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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Janzoe Designs, part 1

There is no question in my mind that I'm in the middle of the most challenging photoshoot I, or any of the SSL crew, are every likely to undertake. It's exhausting!

Janzoe, run by January Quan, has an outstanding -absolutely outstanding- series of skins and genitalia in her store, delightfully situated in a grotto under the cliffs of a sim that also contains her imaginatively designed gardens and home. I was immediately drawn towards an androgynous, boyish skin called 'Lucy' (L$295) which I've been wearing and modelling around various locations in SL. And there's the challenge! Because it's an androgynous/boyish skin, beautifully shaded to create a flat-chested look, we immediately run into the suggestion of 'age play'. Is the model age-playing a 14 year old girl? (Or boy, the addition of a penis could easily make this skin a male).

Let me say from the outset that I'm not in favour of ageplay at all. It seems odd and, frankly, sometimes a little nauseating. Fortunately, this skin has enough going for it to transcend such accusations (3 tattoo pubic layers for example), and two basic models, breasted and unbreasted, and you can think of them as being equivalents to something like a 32" and 30" bust size respectively. We all have friends in RL who are similarly sized are grown, feminine women. So I approached these skins with that mindset. In RL I'm not much bustier than that anyway, so I automatically identify with such skins. My cups certainly do not run over, lol. I've inherited my Mum's genes in this. She's now in her 50s, yet looks about 30 on account of having a small frame and not much in the way of a bust, so what may have been a curse in her teens and 20s, having a boyish frame, now means she's Peter Pan-esque...almost eternally blessed with youthful good looks.

For me, the Lucy skin falls into that 'boyish' figure bracket, and I do believe there is immense potential for the 'Lucy' skin to be expanded to feature a variety of more 'grown up' faces, for example, as 'Lucy' has a rosy-cheeked complexion.

I put the skin on with some trepidation and some feelings of concern (relating to ageplay) but, frankly, these disappeared in minutes and I found I was thoroughly enjoying the different look and feel of the skin. My problems did, however, continue when it came to posing Lucy. Again, because of the youthful look, Diane (who was taking photos) and I pretty much had to tear up our book of landmarks. We have a selection of photo studios and locations we love to use, but some of the poses seemed inappropriate, and thus we embarked on a grid-wide hunt for suitable photo locations where Lucy could be best shown off, without it becoming an album of Lolita styled poses.

Lucy is a remarkable and freshly styled skin, though, and ultimately, dressed, she passes as a youthful female. That's an 18-20-22-24 year old female. Pop some clothes on her and she's just a delightfully youthful woman. But, of course, it's a skin, and thus there's no point whatsoever in photographing her clothes. You really need to see the skin in all of its glory, and so the photographs Diane and I took are all nude shots and, as I said, therein lay the problem of getting to the core of the skin and showing her off to best effect.

Another area where I think this skin can be an absolute winner is in the realm of faerie life and roleplaying in that sphere. We pretty much 'keep it real' at SSL, but I can well imagine a gossamer-gowned girl, with wings attached, wearing the Lucy skin to superb effect.

I think we've already assembled the largest portfolio of shots for Lucy in the history of SSL, and it has certainly been the most time-consuming either Diane or I have ever been involved in but, do you know, it has been one of the most satisfying I've ever been involved in, because we're working really hard to show this delightful skin to best effect. And it feels like we're maybe 1/3rd or half way through the shoot (which shall continue tomorrow, and maybe Saturday too, until we're fully satisfied that we're doing it justice. I'm now fully expecting this post to run to three parts, with part 2 to feature the best of the shoot (and with other pix added to our flickrstream) and part 3 -via Vajeena- concentrating on some of January's other products.

I can't wait to get back to the photoshoot, and then further expressing my enthusiasm for the Lucy skin. I don't think I've been this excited by a single product since the emergence of the Nearly Tactile pubic hair!

See you all tomorrow for part 2! :)

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Model required!

