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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Postings, and how would you like to work for SSL?

I'm in the middle of a stint of 19 days in a row at work. It's an exciting piece of work (and, no, I'm not going to share it with you, RL is RL, SL is SL) but these are turning into 12-14 hour days, eating on the hoof (and in transit to/from work) and sleeping. There are unlikely to be many posts until early October.

I've previously had the contributors filter their work through me prior to posting, taking an editorial role, but with this level of workload (I'm not complaining, I love it and millions are unemployed!) when I get back I'm going to have to rejig the blog so that the various contributors can post directly. I may also look at taking on someone in an 'assistant editor' role. Vaj and Diane have turned down the role, preferring to concentrate on posting around and between their real lives, so if your SL kind of mirrors the focus of our second lives, you can write a bit (and spell and punctuate properly!) drop me an IM, we'll talk, and I'll see about taking on an assistant editor (i.e. you'll be the editor/contributor when I'm offline).

Because I'm based in Europe, and therefore operating European time zones, my contributors so far have been exclusively European. I would love to add someone to the writing roster from the western hemisphere but, honestly, if you're from anywhere, can write and have a sexy second life, I'd love to have you on board.


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A new SL group linked to SSL

I've set up a new SL group '2ex life'.

Membership is currently free, and you'll get the tag 'I have a 2ex life' on joining. I don't intend to spam membership, but I do intend to put out group notices pointing people in the direction of interesting, sexy sims, clothes, events...

Membership will remain free until the new year, and then we'll review. I am hoping to encourage some of my SL designer friends to do some exclusive, sexy items that will be like group gifts. Not sure where this will go, but feel free to join and we'll see how it develops.

Do a search for '2ex life' in the groups search box, and hopefully it'll pop up! :)

No more hunts

Vajeena and I were having a little bit of a challenge over the past couple of days.

Wilson's Designs do lovely stuff for men and women alike. In the main, their stuff doesn't generally fall into the SSL remit, which is why I've not blogged them before, but they do some lovely sheer, see-thru, revealing tops. Wilson's is more of a guy's store, but there's nothing we like better than slipping on our guy's sheer shirt, perhaps with a bra on underneath, perhaps not, and using it as a mix and match with other parts of wardrobe to create our own unique outfits for a bit of dancing and head-turning at Frank's Jazz Place or the Savoy Jazz Club.

I have no patience for hunts, I've said this before, and will give up on an item if I haven't located it within about 2 minutes. I just adore the items that come up in the Dare2Bare hunts, but frankly my SL time runs out and interest wanes before I've found most of the items, so we've missed telling you about some sexy, sexy items in the D2B hunts before.

Vajeena and I both saw a lovely sheer shirt (ostensibly for guys) in the ongoing 'On the Hunt' hunt, and challenged each other to be first to find, and then model, this item for the blog, as it certainly fitted right into our 'we love sexy clothing' remit. I gave up after ten minutes, surpassing my own levels of patience by some distance. Vajeena reckons she has now given an hour of her real life to locating the said item and has now given up too.

While I'm happy not to have lost the challenge, I'm not happy that items I'd love to post keep slipping through our fingers due to the difficulty in locating some items in many hunts. We can't dedicate hours to hunts, we don't have the patience for them, and everyone's SL time is limited, ensuring that we need to prioritise and also balance RL/SL.

I'm therefore giving up on hunts for this blog. I'm not going to blog hunts or the items therein, even the D2B hunts that offer such lovely, sexy items. I don't have the time, the patience or the interest any longer.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Mr. October!

Phew! And phew again! Our staff are drifting back as summer ends and they go into their winter routines. Darker nights, colder weather. Time to throw another log on the fire and draw that laptop closer, to best indulge yourself in SL.

Diane, our photographer, has decided that she's going to make it a monthly mission to find, and photograph, random avatars. And what a start we have for you in the shape of Mr. October, Jeffrey Lebowski, who Diane chanced upon in one of the clubs I'd sent her along to photograph. I'll let Diane pick it up...

'Jeffrey was one of the coolest guys it has been my pleasure to talk to in SL. Just totally relaxed, standing nude and looking as scrummy as I think it's possible for a male avatar to look. I chatted a bit, and he was happy to be published, so I took a few pictures. This is a stunning example of a beautiful SL male. He was just the loveliest person. What else can I say? The photos speak 1000 words!'

I agree. Having seen those pix! Wow! Guys...you need to up your game! :)

A new page, a re-designed one, and Rosemary in her own words

OK. I've added a new page for Rosie (Rosemary Roxley, 2 pix above)) and also re-designed Honey's Home page a little bit.

