got your IMs and I've seen your web sight (sic). I'll complain to Lindens if you use my name or make accusations about me.

E: I've no desire to name you for now. I'm just trying to piece together continuing reports about her pregnancy and the impact it has on yours and her SL. You can keep chatlogs about what's said and you have my promise I won't name you unless you agree. Will you talk to me about it?

??: OK. I'll keep the chatlogs in that case. I've talked to her in any case in the meantime. The pregnancy is a mistake.

E: You were both wearing the huds and it's a mistake?

??: I met her at the Mama Allpa sight (sic) and we started chatting. She was cute and funny and we ended up in bed, OK? I thought she was on the pill and I thought I was wearing the condom thing from Mama Allpa. It was just sex. She's not the one I wanted to make pregnant.

E: Wow! You had someone else in mind you were going to impregnate and disappear on?

??: You don't understand. It's complicated. I have a friend and I'm more emotionally attached to her. She's partnered in SL but we've been having an affair over a long time. She persuaded her partner to buy the hud so she could have a baby but she has been fucking him using (mama allpa) birth control while we've not been using it. I want to have her baby, not Doksie's. We wanted to have a SL child together and her SL partner not know about it and think it was his.

E: So Doksie was just meaningless sex?

??: I fucked her, yeah. She wasn't a great emoter. It wasn't erotic for me. There was no feeling of connected with her. It wasn't good cyber and I wouldn't have fucked her again.

E: You cyber a lot?

??: I'm happy with the pussy I get, yeah. It's not a crime. Most guys are at it.

E: I'm not being judgmental. I'm just establishing the background. So you bought the hud to get someone else pregnant, in the context of an SL affair, and Doksie was recreational as opposed to procreational sex. But do you feel you have any sense of responsibility?

??: Not really. It isn't like it's a real kid.

E: Yet you want to have 'not a real kid' with someone else? Someone who is already partnered and with whom you're cheating on her SL partner?

??: It's a game. We like the idea of him raising my kid in SL. We think its a funny idea.

E: Before we go any further, I'd like to get Doksie's response. Will you be prepared to talk to me again?

??: I don't know. As far as I'm concerned it's just another bit of Second Life. The baby can be hidden away in her inventory. Its not like it will effect (sic) her entire Second Life.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New Attitudes Collection

A few days away from SL (it's always RL work related!) and my email and IM boxes are full! Please bear with me. My RL work involves odd 'weekends' (this week's is Wednesday and Thursday, for example) and SL time is virtually zero when I'm working, so the blog often ends up as a couple of days endless blogging to get caught up, and then a few days of nothing. I'm not neglecting you, it's just that I'm busy paying the bills! :)

One of the first things I opened was from Mal, who has checked out the new fall Attitudes Lingerie collections. There's so many great photos and poses (and six sets of lingerie and swimsuits) that I've settled on just a few here on the blog, with others to follow on our Flickr site.

I don't need to say much, the quality of the collection speaks for itself. Five sets come free at their store, and a sixth can only be bought by joining the Attitudes group. Joining is also free, so what's stopping you?

Friday, 21 October 2011

Gor (and BDSM)

I received an email today from a reader who asks why we've never covered, or even mentioned, Gor. We've mentioned it, as far as I recollect, in the context of free clothing that fit with 'sexy'. However, I do not like Gor, the concept, or the rather dreary books (I tried the first two, then gave up on account of them being, well, dreary!)

Yes, the silks are sexy, and so are some Panther outfits (fur loincloth works for me!) but I just don't want to get into or encourage a sub-genre world where the enslavement of women, of chaining and subjugating them, is part of the deal.

While we're on that subject, it's why we don't cover BDSM either. The torture of women (or women torturing males for that matter) is not 'erotic' to my mind. In fact, it's right up there with ageplay in the sort of things I won't cover on the blog, encourage, promote or support.

I know some may disagree, and for them there is some sense of the 'erotic' involved in it. But for me, that's not the case, and I won't be covering either Gorean or BDSM items. Occasionally, if a fur loincloth comes along, I may give it some coverage, but that'll be the limit. Why fur loincloths? I did think, at the turn of the year, of setting up a group and blog called 'Second Tribe', to the extent that they exist in unpromoted, unpublished 'ghost' form.

I was going to attempt to create a blogged back story about a post-apocalyptic world in which the inhabitants wandered a wasteland (inspired by Einstein's comment about not knowing the weaponry of World War 3, but certain World War 4 would be fought with bows, arrows, and sticks). Reduced to some kind of pre-historic existence where the clothes are furs, the food the wild animals caught, and living a nomadic, tented existence. This has never happened (yet) because this blog suddenly caught fire and we've got quite a bit of 21st century sexuality to comment on, but it may happen at some point in the future, I don't know. But my vision of that was for a sort of 'normal' sexuality to be the case, and perhaps some role reversal in which women were the sexual predators. I never quite finished off the back story and 'rules' in which this SL group might exist, and maybe I never will. In the meantime, we can continue to dwell on SL sexuality as a mirror of the here and now RL equivalent. And that excludes Gor, or any form of subjugation of women.

What we do for the girls, we do for the guys! :)

What we do for the girls, we do for the guys! :) If you're new (and male) to SL you're probably appalled to learn that a) you've been born with no cock and b) cocks are expensive unless you're going to wear badly coloured, ill-sized 'joke' cocks.