The last of today's posts...but I desperately need a 'boyish' model to model a fabulous androgynous skin I've (well, Vajeena, really) found. Vajeena's more than willing to take on the task, on account of her constant moans that even breast size set to '0' on the appearance tabs 'look far too big', lol.

I've grabbed a pic from the store in question, and I'd be looking for someone who already has a boyish figure on their avi to model this item (nude, of course) in both the breasted and unbreasted variations. We will also be quite keen for you to model the various pubic stubble options. Failing volunteers, I'm giving the gig to Vaj, but I'd really be keen to hear from a reader who already sports an androgynous figure and whose avi, maybe, reflects their real life boyish figure and for whom SL is an extension of their reality.

The deal is that we'll buy the skin, you'll model it and, gig done, it's yours to keep! The L$295 worth of skin will be yours to keep!

Undies, GoDaddy and Pink Hips

While Malgorzata is the lingerie model for this blog, she also has her own SL, and doesn't spend 100% of the time running around in a bra and panties! :) We just create this impression through her photographs on the blog, lol.

Sometimes, though, our worlds collide, and she will encounter something that I wasn't aware of, but which fits into the blog's brief. The simply named 'Undies' store does what it says on the tin, supplying a wide range of undies, with a freebie section containing some nice stuff, as well as further examples (upstairs) of the usual round up of freebie undies we all bought in various freebie stores when we first joined SL. I like this; it means there's a wide range of designers/styles all under one roof, all conveniently to hand, and this is a store not to be missed by both noobs and experienced players alike. I like, in particular, the 'heart' range of freebies on the ground floor, and Mal is promising some photographs ASAP so we can properly show them off.

What Mal didn't point out, either because she didn't spot it or didn't want me to question her dirty mind, lol, is that there's also a link to the GoDaddy love shop nearby, so I naturally tp'ed over there and found the concept replicates 'Undies', and features some new (to me) stuff, as well as the tried and trusted. There's some inventive attachment/huds available, including interactive trousers and skirts that can be pulled down (or up!) by any partner. Most interesting. There's even a Linden bot who will follow you around inviting you to have sex with him! (see the pic) It certainly made me laugh to the extent I said yes but hopped off his outsized cock just before he came all over the floor, and my timing made me laugh even louder!

There are further LMs to the 'Malo' mens' stuff store and 'Yesss' girls store, but unfortunately I didn't have time to explore these today. Next time, I promise! Rosse Naire has to be congratulated for putting together a very fun set of stores. Just when you think you've seen everything in SL, there's a shop that will put a smile on your face and create a chuckle.

Edited to add...on my way out I spotted a further link to the 'Pink Hips' store. While I'm not particularly a 'tattoo' sort of person, I loved Asa999 Short's 'Cherry Tribal' lower back tattoo (L$89) -a full coloured tattoo which looks lovely- and I just adored a series of pantyhose at L$79, which I fully intend to purchase soon.

A quickie!

I've grabbed this item to model myself because, as you know, I love 'classic' styled lingerie, and reading through the blog you'll find how much I adore Tiny Larkham's work, for example.

Well, the Vinyl Addicts Cafe has a freebie out right now that has those same classic lines. What's more, depending on how you wear the 'hot pants' and bra/tank top combination, it can look like day wear as easily as it can look like sexy, classic lingerie. See the photos for how they can be worn. Obviously, within the remit of this blog, I'd be looking at it in terms of it being lingerie, but I do like the lacy effect it gives to a tanktop when worn in combination, me being a tank top and jeans sort of girl most of my SL time. I can certainly see myself wearing the bra/tank combination in conjunction with a pair of old, comfy, faded jeans.

The set is free, but you need to join the group (also free) to collect it. I'd go now if I was you! :)

Mention of Tiny reminded me that I've not been over to her store recently, as my SL time is now often focussed on work required for this blog, whereas I used to have time to browse stores at greater length and in depth. So I tp'ed over to Tiny's Lingerie Superstore to have another look around and see what's new. For a start, there's a 50% discount on the most gorgeous lemon sheer 'Temptress' lingerie set, something to set the significant other's pulses racing, certainly. It's also worth reminding newer SL players, who may be reading this, that Tiny offers a series of free and L$3-5 classic lingerie items, so there's really no excuse to not have the most beautiful foundation garments without spending a fortune.