Both are fun girls who will write about their sexual adventures in SL, and both the text and the photographs are often hardcore. I'm going to say this for the last time, but I do need to keep stressing it. These pages are not suitable for minors. I suppose you could argue that a lot of SSL is not suitable for minors, but some lingerie, some nudity and matter-of-fact reportage on new appendages do not constitute 'hardcore' in my opinion. And we do retain the 'warning' page on entry to the blog suggesting the works herein are not suitable for minors.

If in doubt....stay out!!!!

And we've reached tipping point on my inworld activity. As I've slowly assembled a cast of writers -and good, imaginative, intelligent writers at that- I've had more and more editing, sub-editing, designing and re-tooling to do, to the point where my inworld activity will henceforth be quite limited. Of course I'm going to still log in and play, I'm going to log in and explore and of course I'm going to cherry pick 'the best bits' where stuff I like pops up. It's my blog, lol!

So I'll sign off and hand this post over to Rosemary, who is going to give us her SL story as an introduction to herself. Talk soon!


Hello everyone, I'm Rosemary Roxley. I've been playing SL for a couple of years now, and like everyone else born in that polka dot dress, I was anxious to make her look better if I could. But as we all know there's not many ways beyond the sex industry in which earn a living in SL and so I became a sex worker within days of arrival, and some serious freebie robbery of what was, at the time, SL's best freebie store, Sarah Nerd's.

I managed to put together a semi-decent avatar, a proper skin, slightly better hair, an AO, and became a dancer in a club, gyrating for tips here and there. It was often hard work. Two hours wiggling for maybe L$10. But night after night I'd slowly work up my bank account and would then reinvest it in better clothes, hair, skins. By this time I'd discovered 'the blogs', and the process was aided by a plethora of really good freebies. As Rosemary looked better, the tips improved, but it was a slow process, so I decided being a stripper might pay slightly more. It did, and I also reached the point where some of the punters would be keen to pay more, much more, for sex. No, I wasn't a virgin, I'd tried out cyber on my first few days in SL, and tried it out for fun with some sweet guys who were in my friends list, but I'd never actually considered doing it for money. So my first transaction was for L$100 and suddenly I was rich! With that, I went mad, becoming 'Roxie' (a good whore's name, I thought) rather than Rosie, and I spent the next year in SL on my back, on all fours, on my knees....well, you get the idea!

Scroll forward to round about day 600 of my SL, and I'm living in my own lushly appointed apartment with the best sex equipment money can buy. I've a Lamborghini parked in the drive, can afford to visit SL's top design stores and casually spend L$5k in an afternoon....maybe even in a single transaction, and there's still L$70k in the account. And do you know what? I was bored. I could log in for an evening, spend two hours in SL with two willing participants, and log out L$1500 richer. Every night this went on. If you can emote well in text, and type quickly, you can still earn a lot of cash in the SL sex economy.

No, I've never crossed the line into RL. I don't do photos. I don't voice. I don't cam. I suspect there are those who are still earning huge sums in SL doing that, but it never appealed because I've always considered SL and RL to be entirely separate.

Sitting at lunch one day in work I decided I'd had enough. I let the lease on my apartment go, deleted the Lamborghini, lol (I should have kept that! A gift from a grateful lover!) and tp'ed into the welcome area on afternoon and started throwing cash at the noobs. Some were so green to be totally unaware it had even landed in their account, some were wildly grateful, and some who displayed some intelligence, humor and wit were sugar-mommied through to their first good sex equipment. I'd take guys to skin stores, Xcite, wherever I chose, and redesign them totally. I particularly liked the cyber-virgin guys. Stick them in a decent skin, stick on some Xcite gear and then try them out, lol. It was suddenly a lot of fun to be in SL again, and cybering for fun. And the guys had some fun too.

How many partners? I'm not entirely sure, but it runs well into the hundreds. Certainly more than 500. Does that make me a slapper? Probably, but I don't care. I had fun, the guys had fun, I earned some cash out of it to fund my SL.

Did some get possessive? Oh yes. I've had a few who got so wrapped up in the experience that they'd want to partner, but thankfully these have been few and far between. In the main, guys want no-strings, guilt-free cybersex. What are their real lives like? Middle aged and married to a shrew? Frankly, I don't need or want to know. If they want to be 'Rock Priapic' (I made that name up, incidentally), the muscle toned, long-haired jock with an nine inch cock in SL, who am I to argue? If it put a smile on their face hooking up with me and enjoying the inworld sexting, then 'job done'.