Worry not. Help is at hand. Midnight Lotus offer an excellent, good-looking free cock (see the pic). This comes in three skin tones to match your skin, and is indistinguishable, in terms of a quality look, from Midnight Lotus's full price wares. And it has to be said that Midnight Lotus are one of the top sexual equipment designers in SL.

Yes, it's limp, no, it won't grow erect, cum, pee or do any of those other things full price cocks will do, but it looks fantastic and will give guys a feeling of 'completeness' as they decide on whether (or when) to shell out for the full priced options.

I've witnessed guys wearing cocks that poke out of a girl's back before when fully erect, and it looks stupid. With this (flaccid) cock in place lovemaking will probably look 'right', in that it won't show stuck out of a girl's spinal cord, but blowjobs won't -the cock remaining limp- be realistic. Either that or you're roleplaying 'erectile dysfunction', lol.

I can't offer it as a group gift, but it should be simple enough to follow the link straight to the store, and the freebie. Enjoy, guys!

2ex group gifts

Reading the blog stats, it's obviously that it's not only me who has a keen interest in being dressed 'down there', with several posts on the topic being exceptionally popular.

When I started in SL 'Figgis' used to offer two free pantie layer options to give 'down there' a finished look, these being the 'shaved pussy' and 'regular pubes' options.

As far as I can tell 'Figgis' no longer operate in SL, but there's a ghost of their presence in that these two items still regularly appear around the grid with shops sometimes selling them for L$30!

No! Players, new players in particular, need free and ready access to certain items (which to my mind should be available as part of the inventory folder from the first log in anyway). And so I've decided, simply because the option is there, to share these two free items with our group members (the group's free to join). Click on notices and you'll get the option to 'save attachment' for each of the items.

I wore both of these on initial entry into SL, and they're still worthy of sharing around. I've not changed the permissions (they aren't my design to alter, in the first instance) so you can copy and transfer them, as far as I know. The only option disabled is 'no modify'.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Pregnancy Reports (4)

Well, it's time to continue with 'The Pregnancy Reports'. You may recall that I sourced some volunteers at the Mama Allpa sim, two males and two females, with the intention of following them if they either got pregnant or got someone else pregnant, and showing how the hud would work and getting their feelings on the entire process as it developed. I'm pleased to say that one of the female volunteers is now expecting, so it's time to introduce...Doksie.

Doksie (Mum to be). Hi. I signed up to Emma's vision of following the pregnancy because it seemed like a great way of examining the way in which the Mama Allpa hud works, and also because it was maybe a great psychological exercise. In real life I'm a Mum already, of teenage girls, and I'm always concerned that there's going obviously be some sexual activity in their lives without there being any responsibility. Yeah, I was young too once, and when the hormones are jumping and passions aroused, it's hard to resist natural urges. I remember drunken nights where things happened that shouldn't have, where there was bad choices of boyfriends, and where periods arrived late, complete with all the anxiety it caused. I joined SL precisely with the intention of fulfilling fantasies and I run a main avatar who does everyday avatar things (which has previously included cyber too), but I did like the idea of an alt who was a 'wild child' and would do all the things my main avi wouldn't. My main avi is an extension of the real, kind of normal Mum person I am, but 'Doksie' would be different (look up a definition of a 'doxy' to understand exactly how I named my avatar and where I saw her SL going). So while I wasn't new to cyber, it wasn't an everyday occurrence with me.

I managed to get Doksie to lose her virginity and get pregnant simultaneously. How often has that happened in real life? We hear about things like that happening all the time. It generally doesn't happen to married women, in the marital bed, edging up on 30 and with normal fertility. Sometimes it takes months to get pregnant (and that was my own, eventual experience of trying to get pregnant). But often some poor girl ends up surrendering her virginity in a messy, fumbling way in the back seat of a car and the first time she does, she's expecting.

Doksie has only had one lover so far, so I know exactly who the father of her unborn child is. And despite him taking a paternity test with me at Mama Allpa, and being aware that he's a dad to be, there has been no further SL contact. Job done and responsibilities shunned. Again, that replicates real life on so many occasions.

And so Doksie has moved into the first trimester of her pregnancy. Mama Allpa have provided a folder containing details (and a comfortable pair of pregnancy trousers!) with full explanations of the changing body shape, how best to roleplay the pregnancy and other stuff besides. In that respect the 'aftercare' from the hud has been superb, and some real, intelligent thought has gone into the entire process. I'm assuming there will be further folders as the pregnancy continues in the second and third trimesters. This is excellent work by the designers, and I have to say I'm delighted, in that respect, with my L$249 purchase, which now looks like a steal.

And one other aspect of it that has impressed me is the referral to what you should do in the event of a real life pregnancy. With the hud has come some sense of taking responsible actions. They make it clear that real life pregnancy is not a game, and that there are important issues to be addressed.

One aspect I would encourage the designers to explore -and this may be controversial- is of making it possible to abort. This is the solution in so many instances in real life to unplanned pregnancies, and it's also what I would imagine is a time of great anguish to so many young couples. Given the opportunity to play this scenario would maybe add an extra dimension to the hud and teach people that there are decisions, decisions that will haunt you forever, to be made. Perhaps, once the hud server has established paternity, the female (alone, as may often be the case in RL) should have the opportunity to abort, and where she does, the father gets a message to his hud saying this is about to happen, giving him the opportunity to support or reject the decision. Further messages to the parents -'your aborted child would have been one SL year old today'- might be further reminders of the responsibilities attached to sexual activity and parenthood. Personally, I'm all on for making the Mama Allpa hud 'standard issue' on entry into SL, for both sexes, so that avatars learn to take responsibility for their sexual activity. I'll be back with further reports on how I'm progressing to birth of my SL baby.