I can't recommend either Vinyl Cafe's offering, or Tiny's continuing collection of vintage/retro/classic undies highly enough, so what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

More on the flickrstream

Hi, it's Diane here to just say that I've uploaded a bunch of my photos to the SSL flickrstream.

I'm not sure how they fit into the SSL pantheon, but these are from a continuing process of photos that I'm assembling with the working title of 'capture my sexuality', i.e. poses where people feel their SL image is accurately projected in the snaps. How people see themselves, either as reflections of their real selves or imagined alternatives is something that fascinates me, and I often ask total strangers with attractive avatars to pose. Of course, what is 'attractive' is entirely subjective.

Any quotes used in the photo descriptions are lifted from the chatlogs when the subject and I were talking, and then there's a little commentary of my own attached too.

Monday, 27 June 2011

I'm tired, it's late, I've had some wine....

...but! I've spent freely. In the pic I'm wearing a new (to me) Desire skin, which is stunning, and topped (tailed?) it with a Nearly Tactile 'muff'...pubic hair. I am so thrilled with the skin, and 'Desire' have a lingerie store too which I will explore tomorrow and report back to you. I would have hoped to have brought you further photos and a report on the 'Desire' stores, but RL intervened and now it's time for bed. But before I shut down for the night, I just had to get a snapshot of my 'new look' and say...yes, this is simply stunning! :) More updates on 'Desire' tomorrow. Night, all!

The SL Slutwalk

OK...look to the right and there's a new page added, the SL Slutwalk. I suggest that you got to the Slutwalk wiki entry to get a backdrop to the idea behind an ongoing series of 'slutwalks' around the globe.

Briefly, a Canadian police officer recently suggested that, in order to avoid rape, women should stop 'dressing like sluts', a comment that has galvanized women around the globe to march in support of the idea that dressing how we wish is not an invitation to rape. Reading up about the topic has led me to realise that how women dress is still, appallingly, presented as a case for the defence in many rape trials.

These attitudes are wrong.

We, women, should be allowed to dress how we wish without men assuming that it is an invitation to rape us. We should be allowed to accept a drink as a ritual of socialising without it being payment for sex, with or without our consent. We should be safe to walk home at 300am in heels and a short skirt, if we choose, without having to look fearfully at every alleyway or side street.

And, as SL users, we also know that there are men inworld who adopt the same neanderthal attitudes. A pair of fishnet stockings end up being construed as our willingness to jump on some nearby sex poseball.

That attitude is wrong.

I do not propose an actual slutwalk inworld (unless members feel it would benefit SL's women users). Instead, I propose that the group exists to highlight the existence of the RL slutwalks, and makes plain our support for the RL slutwalks' ideals.

There will be times when male attention is flattering. There are others when it's a pain in the ass, particularly when a general conversation quickly turns to 'I use MSN and Skype so if you'd like to chat out of world...', for which the sub-text always clearly seems to be 'you're wearing next to nothing in SL and you've said you're a RL nudist, so maybe you'll get your tits out for the laptop camera'. So the SL Slutwalk's purpose will be to oppose certain attitudes inworld. I do not want the group to be an opportunity to 'out' certain predatory males' attitudes. Anyone doing so will be thrown out of the group, as much as the recording and publishing of chatlogs may seem an attractive way to make those same predatory males feel 'violated' in the same way their emphasis on sexual chat sometimes makes us feel violated.

The 'SL Slutwalk' group should now be available in the groups search, and it's free to join. As I've said, we'll exist more as a concept than an actual functioning group, unless you -the members- feel differently. Males who support the slutwalks' ideals are more than welcome to join the group too.

Mute or no mute?