I don't know, or care, for their real lives. It's a fantasy world. Enjoy living the fantasies. After all, do they care that their hot, hot lover is a school-teacher who spends her real life days in smart, casual clothes educating 8 & 9 year olds and then goes home to her own husband and children in a tidy, smart suburb of a provincial town? Oops, did I say that out loud, lol! I'm living a dream, and so are the guys I hook up with.

I keep saying guys. Of course. I've only had a couple of 'lesbian' experiences in SL -cash transactions again- with people who've been quite obviously male behind the keyboard and moonlighting as an SL lesbian to fulfil some fantasy. I guess that, in a score of over 500, I've probably been 'had' by some RL lesbian masquerading as a guy. So what? The L$750 I received for an hour's work ensured I didn't over analyse it. I'm happy with, and confident in, my heterosexuality.

Today begins a new phase of my SL and one I'm looking forward to immensely. I do enjoy reading erotic fiction and I always think that I try to utilise my knowledge of that to bring a slightly more articulate, literate cybering to my SL. I see it as simply writing my own erotic fiction. And in RL I continue to tap away, when I can, at my own 'first novel'. It's erotic fiction too, of course, and yes, sometimes I'm working my own SL experiences into the text narrative I'm continually working on (and may finish by the time I eventually retire from teaching).

Having discussed things with Emmanuelle, I agree with her assessment of the sense of prudery that exists in the SL blogging world. There is nothing dirty or perverted about naked bodies, in photos, in oils, in charcoal or in pixels. I'm quite relaxed about my pixel nudity being splashed 'all over' the internet (i.e. one little corner of a blog relating to a computerised metaverse, which isn't exactly Scarlett Johannson levels of media coverage).

And so I intend to bring you some pictures of my continuing sexual adventures in SL, accompanied by text that I'd hope to be literate, imaginative and erotic. Some photos of me are already on the blog, and I hope many, many more will follow.

Sexually explicit....

The stats show that the page you like most is the 'Sexually Explicit Photo Essays' page. I've taken on a new writer to...ummm....'model' for us, and I'll let her introduce herself in her own words (with some 'softer' pix) later on today, but in the meantime you'll find a little taster of what to expect from her on the 'Sexually Explicit' page.

I must stress that these photos are only for viewing by 18+ years of age. By clicking on the link you acknowledge this, and in fact you'll be led straight to another warning. It will warn you again that it's for viewing by 18+, and that you acknowledge your legal right to view this material by scrolling down.

This is adult material. These are adult pix. They are not to be viewed by minors, under any circumstances, in accordance with the legal position relating to depictions of pornography in your country and that of your internet provider. If in doubt, don't click.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

The blogger interface

There's a new blogger interface which allows me to see which pages or posts are the most popular. I've not really explored it before now, but I've been doing a bit of analysing and it's quite clear to me what areas of the blog are the most popular. With that in mind, I'm going to ride out the rest of this month deliberately pushing those more popular areas, and maybe also rejigging the blog a bit.

We've got an audience all around the globe, and I think that one element that would benefit the readership would be a translation capability directly through the site itself, and so I'll explore that. And it's obvious where I need to 'up my game' to satisfy the needs of the current audience, so expect that to happen next week. I've already put the notecards out to the girls, and we'll see what they come up with. And bearing in mind exactly what it is that you do want, it's clear we need another writer/model. I'm working on this right now.

What you don't seem particularly interested in (right now) is the gay and lesbian lifestyles, so Marlene and Ringo may be given their own LGBT page on the board. I'm rather disappointed by this. I don't want to marginalise the LGBT lifestyle, and I'm loathe to 'segregate' it. Right now, I'm more interested in keeping the LGBT lifestyle mainstream on the board.

What I will be segregating is the 'Pregnancy' files onto their own page. As you may know we have two willing volunteers using the Mama Allpa huds to get a female (either our female volunteer, or any other female avi impregnated by the male volunteer) pregnant, and then follow the whole procedure through to the birth of a prim baby!

Check back later in the week when a re-tool of the blog, and some changes, should come online.


Night fever, night fever!

Hiya! It's Ringo here, and I've been doing bits and pieces of the disco hunt recently. The items aren's specifically 'gay' as such, but there's a lot of gay iconography attached to the era and the style. I love my old Giorgio Moroder records, so when I spotted some white platforms as the hunt gift at Duh! I knew I had to have them! Aren't they lovely? There's some lovely freebies and lucky chairs at this footwear store too.