Doksie was in conversation with Emma, via a series of IMs, and the text was made into a narrative whole by Emma. Doksie has already seen the completed blog entry and is happy with the way in which her words have been represented.

Emma adds: 'I've tried to contact the father, whose name was provided by Doksie, but he has thus far failed to respond, despite being online when being contacted on one occasion. I intend to keep attempting to make contact throughout Doksie's pregnancy'.

I'm free!!!!

Marlene Macbeth (Sapphic Affairs Correspondent) I'm just back from the hospital, via a local hostelry, where my RL partner and I enjoyed a long and liquid lunch to celebrate the fact that I am cancer free.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month continues throughout October. Please do all you can to support it, and be sure that you educate yourself about it. In the UK, 48,000 were diagnosed with it last year. 12,000 died from it (although be aware there is no direct correlation between the two figures in any one year). While the figures demonstrate just how 'curable' it is, early detection and treatment are key. In America, for example, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with it. Most will survive it but, again, the key is in early detection, checking for lumps, attending mammogram clinics when requested to do so and so on.

Tonight I shall celebrate my survival, first-rate medical care and early detection. Please ensure you, or those close to you (we all seem to know someone who has suffered it, or lost someone to it) support fund raising to ensure early detection and treatment continues and improves. Thank you.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Honey! When I asked for a 'head shot'.....

Emmanuelle Warden (2ex Editor) LOL. I put out notecards to the staff over the course of yesterday and today asking for 'head shots', as I intend to publish their photo beside each blog contribution. You can see mine (left) and then I'll have the name, in bold type, and the role each person plays in the wonderful world of 2ex italicised. I expect that this will become a standard layout in future posts, where applicable. I was a little surprised to continue on answering IMs, putting out requests/notecards to the staff and generally doing some 2ex 'housekeeping' to find Honey's contribution bounce straight back to me in just a few short minutes! And maybe something got lost in translation, or along the way, lol, because this, in a series of four similar photos, is what came right back at me! :))))))

Umm...Honey....sweetie...when I asked for a 'head' shot.... ;)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Breast cancer awareness month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the campaign reaches its climax on October 28th. Be sure you support any of the bloggers/designers in SL who are presenting T-shirts or any other sort of clothing that highlights a thing that affects so many women.

Women still die of it, but with good screening programmes, it is very, very survivable. That is why we must do all we can in and out of Second Life to support various campaigns. I've linked to the UK campaign, but googling should lead you to various charities around the globe, including your country. I've written elsewhere on the blog about it. Please do read the post if you haven't already done so.

Emma, Diane and I all happened to be online simultaneously last week and discussed the blog, our Second Lives, our real lives and the global economy (we sorted that out in the time it took to drink a coffee, incidentally). Either Diane or Emma (it was me, Ems) mentioned you could get everything under the sun in SL. I beg to differ. I've typed 'mastectomy' into the search box and nothing comes up. It's an omission that needs to be rectified. That's why I'm going to put up L$2000 to the designer who can come up with a good mastectomy skin. Yes, probably a tall order, but it's something I'd be prepared to wear in SL in order to highlight, continually, the presence of breast cancer, how it affects women physically, and how we do not cease to be sexual beings or attractive following the loss of a breast (or breasts). I'll even throw in an extra L$500 if someone can come up with a good photorealistic skin before October 28th.

My life has been altered by breast cancer, and my SL time has diminished greatly since being diagnosed with it, as I've utilised free time to help, as a volunteer, with a UK charity. However, SL is a close-knit and sizeable online community, and I feel that it's important we get the message out, and make it loud and clear. I make no apologies for banging on about this, and will probably remind you again before the month is out. Stay happy and stay healthy.



PS: Would any bloggers who read this either copy and paste it into their blog, or else link to this? Every bit of publicity and awareness helps. :)

Introducing Davlos...

We've not been so lucky in attracting male writers to 2ex in the past, probably because they prefer to walk the walk (sex wise) rather than talk the talk. I'm pleased to say that we're setting that to rights today with the introduction of Davlos Karsin, a hugely talented writer, and someone who appears to be as good with the pen as he is with the (meat) sword! :) Tut, tut, Rosie! What happened to my advice not to screw the crew, lol!

Davlos did supply the photographs in order to illustrate the story, but unfortunately I've messed things up a little in the exporting from SL and importing them here, so they're here as a bunch, rather than interspersed throughout the story, because of the vagaries of working with html, and it wasn't a process I'd done before. The good news is I know where I went wrong, and can do it properly next time! I'll hand you over to Davlos now...Ems

Hey, I'm Davlos! I've been around SL for a little while and quite inevitably, I was drawn to the erotic side of SL. Allegedly, I am quite good at it (Thanks, Rosie!) and discovered this sexy blog through Vajeena. Vaj and I met in the wee hours of the morning at Turtle Coast, and I came to realize that the blog sorely needed a male writer, so, here I am!

On this page I will talk in general about my erotic experiences in SL. And yes, I love sex, and I get it a lot. One of my partners has come to tease me by calling me a "manwhore". *grins* But hey, I gotta embrace it.

