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Sexually Explicit Photo Essays


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Hi! It's Marlene (Macbeth) here and you may have read my name in previous posts by Emmanuelle regarding my involvement with this blog as 'correspondent on all matters pertaining to Lesbian activity in SL'. And apart from that, little else from me. The reason for that is that on the course of my journey around lesbian orientated sims, I met Lizzie (Rage), my girlfriend in SL and we've spent more time hanging out together than I have writing for Emma's blog. In 2011 I intend to change that.

Yes, I'm a RL lesbian, with a RL partner. My SL isn't dominated by exclusively lesbian pursuits. I do shop and hang out, and get hit on by SL guys!!!! Read the profile fellas! Read the profile!!! So, anyway, just to kick off, here's a few photos of Lizzie and me at Mewling's Place (top one) and the Isle of Lesbos (the other three). I'll leave it for Emma to add the slurls, just in case you don't want to do an SL search.

(Top) Lizzie logged in and I invited her over to Mewlings Place, gave her a big kiss and started to stroke her pussy slowly. As you can see, she keeps it natural, and my fingers rubbed her little hidden clit until it began to harden to my touch. So we tp'ed over to the Isle of Lesbos where

(2nd) I fell onto my knees to kiss her scented garden, making her moan with pleasure and delight. It didn't take long, and a bit of creative texting, for her to be ready for

(3rd) my pink tongue to begin flitting around her pink slit, and she arches her back in pleasure at my well-honed oral skills before

(4th) we clamber onto the sofa for some exquisite 69, and her tongue courses its way across my now own swollen labia to prod me with her tongue in return. Mmmmmm! And yeah, folks, the session continued, hot and steamy, for some time, but further photos and more detailed descriptions must wait for another time and, more importantly, to gauge response to these photos and descriptions. What do you, the readers of this blog, want? More detailed text? Further photos? Both? Neither? Would you prefer straight (ha!) reviews of lesbian locations? Let me, or Emma, know, either via IM or through comments on this page. See you soon! Love and kisses from Marlene.


Not actually overly explicit, but here you can see Lizzie and I chilling after a hot session together, both sporting our new shaved look. Well, I'm shaved, lol, Liz is still keeping it natural down there, but I'm working on her to lose the lady fuzz and make a nice bald, clean shaven little pussy for me to enjoy even more than I do now. We took a pile of photos, and I hope Em will upload some of them to the flickr stream. Stay tuned! I'd love to hear what you think of our new look.

Ringo in his leather gear, and without undies. :)  as referred to in the 'I'm a Leather Lazybum' posting on the main page.

19/9/11: OK, the stats demonstrate that THIS is the page you explore most :) I'll introduce our new writer later, but in the meantime here's a taster of her in action. (5 pix above).

I'm not a 'cruiser', either in SL or RL. For those not familiar with gay parlance, 'cruising' is essentially where a person will hang around somewhere with the intention of finding a sex partner (in heterosexual circles, this is called 'clubbing', lol). I'm quite chaste in Second Life, but when I met a lovely Arab boy the other day, well, one thing led to another as the pictures show!

The sweet boy did not consider himself to be gay, but instead suggested that love between two males has some lengthy history in the Arab world, and that it was not always considered to be taboo but, rather, an indication of male bragodoccio and a symbol of domination over other males. Sometimes, sex between two males is considered symbolic of 'macho' behaviour. I checked out these claims, and they seem to have some basis in fact on the internet (follow the link). Whatever, it was quality time spent with a lovely boy, and I would certainly hope to do it again sometime ;)