From there, I zoomed over to Naughty Naughty, and managed to locate the disco ball for something that isn't gay, but a gay icon classic! See the pix! John Travolta in his prime, anyone?

Maybe this isn't your usual, expected 'sexy' posting, but I don't care. Clothes items like this are, for me, pure sexy and will get the pulses racing whenever I see a well-turned boy giving it some moves on the dancefloor.

I'm off to listen to some Gloria Gaynor classics now, for the next DJing gig. Let's hope to see you all in your 70s style next time I'm working the wheels of steel. Seeya!


I have a(nother) stalker, lol!!!!!

I'm horrified/thrilled/amused/take your pick, to discover that I have got my very own pet SL stalker, lol.

A new player, who it must be said has put quite some effort and money into an avi that doesn't look new, has discovered the blog and is now pursuing me through cyberspace! We shall simply say that he is not from a 'western' culture, and so I don't know how much of this is just cyber-infatuation or what. It's not the first time. Prior to starting this blog I had another 'admirer' who wanted me to be his exclusive property and possession until he was, after some anguish on my part, muted. I don't like doing this. Real people, real feelings and all that. But it had to be done then and it has been done again, rather reluctantly. I feel it's more a case of newness with the game/world and early days addiction to these pixellated people. I suspect both guys were/are probably nice guys in real life, but just swept up in this alternative existence. And we'll draw a line under the guy (from Europe) who was ready to leave his real life wife for me having spoken to me about four times!

To spare all their blushes, no names, no SL pix, no photos (which weren't requested) of their real life nude selves...simply because I deleted the latter. But remember guys...to me, it's a game. One I enjoy playing and one I throw myself into wholeheartedly, but a game nonetheless. The feelings and the emotions aren't real. Others, I know, disagree, but that is and always will be my view of it.

And to my stalker...who I know will read this: you're muted and will remain muted. Enjoy your SL but don't fixate on pixellated nude women you've never met. Failure to know when you're muted and unfriended will result in a complaint being tossed into Linden Labs.

Beauty contests

If you tp over to the Playmates Mansion, you can pick up free copies of the readable, inworld Playmates Magazine, it's sister (brother?) magazine Boy Toy, or enter their model contests. If you join their group (also free) you'll get the magazine sent out as a group notice each month.

I've subscribed for a long time now. Not that I'm drooling over the Playmates in a sexual manner, you understand, but because the whole concept appeals to me, and because it's a very good idea in its totality.

You can enter the contest, be a playmate of the month, feature in their end of year calendar (I think!) and feature in their hall of fame.

Now...what do we think about these sort of contests? In the developed world, beauty contests are now, post-feminism, considered passe and exploitative. As a result, the Miss World and Miss Universe contests now take place beyond 'the developed world', and last week (in the real world) an Angolan girl, Leila Lopes, was the first African to be crowned Miss Universe. And where does she make a lot of headlines? That's right, in 'the developed world'. Hypocrisy, how are you?

For many, such contests are a means of escape from an existence to a life. The money to be made, and the fame, and the subsequent career, are better than what the girl may have now, so who is anyone to criticise? The feminists? Oh, grow up. If a girl can better herself through her beauty, there's nothing wrong with that, and the finger-wagging from the dungaree wearing feminists are, often, thinly disguised jealousy.

Our friends at the skin store First Lady seem to agree with the idea that beautiful is beautiful, because within a day of Leila being crowned Miss Universe, they had a gorgeous Leila Lopes skin available (see pix). Stunningly gorgeous and accurate it is too.

SL is the land of the beautiful people, and as such, even in a post-feminist world, there's clearly a realignment of what constitutes politically correct thinking in the real world. Lots of SL girls aspire to be Playmate of the Month, and why not? Some guys also aspire to be eye candy, and why not? Although, on the wall, they're a little more shy about showing us their goodies, lol.

I want to follow this up some more. I'll be writing to the owners of Playmates for some background to the project (of which I wholeheartedly approve), and also a couple of the contestants of both male and female contests in order to get their input as to their motivations.

(top to bottom: Leila Lopes being crowned, the Leila Lopes skin at First Lady, a trio of past Playmates at the Playmates Mansion Wall of Fame, and a current contestant in the Boy Toy contest in a posing pouch that is getting me all hot and bothered each time I look at him, lol)

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Congratulations! :)

One of my SL friends, Charlotte Levee, just got partnered.