Some years ago, my then boyfriend and I took a holiday in one of Europe's premier naturist locations, and fell into conversation with another young couple (on their honeymoon, as it happened). We became firm friends for the duration of the holiday, and remain so to this day. Even my ex (and his current beau) keep in touch with them. The wife in the couple actually introduced me to Second Life. We're close RL friends and we'll meet up whenever we can overcome the physical distance that exists between us. That means holidays, and sometimes coffee or shopping whenever she's in my neck of the woods. We chat on the phone every couple of weeks, email one another regularly and meet up in SL even more regularly. Our paths will cross in SL maybe twice or three times each week.

Anyway, despite avatars being a constant 'work in progress', I think both of us have got to a point where we're satisfied with the avatars we wear. They are now, the odd slight tweak apart, representative of 'us'. And yet she tells me that a recent encounter with another male avatar at a sim was one where she felt as though there was a 'controlling' element at work as the male attempted to mould her to what he felt she should look like ('bigger tits' being one element of the conversation). She laughed at this, but I found it angered me somewhat, as it appeared to be an attempt to project his idea of what represented womanhood or sexuality onto her. Despite not knowing her well, it seems that the guy needed to have avatars comply to his ideals, rather than accept people for what or who they are. Equally, my friend doesn't cyber, and again a firm 'no' appears not to have been accepted by the male in question. My friend says, sooner rather than later, the male will 'defriend' her, as many SL users will be exactly that -users of other SL people, and move onto some some mega-boobed bimbo who will merrily hop on every poseball going and as long as she continues to do that she'll have a SL friend fulfilling his RL sexual frustrations to her deformed SL shape. I wouldn't have bothered. I'd have unticked and muted the creep. What's your opinion on these situations? Should you have to conform to others' concepts of who and what you are?

A.L.T Hunt

I'm indebted to reader Tereza Munoz for pointing me at the A.L.T Hunt, an apparently very adult orientated hunt that requires adult verification prior to participation. Full details of how to join, and locations, are available here. While this looks exactly like the sort of thing that fits in with the SSL brief, I am unfortunately the world's least tenacious hunter, and I also lack any sort of patience for the search, so I'm not entirely certain I'll be able to bring you photos of the hunt's gifts (each priced at L$1). But if you've got the tenacity and patience for the A.L.T Hunt, then the link above looks like it's something you need to be clicking on and exploring. I'd be very grateful for any photos any of you may like to provide of any of the hunt gifts.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Anyone game for a party?

Sometimes (I've written this before) I feel as though I'm blogging in a vacuum. At other times I know I'm not, because I get a lot of feedback from you, the readers. For which I'm always grateful.

I've been throwing a couple of ideas around in my head recently with regard to taking the blog forward a little. They've been in my head since day 1 of the blog, but I felt it was necessary to establish the blog's credentials over a period of time prior to taking it to Stage 2 or 3. I think that we've now reached the 'established blog' level, and while the blog isn't updated daily, it gets updated regularly as items within our remit are made available.

It's not like blogging clothes (new ones every day), so there's no need to blog daily. Believe me, if I reach the point where 'the erotic' can justify daily blogging, I'll do it.

I will be launching an 'SSL' SL group soon(ish). Membership will be free, and the intention is to link the blog posts to group notices that will include LMs to the various items we already blog. I also intend to set it up that any member can post notices. If it's sexy and erotic (lingerie yes, swimwear yes, sex attachments yes, etc etc) then it should be that all members can inform other members of the group. We'll keep this facility in place until such time as it gets abused.

I'm also planning an SSL party. Yes, I have become friends with a number of readers, and have met some of you inworld on occasion, and spoken via IM to others. I'd now really like to hold some sort of SSL party within a few weeks, and allow some of you the opportunity to meet each other. While I, and others in the crew, are SL naturists (and RL ones) not everyone who reads the blog is, and while some warmly embrace their cybersexuality, not everyone does that either, so the venue isn't decided yet. I'll let you all know as soon as I can how plans for this are developing.