I have several rules before I allow a woman to bounce away on me: first, the lady in question needs to put in effort into her descriptive writing. Words have power, and if they didn't, great figures like Martin Luther King would not have existed. Second, know that I am a Dominant, and I love to play rough. I have the capacity for tender moments, but that is reserved for those who are closest to me. Last and not least, to have fun. As much as I will derive my enjoyment from the act, I tend to make sure that all parties involved are having a good time, too.

Turtle Coast has been my adopted home ever since I moved into the Kaiya Islands community over a week ago. To those not familiar with Kaiya Islands, it contains the famous naturalist community of Wild Coast, alongside Turtle Coast - a more erotic-centric zone and The Bay, a public waterfront entertainment center. I fell in love with the place, for its beautiful build and coupled with the furniture, is bleeding with potential. I always find myself hanging out at the Turtle, so please don't hesitate to swing by and say hello, and who knows what leads from there? ;)

I'm going to start off by chronicling the first ever foursome I've had, which just occured early this morning. Threesomes are something that I've had with regularity, and oddly enough, no other guys were involved in those. It's definitely a joy to have two ladies dancing away on me, but why double-male threesomes are so rare is something that I cannot explain. Maybe guys just don't like to share?

I first stumbled upon a female couple at Commune Utopia, another fabulous erotic hangout joint. It was quite entertaining to watch the girls sighing and writhing against each other, and I apologize for not having any pics because I'll be honest: it's a stereotypical guy thing, I know but there's a certain attraction for me, when it comes to an act that I can never indulge in.

Moving forward, they noticed how the audience - another guy and I were quite interested in joining in, and it started off with a pretty intesnse sandwiching, while the other lady watched quite smugly!

Everything is big when you indulge in anal play, and it was quite the challenge to fit my girth within her forbidden chamber, but when I got into my stride it got the girl squirming quite desperately!

When we finished her off in both holes simultaneously, we went to pair off. It became quite evident that she was quite taken with me, and dropped to her knees before me to service the sore, throbbing staff. It's no joke taking someone in the ass for my first act!

The other pair went banging away quite enthusiastically, and I just took my time with the sweet lass. As you can see, she knew what she about with swallowing cock, and I couldn't hold it in when it was blatant that she wanted it over her face. Naughty girl.

When someone provides such splendid service, it's only polite to repay it back in full, or maybe even more! But knowing her gentle soul I laid her back, and started off slow introducing her to my thickness. Hey, I know what some ladies say about boys with huge dicks who don't know how to use it, but sure as heck I know what I'm about. You could always ask the scarlet-haired lady about it!

I eventually began to ease her into it, and get her comfortable before I simply dragged her out of her comfort zone and dropped her down a cliff. Remember what I said about playing rough? But it wasn't my fault! She spoke of worshipping my cock, and how else would you expect a man to react to that? Be gracious about it?

When we finished together she was all but shuddering and squirming quite violently in my arms. Bloody wonderful lass.

All in all, a pretty great time during my visit to Commune Utopia. I wish I went there more often - people are great and are plenty willing to share the fun.

Staff Notice Board 2

OK...All members of staff should have received a LM to '2EX HQ'. It's a tranquil little island with waterfall, trees, beach and a wooden shack complete with bed and outside desk where we can rezz our laptops. A perfect spot to remain inworld while knocking out copy for me! :)

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Damn! How I've missed her!

Older readers to 2ex may recall that, a while back, Lizzie and I ceased to be an 'item'. And we washed our dirty knickers in public, a little, before Emma stepped in and said 'no more!'. (I commented on this post, before deciding not to publish posts from all three participants: Ems)

Earlier today, I found myself online a the same time as Lizzie -we never 'defriended'- and I decided on a whim to say 'hi'. And Lizzie said hello back to me :) And, well, we shared a picnic, talked about the good days, sort of got (half) naked with each other and...kissed! We discussed my RL illness and recovery. We dealt with things.

I await Lizzie's longer term answer, but girl, I love you as deeply as two avatars can feel love in SL. I've missed you, I care for you, and I want to share my SL and SL love with you (again!). I love you Lizzie, and I always have. For as long as SL continues, I always will.

Gulp. I don't think I could have been more public in my declaration of love, do you?

Marlene Macbeth

(Awww! Sweet! You're both friends with me, and I'll be thrilled if you guys make a go of it again. We've missed you at 2ex and look forward to more posts relating to the SL lesbian scene. All my love and best wishes for a renewed relationship: Ems)

Circumcision in SL

On the right hand side of the screen there's a list of our more popular posts, and I'm fascinated by the way that this changes, with (new) readers clearly trawling back through previous posts.

As well as Tiny's Bullet Bra, which has been phenomenally popular this past week, the foreskin blog entry from last year remains an immensely popular read. I'd be delighted to learn why.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Most SL guys are cut, reflecting the RL demographic of Second Life (i.e. most north American users, a major percentage of SL's users, are probably cut in RL, so opt for a similar penile profile in SL).

In Europe, the picture is different, and most guys aren't circumcised. Yet the majority of males in SL are cut. I wonder why this is? Laziness, or meanness, in purchasing an add-on foreskin in SL? Other reasons? I'd love to know. Granted, some SL cocks come purchasable in cut and uncut varieties. Others require an add-on. But I'm surprised that as many of the Europeans I run into in SL opt for the 'cut' variant. Not that I'm complaining. It looks lovely, either in SL or RL.