In real life! :)

So....this is a post with a second personal indulgence in a week. She and her husband are off to the Indian Ocean for their honeymoon on Monday, but when she emailed me I could sense a tinge of sadness that her Dad wasn't present to give her away, having passed away a year or so ago. And, being a good SL player, Charlotte took the opportunity to be pictured in her wedding dress last week, and forwarded me some pix, just for 'a bit of fun'.

And that's what SL is about..fun. Charlotte and I may never meet in RL, but I consider her a pal when we're online, and we share some laughs and exchanges slurls and opinions. And it got me to thinking that there's a lot of happy people out there, some sad people, some grieving, some ecstatic people. So never forget that when dealing with others, even in this virtual world. There are real people behind the keyboard, with real feelings. And that's why we never, at SSL, condemn people's work. Real life's full of shit, SL is escapism, so why heap more shit on others? There's no need. I've said it before and I'll say it again: If you can't say anything nice, say nothing at all. That goes for the real world, and also for SL.

I'm in awe of those who design. Those who put the time and effort into giving us the stuff we use in SL. Those who use it to relax from the rigours of their own real lives. I admire their work and blog accordingly.

Today, SL player Charlotte is happy in her real life, and will drift through her SL on her return from honeymoon on a wave of lovely feelings. Be happy for her. Be happy that your own real life, no matter how shit it feels sometimes, involves the wealth to afford an indulgence like SL. Try not to stir it where it's not necessary. Your life's shit and you're going to take it out on others? Right! Try and remember that subsistence farmer in the Sudan or something and get your life into some sort of perspective.

Thrilled for ya, Charlie! Hope you don't mind a repost of the wedding dress pix, lol! (Note, Charlotte's husband is not an SL player, hence no groom in the pix)

Contact me!!!!

Just a quick note, after a strange encounter earlier this week in which a total stranger wandered up and said 'I read your blog!!!!'. Well, it happens from time to time, and I'm pleased to say that people are generally positive about it, but this avatar was cross. 'I wanted to contact you, but couldn't find any means to do so'.

Well, anyone can IM me, Emmanuelle Warden, by using the people search box inworld. You can also comment on any of the posts. Moderation is off, so your comment should be published immediately. I don't like that people with an axe to grind, or alternative theories, or 'thanks' or whatever have to wait for their comment to be published, or that the blog publisher may 'edit' comments, so you can get straight through to the SSL readership if you want to say something. Or you can email me. emmanuelle.warden@yahoo.com

The blogs are low in interesting things

Earlier this year, Emma blogged that she'd reached a sort of hiatus in her SL and that she wasn't playing much as a result of things being 'quite dull', or however she put it at the time. I'd never experienced that in my SL, all the time I've been playing, and I didn't understand the comment. But now I do. After the frenzy of 'summery' styled items, the blogs seem (a personal opinion) to be quite low in 'interesting things' to buy, and as a result you kind of wander aimlessly through SL. But, unlike Ems, who just retreated from SL for a couple of weeks, I've been using my time in a more positive way, I think, in that I've simply avoided the blogs, and dived straight into 'people places', had some great (and boring) conversations, met new friends, hung out.

This has got me to thinking that maybe we need more 'lifestyle' blogs, as opposed to 'purchase clothes and furniture' blogs. I do know there are blogs dedicated to combat RP, furries and even the black experience in SL, but I for one would celebrate more. If you've some time on your hands, why not follow Em's example and start your own? It doesn't have to be a SL 'sexuality' styled blog, but could instead focus on the gay scene, sailing boats, racing cars, whatever your SL interests are. If you do start a blog, drop us a line and we'll post your link on this one. I'm more than happy to hang around the pits as eye candy for your car racing sims as bikini clad eye candy, lol. ;)


Friday, 16 September 2011

CFNM Mansion

One location I've spent a bit of time hanging out at recently is the CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) Mansion. Well...what can I say? It's a lovely house where a bit of roleplay can go on, and I get to sit in a comfy chair having some incredibly good looking boys dance nude for me. What else could a girl ask for? The men I've met there so far are lovely (both to look at and to talk to) and a couple have ended up in my friends' list. I've not gone upstairs (yet) with any of the guys, but it's quite possible to find a room where a bit of NFNM ;) roleplay can continue. I didn't want to photograph any of the guys dancing for me, so I've picked up three of the wall mounted photos around the mansion, so in effect the guys are 'anonymous' (although, guys, if that's you in the pics, call me, lol!)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Pregnancy Reports (2)

On forays inworld, when I'm not actually editing this blog, I've taken to hanging around the Mama Allpa store. Why?

