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Friday, 16 September 2011

CFNM Mansion

One location I've spent a bit of time hanging out at recently is the CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) Mansion. Well...what can I say? It's a lovely house where a bit of roleplay can go on, and I get to sit in a comfy chair having some incredibly good looking boys dance nude for me. What else could a girl ask for? The men I've met there so far are lovely (both to look at and to talk to) and a couple have ended up in my friends' list. I've not gone upstairs (yet) with any of the guys, but it's quite possible to find a room where a bit of NFNM ;) roleplay can continue. I didn't want to photograph any of the guys dancing for me, so I've picked up three of the wall mounted photos around the mansion, so in effect the guys are 'anonymous' (although, guys, if that's you in the pics, call me, lol!)

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  1. Huhu

    I have been there on several occasions and yes, I did try the rooms upstairs. Was good fun and most importantly: drama free no strings attached fun. I wrote a short article about it on my blog.