You can make anonymous comments in the comments box. This applies to all 2ex blog entries. I can't see who you are, where you're from, your ISP, nothing. You are truly anonymous when commenting. So fellas, give me your thoughts on this SL phenomenon. Are you cut? Uncut? And why did you choose to adopt the penile profile you did?

The Pregnancy Reports (3)

A quick update on this.

One of our volunteers, who has been nameless thus far, reports that at the end of her current menstrual cycle the HUD suggests there is a 'possibility' she is pregnant!

We're keeping her name under wraps for now (and no, she isn't a staff member) but in the event that she has fallen pregnant there will be an interview with her, and then we'll be following her pregnancy throughout.

No such luck yet for our male volunteer. Or, should I say, no reports back from him to suggest he's about to become an SL Dad!

Our female volunteer also reports back from the Mama Allpa sim that one of the girls she has gotten friendly with there is also possibly in the family way, but with all sorts of added drama! From what we can gather, the girl is also 'possibly' pregnant, but despite being partnered in SL, is currently unsure who the Dad is! Oops!!!!!

It's certainly some sort of drama, and we want more details!

Seldom Blue

Mal has just posted from the Seldom Blue store. She's wearing what's described as a 'lacey' set of undies, but to my mind they're more 'beaded' than anything else. Anyway, the set is beautiful and also sexily revealing. Best of all, it's only L$1 for the set! Go now. You might catch me over there picking up a set for myself if I get inworld later this evening.


Ringo has added a contribution to the 'sexually explicit photo essay' pages. I'm rather intrigued by the entry and photographs. They will not be to everyone's tastes, so if you're squeamish about male, gay love, look away now, as it were.

I find it slightly disturbing that hetero males find same-sex intercourse between two women to be a fantasy, and those between two males to be offensive. Lesbian sex is, of course, a long established male fantasy (to watch). I'm not sure how you'll take to these photos, but I'm not about to divide the blog up into pages relating to heterosexual activity, gay and lesbian sex or whatever.

The 'Sexually Explicit' Page exists to photo-essay exactly that, regardless of sexual orientation.

I love Ringo to bits. He's an old, old SL friend and his outlook to life is positive and refreshing. He looks great (both in SL and in RL -we're Facebook friends) and sometimes I wish hetero men could be just so....lovely! Anyway, enjoy Ringo's contribution on the relevant page.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Naturist sims: the best, linked.

I'm a naturist, RL & SL. In fact, I joined SL imagining it to be some sort of virtual meeting place of naturists. I got that bit wrong, clearly, but despite the fact that some people live the naturist life by proxy and are still afraid to take the plunge in RL, there are some genuine RL naturists around.

I bumped into Emmanuelle at one of the naturist sims, probably Eden, since I lived there for a while and she seemed to be a regular visitor, and we became friends. Eventually, my preaching about 'genuine naturist values' led her to ask if I'd be interested in becoming 2ex's (then still SSL) naturist correspondent. Of course I would, I'd be delighted. And then, the instant I said yes, the regular appearance of a new naturist sim stopped.

Yes folks, we're in a sort of naturist hiatus, and I attribute that to the fact that, back in RL, there's a recession, in case you hadn't noticed, and I suspect there aren't so many new SL start ups. Naturism is simply another victim of people not investing money in SL any more.

I'm a genuine and dedicated naturist, to the extent that I, too, have looked at starting up my own naturist place, with true naturist values, but frankly the land tiers scare me off. And I did give up my own place in Eden, simply because irregular visits to SL meant I couldn't really justify the cost.

Anyway, I got an IM from Emmanuelle asking if I'd like to directly contribute to the blog, and while I would, it appears I can't, as I've no specific google presence (I'll work on this : Ems) so in the meantime this has been posted back to Emmanuelle for her to publish if and when.

I'm not going to dwell too much on the specifics of each locations. Horses for courses and all that, and it isn't intended to be an exhaustive list of naturist locations. It's simply a list of links of currently available naturist locations as of mid-October, 2011. How you find each of them is your choosing. I have my own favourites, but I'm not even going to make any commentary or analysis of them. Each have their own merits. And if you're a sim owner, and your place has been left off the list, be sure to add it to the comment box!

The Wild Coast Quite possibly SL's best known, most used naturist location, it also opened a more 'adult' nude beach (i.e. more poseballs). I've set the tp point as between Wild Coast and Turtle Beach. There's membership fees for both, but the cost is probably worth it in terms of the number of users you will encounter

Su Casa is relatively new, having been set up by former managers(?)/senior figures(?) at

Buffy's Cove which is now under new management. Buffy's is popular, and Su Casa becoming more so whenever I visit. Both are good, clean naturist locations (i.e few sex poses, but plenty of opportunities for a bit of naked dancing!)

Sweden Naturist has been open as long as I've been in SL and was maybe one of the first naturist places I found in search and visited. Not as popular as some of the other places, but sometimes that's an advantage! Low lag, and the opportunity to meet new people rather than get lost in the crowd.

Eden Naturopolis is a huge, massive, sprawling set of sims, each with their own character and emphasis. Lots of nude (or textile) sailing opportunities, a naturist church, many, many islands and much much more. I've been promising Emmanuelle I'll finish off a report dedicated solely to Eden sometime soon. I'll do it sometime soon!

Complejo Naturista Le Tejita is another long established place. It appear to be Spanish owned/run, and the people using it in the main Spanish. I can do tourist Spanish, but that's it, so I've never joined it, but it does appear to be relatively popular. There's a membership fee, and also a small free area outside the pay-zone. They've just move location or had a rebuild, and I have to say I preferred their older location and set up, with a decently sized free area outside the pay-zone.