I don't actually own or use this fascinating fertility hud, but I'm seriously tempted. It puts a whole new perspective onto women's fertility, with the possibility of falling pregnant. And there's enough people around to suggest that many, many female SL users (and male ones too!) like the idea of becoming parents in SL. Essentially, you can have unprotected (or, at your choosing, protected...the pill, condoms) sex, and then check your replicated menstrual cycle to see if you are pregnant. Personally, I think this should come as standard for avatars (as, on male avatars, a realistic penis should be standard, but perhaps only manifesting itself after 30-60 days inworld, to allow males to get used to the idea that they aren't just inworld to have sex 7 minutes after signing up! But that's another argument for another day).

I like the idea of sexuality with responsibility! I like the idea that SL replicates RL fertility, and the possibility of becoming pregnant. The idea that a woman's body will change and directly affect her role in SL for a few RL weeks appeals to me, and I'd go further in setting the profile pages to include records of parenthood (how many children, and with how many partners). And I'm not even against SL operating some sort of 'condom and pill' based contraceptive purchasing. Make it a nominal fee....something like L$1 a month....for all users, proceeds towards sex education charities. As many SL users are very young, it would be a salutory lesson in taking responsibility within the game just as it is important to take it in real life.

There cannot be many women in SL who have not, at some point in their lives, had the worry of a period being late. For some, it is an exciting period, an achievement they relish. For others, as the result of one night stands, contraceptive failures with long term partners and so on, it is a period of huge and immense worry. Is the missing period a result of pregnancy? Is the child unplanned? Unwanted at this time? Unwanted at all?

I'd also be quite keen to see the Mama Allpa hud produce a prim baby at the end of the pregnancy, with that also being recorded in a profile, or perhaps physically attached to the mother or father....just there each time they log in....so to continue the sense of responsibility and permanent, physical presence of a child.

Yes, SL is SL, a fantasy, a fantasy world where we can fulfil our often untried real life fantasies. In one respect it is nice to achieve those fantasies and live them out. In another sense, I do like the idea of making the experience as accurate as possible. The Mama Allpa hud goes some way to replicating this, and for that, I love it! All manner of altered SL experience can flow from that.

I've had long conversations with others about the introduction of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases or infections) into SL, as standard. Most recoil at the idea, but I think that, with some sense of responsibility by those organising it, it could be another important step to making SL 'more real'. The Bloodlines system, where vampires bit you and if they continued to bite you, your SL health declined until overridden by a potion (wormwood?) or your avatar died. Obviously the scripts are available to do this then in a sexual setting. I would like to see a system where several rogue scripts, relating to sexual diseases of various seriousness, attach themselves to partners if sex takes place. If you catch the script, then a trip to the clinic to have it treated (again, make it very, very cheap) is possible. But in the case of the more serious ones, then the cure is much more expensive, and perhaps even one script where the avatar is going to die. That is, be deleted from the user base after a period of time.

I don't say this for any evil intent. I say this because, I've already said it, with sex comes responsibility, and SL should also reflect this. There is no place, or should be no place, for bald noobs with permanently erect, woeful looking cocks doing their noob walk around sims asking women if they'd like to f*** and then going 'mmmmmm', 'so hawt baybee' for 2 minutes before spurting into the air.

Anyway....I've wandered off the subject but hopefully there is some topics for discussion in what I've written and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Back to Mama Allpa. For no other reason (right now) all the guys are gorgeous at the sim, and almost without exception have made a real effort with their avis. The women too, of course. It's worth hanging around just to enjoy the eye candy!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Forgive the (personal) detour

I'm just back from Spain, where I had a lovely week's holiday and caught up once more with my RL friend Mercedes. I met her at university, we became firm friends, and we've been great friends ever since. Mercedes sent me an email today to announce that, following lengthy discussions on the merits of SL she, today, joined SL!!!! (I wonder who encouraged her in that direction! :)))

So I just wanted to use the blog for a brief personal interruption and say hi and welcome to Mercedes and I hope you enjoy SL as much as I do.


Seldomly Blue but always black and lacy and racy

Hi everyone! I got a notification that Seldom Blue has a free black lingerie set, so I went along and claimed it! It's a nice set with lacy front panel and beautiful arrangement of materials to the side and back of the panty. Go along now and get this lovely set!


(photo location : Seldom Blue window)

Sunday, 11 September 2011

I'm back....

...from my holidays. Normal service will be resumed over the next couple of days :)