Pareos, sarongs, and more about Vibes.

I love pareos and sarongs. Simply adore them. Yes, being a RL naturist means they're the simplest thing to throw on on you way from the beach, either tied at the bosom for a total cover-up, or wrapped around the waist. My regular RL naturist haunts are, thankfully, places where cover up isn't absolutely necessary, I can often wander back to the apartment I own totally nude, along streets also populated by other naturists, and no one bats an eyelid. But there are days when I maybe only venture to the beach in late afternoon and stay until sundown, by which time a breeze can sometimes be getting up and a sarong is just enough to keep the chill twilight air at bay.

I've set Mal a task, having noticed that there are currently a lot of free sarongs and pareos around the grid, and that's to locate as many as she can, model them and give us a rundown of this simplest of summer outfits, now that a real summer has arrived and my RL, for the next three months, is pretty much going to spent sitting around in either my nothings, or with a pareo or sarong wrapped around me on the balcony at night.

I should also add that Calista, from Vibes, has been in touch to point out that, as well as her lovely sim, there's a Na'vi styled skybox to which you can tp, something Vajeena missed on her visit. I think I'm right in saying that Na'vi is some sort of 'Avatar' (the film, not the thing all of us SL users possess) related thing. I've not seen the film (I'm not a TV/movie user very much) so I can't comment on how it would reflect the landscaping of the 'Avatar' world, so now's your chance to visit Vibes, tp to their skybox and report back with your views.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Eden Naturopolis(1)

I have two problems with Eden Naturopolis. One, homes aren't particularly well labelled, so Diane and I were sometimes scurrying around to take pix, while fearing an irate owner would turn up. We labelled some of them 'clifftop cafe', but on reflection it was probably someone's home.

My second problem with Eden is a BIG problem, lol. It's such a big sim (or series of sims) that a single post will not suffice. Yes, I'm going to have to go back 2-3-4 times in order to give you a complete flavour of what's on offer.

Diane took some fabulous photos of the harbour area (see more on our flickrstream) and we wandered at will around what many of you will already know as a superb example of SL interactive sim design. Not only are there the homes and the naturist facilities, but there are miles of open water that attract SL sailors from all corners of the grid.

I'm not nautical minded, so I'm maybe mixing my ships with my boats and my yachts, and I know that on at least one occasion we posed beside a 'thingy'...some sort of bollard to tie boats to when in harbour. I'm sure there's some sort of technical name, other than 'a thingy' for them!

Seriously, a lengthy spell at Eden and we've only just scratched the surface of what it has to offer all of you SL naturists. Once again, as with Vibes, I didn't encounter any residents, but I'm putting that down to the exceptionally odd RL hours I've logged in this week, and I only had Diane for company. As the eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted I've -gulp- abandoned the bumblebee bikini, lol, and gone au naturel. A delightful feeling of freedom, and to sit out in the warm Eden air at midnight without a stitch on felt fabulous.

In case some of you are beginning to worry about me taking over, relax! My postings have coincided with my days off, and thus I'll be limited in how much I can post now for a few days (collective sigh of relief from Emma and the readership?). Seriously, I loved my time in Eden, and can't wait to get back to continue my naked wanderings around its many delights.

What happened to my claim that this blog wouldn't be updated as regularly?

Ha! Glad you asked. Or didn't, as the case may be.

Yes, some time back I claimed that the blog wouldn't be updated as frequently, only for us to have a complete spree of blogging. What happened? Well, you should be aware that it did take a back seat for a while, as I threw my SL energies into the production of an in-world magazine and online blog that will focus on the fairly widespread SL naturist scene.

The first issue of the magazine is about to be published, online initially, with the inworld version to follow. As all of the writing (much by yours truly) is complete, and all of the photos (some including yours truly) are done, it's now 'at the printers', as it were, and I've been able to devote more time to my own blog. :)

I'll let you know more, and link to it, when it finally comes online.

Let me re-iterate...