A new place is Cap D'Agde. It's modelled on the real life French equivalent, widely known as 'The Naked City'. Originally a naturist town (yes! do your shopping nude, fill up the car bare, cycle around town without a stitch on) its reputation has suffered badly in recent years as having become a swinger's paradise. The amount of poseballs on the beach at this sim suggests they're following, closely, the RL equivalent. Not my scene, but I mention it because it was precisely at the real life Cap D'Agde that I enjoyed my first naturist experiences, long before it became tainted by exhibitionism, public sex and such like. A shame. The concept is fantastic the reality apparently, I've never returned, sordid.

Bavaro Parque is a German orientated sim, consisting of many small islands. It looks to be a 'clean' sim without poseballs, but you can buy a hud, which only works at Bavaro Parque, for more intimate moments. I'm not familiar with this sim, not being a German speaker in any shape or form, which kind of limits sociability in a German focussed sim.

Vibes has previously been blogged, very positively, on 2ex. No poseballs at all, just a place to hang out naked! Perfect!

SDI (Skinny Dip Inn) is another long established, very popular (and free!) nudist location. I've no idea why, but I've never used it very much. But lots of people do. If Wild Coast is the top naturist place in SL, then SDI's number 2. Of course, SDI people would say Wild Coast is number 2! Either way, it's a good spot to hand, dance naked on a beach and socialise.

For me, that's the main ones. There are others. Sunland, Abrico (Portuguese/Brazilian) for example, which are long, long established and popular, but are ones I've never really used for one reason or another (usually language barriers or time zone issues -they aren't busy when I'm on). And there are those we miss deeply: Manatee (the first place I ever felt truly at home, welcomed and accepted in SL), Sunset Cove and the recently departed 7 Hills (also a German place I used rarely but was remarkably well laid out and run). Do a search for naturist, nudist and fkk (short for freikoerperkultur, or free body culture, European shorthand for 'nudist beach') and lots more turn up serving Czech/Slovakian players, Polish people and so on. And a whole slew of 'nude beaches' which are nothing more than sex sims. You pays your money and makes your choice.

Ella Keng

Staff Notice Board

Just a gentle reminder that, having gone through the fallout of relationship breakups before on 2ex (and I still have many posts in draft form that I was going to publish before getting a grip on myself), I'm not up for a second round of drama about your relationships and post-break up bitch fests (from either sex). It won't be on the board (unless, of course, the readers gobble it all up, in which case, I want pictures and recriminations in the style of 'Hello!' magazine!).

In other news, we won't be holding any more staff meetings at that globally branded coffee shop we have previously used, on account of their real life coffee (I tried some this week for the first time) tasting like shit. It certainly didn't taste like coffee.

And while all contributions have previously been submitted to me and posted through me, I'm going to see about the permissions being changed so that you each can post directly to the site. As my own SL time is a feast or a famine, I think that it might provide more continuity to allow you to post directly rather than await my days off and play catch-up.


Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Bullet Bra (slight return)

For some odd reason this post, according to stats, has gone nuclear on 2ex today. Suitably encouraged, I'm going to reblog and update posts relating to Tiny's wares, as they seem to be very popular.

For all those who don't know, Tiny does some wonderful retro/vintage lingerie that I adore, and I will almost clear the desk of all other posts in order to blog her stuff. I'm hoping to visit her store again tomorrow and provide an update on the state of play there. Anyone who is new to SL should be made aware of the store's existence, and also the fact that there's a variety of free items to be had. Stay tuned.

Rosemary's page

I've just published a post to Rosie's page.

Linking to there will provide a further link onto the flickrstream, where pix of her encounter with Davlos have been uploaded. They're hot, they're xxx rated, and they're hot off the press 5 mins ago. And because Rosie is so effusive about her encounter, I've opted to put this post on the main page to draw your attention to the page update.

I should ask, too, if you want to see more of these sorts of photos and stories. We keep a broad church of sexuality here at 2ex, but it has been put to me that the readership would like more, and more explicit, writing and photos. Would you like that? Let me know.

Rosie also sent an email to say she'd provided 'bland' descriptions of her encounters with Davlos (who may be joining us as a male staff writer, incidentally). I'd like to know if you'd like more 'full on' descriptions of the action on flickr. Do you prefer phrases like 'post coital' (my suggestion, incidentally) or 'fucked within an inch of my life' (Rosie's original description) on the photos. The blog allows us to say what we like, but I do try to keep the language deliberately detached on flickr, where I'm not sure if we are being seen by the entire planet. Let me know about that one, too.

At Turtle Coast

I've spent the past week or so, on and off, exploring 'Turtle Coast', the new adult sim next to and related to 'Wild Coast', probably the best known and used nudist resort in all of Second Life. I have mixed feelings about it. While it's stunningly beautiful, and looks like it's blessed with an array of excellent poseballs (I wouldn't know, I travelled solo and I'm more disposed to sex as a private activity), the positive, the exceptionally positive vibe I got from it, was counterbalanced by -almost each time I visited- persistent creeps who 'loved my hairy pussy' and inquired, a couple of sentences into our conversation, 'do you want to fuck my fat cock'? The answer 'no', was followed by muting.

OK, OK, it's a sim designed for sexual activity, and there was certainly some of it happening in public during my visits. All well and good, and in the context of what looked like incredibly beautiful animations, but fellas....(or, rather, adolescent boys)...you need to sharpen up on your wooing. Alternatively, turn 15 some time soon, because your adolescent ignorance about women is patently on display. We are not impressed, aroused or pleased at these sort of stupid remarks made by stupid kids, and you should not allow yourselves to imagine that this is ever how you will ever talk to women in RL, should you ever be fortunate to find yourself a girlfriend. And if you have one, or a wife, god help her if this is how you talk to her.

But we don't dwell on the negative at SSL (umm....it's 2ex now Vaj! Ems) so I'll accentuate the positive. If you're so disposed, there's an interesting orgy tent that, in full use, and with local chat engaged, could be an absolutely superb place to play and have fun. There's well set tiki tables to sit at and chat (and I did enjoy an elongated, engaging conversation with one male user, so it's obvious there's at least some intelligent, engaging males around).

Yes, I will return and use Turtle Coast regularly, and in tow with a significant other, with environment set to sunset or midnight, this would be a beautifully romantic location with excellent poses.


More writers, photographers, models required.

My email is emmanuelle.warden@yahoo.com. I'll accept any contributions you, the reader, wishes to make via that. I don't check emails every day, so drop me an IM if you've sent me something, want to send something or have any ideas for the blog. All contributions and suggestions are welcome. I'm inworld at least once every other day, so it shouldn't take too long for me to get back to you.

We've all got busy RL's, and sometimes it's hard to squeeze in SL time. While I'm delighted by the consistently high standard of writing our staff provide, I do believe there's even more out there we could be writing about and promoting.

I would also remind sim owners, group owners and such like that I will happily promote events or their groups if they get in touch, and we'll maybe set up another page that links to groups, upcoming events and so on.


A teensy-weensy re-design

You may have noticed that the blog header picture has changed. It's just more of the same, but with clear blue sky behind me. And the reason for that is that it makes the blog's title -a new title- stand out better!

Yes, we sort of drifted into being 'SSL', but it doesn't roll off the tongue very well. As we've just started our own inworld group, '2ex Life', I thought it might be useful to have some continuity, and therefore I've changed the name of the blog to 'Emmanuelle's 2ex Life'. As the blog becomes more democratic, with more writers on board, and the invitation always open for you to add your own thoughts, pictures and whatever about your 2ex life, it's quite possible that, eventually, the blog will become simply '2ex Life'.

In terms of the blog header pic, this is the first one I've used that has been away from the 'Fotoscope' sim, and was photographed instead at Buffy's Cove at sunset.

Coming up in the next couple of days (I hope) is Vajeena's report from 'Turtle Coast', the new adult beach next to Wild Coast, Honey 'in action' pics and reports, and Rosemary has promised 'something' for me.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For anyone who says there is no cross-fertilisation between real life and second life is wrong!

If you've followed this blog, you'll know that I started here as a 'staff writer' but then had to take an extended break while I underwent treatment for breast cancer. I was lucky. A lumpectomy, followed by radiotherapy means I am cancer free, and the fantastic care provided by the much maligned but still world-class medical facilities provided by the British National Health Service (NHS) meant the cancer was detected very early, and treated urgently, efficiently, and successfully.

I'm an Aussie living in (and paying taxes to) Britain, so I was eligible for NHS treatment free on demand.

October is Breat Cancer Awareness Month, and I am delighted to report that Boom are giving away a free pair of Awareness panties (see the photos).

While they're free, I hope that it might encourage you to think about this horrible disease and sometime killer. Let us give thanks for the fantastic survival rates there are, but also strive for a cure or, failing that, first rate prevention, detection and treatment research and facilities. Yes, there are places inworld you can donate to the American Cancer Society, but wherever you are in the world, I would ask you to think about making a donation, however small, to your local cancer charities.

Back in the real world, I'm now very active in fundraising activities, so I don't expect to be around SL very much this month. I would be delighted and thrilled if you could help out, however you can, wherever you are, by supporting, financially or by volunteering, your local cancer charity.

(Note: I did look for a 'mastectomy' styled skin earlier this year, without success. If there are any skin designers reading who could provide such a skin, I'd be delighted and proud to wear it, forever, in SL. When I go topless or nude in SL it would be a reminder to every avatar, of the legacy of breast cancer, a reminder that we need to do what we can to fight it. Ladies, it can be a silent killer, so be sure to attend mammogram clinics when requested, and see your doctor on the discovery of any lumps. Guys, you know how much you adore your significant other's breasts, so be aware, when stroking, fondling, kissing them of any lumps she may have, and be firm in your insistence on her seeing a doctor (a benign lump is not a waste of your doctor's time) and also be fully supportive where surgery or post-op treatment (medical and psychological) is required.

In some ways we are defined by our breasts (at least in the eyes of many men). Those of us who do go through mastectomies do not cease to be attractive and sexy. Many women will feel the loss of a breast (or breasts) deeply. They define our femininity. We need the full support of our partners.

Lots of love,


Friday, 7 October 2011


You know that we don't blog many clothes on SSL. That's because there are a hundred other blogs doing it, and doing it better. Generally we confine ourselves to swimwear and lingerie. But we couldn't let the latest G&N freebie pass!

Anyone who knows G&N will know they do a freebie each month of a 'pantsuit' (I have many of them!) and while I was meandering through SL I spotted this month's freebie, a lovely and very sexy, almost 1970s retro leopard skin catsuit. Miaow!