...SSL's crew are not freeloaders. I've become aware that some designers on the grid have recently been approached by bloggers who'll blog in return for 'freebies'.

SSL do let designers/sim owners know that we've blogged them (it's always nice to get feedback), but we never ask for anything. We purchase items that we like and review, and if it's beyond our budget, then we take photos of the item(s) in question directly from the sim where they're for sale, and maybe use a demo version if we can to show off the item's qualities.

No, there has not been any accusations levelled against SSL, but I feel it's worth re-iterating that we aren't freeloaders. Our blog is 'niche', and we aren't likely to ever be huge in a way that Fab Free, or 24hour or Arya's blogs are mega. So to be honest I never expect anything from anyone. While a freebie offered to a mega-blog may result in 'good business' for a designer in terms of publicity and sales, I frankly never expect the readership of this blog to be worth a designer throwing a L$300 cock or pussy at us. It just doesn't make economic sense to them. I know this. So if there's a L$300 pussy that needs reviewing, I'll buy it prior to the designer even being aware we're blogging it. Ditto the cocks. I'll throw the cash at someone to buy, wear and review.

Yes, we have received freebie goodies from time to time, but we've never blagged for them, and never will. Occasionally a designer will throw a yet-to-be-released item in our direction and we will blog it, but this only happens with people who have become well known to us, and us to them.

Should anyone claiming to be from SSL approach a sim owner or designer and is attempting to blag something....beware! They're not ours. Our crew is, currently myself, Emmanuelle Warden, doing most of the writing, Vajeena Resident, now also writing and relieving me of some of the duties, Malgorzata Verlangen, who is our swimwear and lingerie model, Diane Toxx, our photographer (who may actually ask for permission to take photos, but that's all she'll ask for), Ringo Stourmead, who is currently MIA but is theoretically our writer-in-residence on the gay scene, and the recently returned Marlene Macbeth, who while theoretically has been our writer on the lesbian scene seems to be morphing into a fundraiser-in-chief. We do accept unsolicited work from readers, but not on items of clothing/sex toys etc.
These will always be bought by myself (or funded by myself, I may get Mal or Vaj or Diane to buy with Linden dollars provided by me). We do sometimes see items worn by avatars and request that we photograph them wearing their purchases, the unhooked bra worn by an avatar being a recent case in point. Former staff member Jimmy Humbridge is just that, a former staff member, although there's no mystery to his 'ex' status...we're still great friends, but Jimmy's more of an occasional player now who can't dedicate time to SSL.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

This is important

Hmmmm. Emma wrote that I'd been in hospital for 'a little operation' from which I am recovering. Yes. And no. You deserve the truth and the facts, and while I understand that Emma was trying to protect me, I feel I'd like to tell my recent story.

A few months back I was undergoing 'a divorce' of sorts from my SL partner, Lizzie Rage. (Yes, we're lesbians, for those who don't know). My mind was in 'another place' of sorts, and the reason for Lizzie and my 'divorce' (although we never partnered in SL) was exacerbated by a brief affair with another player. Emma alluded to it in her Managing Drama blog post at the turn of the year.

Yes, I was off the rails a little bit, in RL and SL, because I'd just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I internalised all of it, and retreated to a dark corner in RL and a slightly less dark corner in SL. I couldn't tell anyone for a while. Not my RL partner, and not Lizzie. And then I disappeared from SL in order to face 'death'.

But I didn't die. I had a mastectomy in RL, and a period in which I mourned rather than rejoiced. I mourned the loss of a breast, and maybe 50% of my sexuality, or definition as a woman, rather than rejoice a potentially life-saving operation.

Recently, it has been declared that I'm free of it. The operation was a success. I have no cancerous cells in my body. Yes, I shall be very carefully monitored by Britain's National health Service for the rest of my life (and those who would sneer at it for its obvious inefficiencies should remember how wonderful it can be, on demand, at point of entry, without any need for insurances or any of that stuff). I have emerged from a dark place, and now embrace life, fully and keenly, once more.