So I despatched Mal to pick up a copy and do some pics of it. Remember ladies, it's free, and there's a new freebie each month. While not all fit in with that 'sexy' brief we have -many more being 'glamorous' and 'stylish'- this one seems to fit the SSL bill perfectly!


Manmuffs on....me???

OK....a quickie from me (Vajeena). I was hanging around the 'Nearly Tactile' store earlier, because it's a place we at SSL adore. Absolutely superb 'lady fur' that we (and our guys) adore. And Nearly Tactile also do 'man fluff' (or manmuffs as they call them). And I thought, 'I wonder what they'd look like on a girl?'

There's only one way to find out, isn't there?

So...here's what it looks like on a girl. I think it's cool. Kind of wild and unkempt, yes, but sometimes...um...isn't that what a few days without 'grooming' does, lol? I like it. I like the look a lot. Some ladies like to keep it natural, yet trim a little, particularly around the panty line. Some ladies...don't! So if you're going for that 'wild' look, and some guys, RL and SL, love some untamed jungle down there, this is the look for you!


I'm (still) your (theoretical) naturist correspondent :)

Well, I've been a 'staff member' for some time now, but not actually contributed much. You see, I was taken on as 'naturist writer', with the express purpose of scribbling some reviews about SL's various naturist venues. Some have already been blogged here and to be honest there's nothing 'new' for me to write about. There is a deficit of new naturist venues.

Back up there! I'll rephrase. There are one or two places that have sprung up recently, but they're ill-disguised 'free sex' locations, with very little to do with proper naturist values.

I don't cyber. So there's little purpose to me visiting these places. No, I don't want to sleep with you, in public, with your noobie chair leg penis. Following Emma's credo, 'if you can't blog positively, don't blog', it means that, despite being 'staff', I've not featured much. Don't worry, my time will (probably) come.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear from you, either in comments, or by IMing me directly, if you feel that the tag 'nudist' or 'naturist' is sometimes sullied by sim owners and builders in SL. Does use of those words, in free sex places, undermine proper and true naturist values and cause negative images of what we -proper RL naturists and our values- are about.


Ella Keng

The SSL flickr group.

I've stated a flickr 'group'. If you have your own photos of your own 'sexy second life', feel free to add them to the group pool. Later today I'll be scouring flickr for other sexy second life pics that I can point you at. I also intend to add a Picasa page to the mix as well.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


As well as 'the usual suspects' (the US, Canada, UK) we're being visited by visitors form Sweden, France, Germany (a lot from Germany!), South Africa, Spain, Finland, Egypt (Egypt????!!!!), Central America, Brazil, the Antipodes, India, Pakistan, Russia and most of the remainder of Europe too. I'd lke to thank everyone who visits, and hope you enjoy the blog. Don't be shy to say 'hi', comment, or join the 2EX group to keep up to date on all things 'SSL'!!!!

It's always a pleasure to find that someone in 'x', a country we don't generally expect to appear in the stats, has turned up. I'm currently working on some sort of translation capacity for the blog so that you can translate the blog entries more easily.

To each and every one of you, I say thank you, and send you my love. While our politicians continue to divide ordinary folk around the globe through their stupidity and small mindedness, it's heartwarming to learn that -in SL- we're one big happy, global family. My love to you all.


Hot for teacher!

I'll make no bones about it, I do love cock! So imagine my pleasure to chance upon TonyAdam Resident (teacher, in this scenario) and get invited to his Kat Club, ostensibly for a lookround. And the reason why this entry is on the main page, not my own page, is because I'm inviting the readership of SSL to visit and use it. Why? It's incredibly 'hot', that's why! Tony has installed a 'scene generator', and we used it to its full potential through a 'school' scene, although there are other scenes you can utilise.

Now...I'm going to say this once, so listen up! Tony has invited us to visit and use the Kat Club, and I have every intention of doing so. There are several other scenes I'd like to try with you, the reader. IM me and if I'm online, I want to tp over there and shag the arse clean off you!

I'll be honest. I've taken a lot of cock in SL and sometimes it's just so-so, but these scenes set my pulses racing, and if they've that effect on me, they'll have that effect on you. I'd like you, the readers of SSL, to treat the Kat Club as our 'home' sim. If I'm not there, well....some reader might be! Try out these hot, hot poses! I've just spoken to Emma and she has agreed we can use this as our home 'sex' sim, so it would be good if you joined the 2ex group (Emma's group linked to this blog) and wore your tag, so best to identify other readers.

And if Tony's about...wow! Bed him girls! The scenes, and Tony's emoting, made this a Grade A cyber experience. I've written before about having had maybe 500 cocks in SL, but trust me, Tony's in the top 0.5% of SL lovers I've had and I've no embarrassment in admitting he got me wet in RL.

The things I do for you! I was too busy taking pix to concentrate on the role play, or respond to Tony as I should have. Getting into it, I guess I'd have had a quiet little RL orgasm. As things stood, I only managed to get 'very wet' in RL while following the images and partially emoting with him.

I'm going to have a SSL 'party' at the Kat Club next week some time, and I'll announce it here and through the 2ex life group notices, so it would benefit you all to join. First come, first serviced! :)

(The full set of pix of my hot session with Tony will be on the flickr stream later, or on Friday, as soon as Emma gets the chance to upload them).

In the meantime, leave me to my little bask in the afterglow. :)