Last week, I took part in The Moonlight Walk to raise money for breast cancer research. I raised £173 (about US$200?) through sponsorship from friends and work colleagues and it was one of the proudest moments of my life to finish, and then collect their cash. Not an enormous sum, I know (I work in a small office, so the opportunity to hassle hundreds of people for a great cause was not an option).

I know we have lost friends in SL to this horrible disease, and I emerge from my dark tunnel feeling reborn. I have a mission, both in RL and in SL, to tell my tale, to let others know it is not the end, it is survivable, but that we MUST do all we can to eradicate it or at least ensure systems are in place for early detection, so that we can ensure survival rates are 100% or close to it.

October, in both the US and the UK, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. That's not our finishing line, but our starting line. We NEED to use our SL's to aid, however we can, Breast Cancer research and treatment. OK, L$1 is about 1/10th of a cent, but I want you to look at it like this. If we raise L$100, and translate that into the real world US$1 that it represents, that single dollar might mean damned little, or it may be the dividing line between funding for a single nurse, or not, in real life. It may be the dividing line between one radio advert, or billboard, that women see and respond to, or not. That single dollar may be the difference between saving someone's life. Or not.

I now declare my intention to hassle, cajole, harrass and demand that those of us who have survived breast cancer can be symbols to those who will face the diagnosis in the future. I now declare my intention to cajole some of SL's skin designers to provide a 'post mastectomy' skin which we -survivors of it- can wear to promote Breast Cancer Awareness throughout October.

I know...I know....SL and its designers WILL provide me with solutions. They WILL provide skins. They WILL contribute. I know...because it's SL, and people can and do give their time and efforts to promote positively. I know that we'll have the pink ribbons on, and I'm declaring my intention to positively harrass people before, during and after October to wear their ribbon, wear their skin.

We do NOT become 'sexless' following the loss of a breast. We are still women (hetero or lesbian) who are sexual beings. We are not 'scarred'. We are not any less sexy or erotic. And that, dear readers, was the greatest fear of my RL experience....that I was somehow less sexual, less sexy, less attractive. Frightened that, in my mid-30s, my sexual life, my desirability, was at an end. It isn't. My RL partner still loves me. And I have made peace with Lizzie. :)

OK, my SL is now redefined. It is now much, much less about cyber with Lizzie and hanging out with gay friends as it is now about raising awareness and cash.

I'm alive, and I'm coming after your purse/wallet. With Emma's permission (granted...Ems) I hope to use this blog to promote Breast Cancer Awareness in SL (and beyond into RL).

Emma comments.....no other comment. Yes, I was aware of Marlene's situation, but didn't feel it appropriate for me to comment until she did. I am fully behind this. We will be promoting breast cancer awareness, not until October, but for the lifetime of this blog, and Marlene has a free hand in keeping you aware of developments)

Vibes Nudist Camp

(pix top to bottom...Vajeena at Vibes Wheels of Steel, chillaxing in the chill out hut, looking efficient at the BBQ, looking for her fork at sunset at the BBQ and, finally, pondering her article on top of some barrels at Vibes. These, and more, will be available on our flickrstream in a day or so).

Hi all! It's Vajeena here, with my first 'roving report' from what I hope will become a regular series of reports from around the adult sims of SL. I've read through the entire blog, all of it, to pick up a sense of what makes Emma's SSL tick, and it's clear that naturism plays a big role in it (so far), although I hope to extend that to include more straightforwardly sex sims.

I decided to begin with one of the newer, and smaller, naturist sims on the grid, Calista Choche's Vibes Nudist Camp. I felt I needed to gauge my capacity for doing a report, hence the reason for picking one of the smaller sims around. And as any girl knows, size isn't important! Actually, in this instance, and from what I've observed by my wanderings around the grid in my short SL so far, it's actually something of an advantage, because everything is within, relatively speaking, touching distance. Tiki bar, tiki DJ hut, dancefloor? Tick, tick, tick. Barbecue area with chill out hut, complete with chilled beer? Tick. Small, yet perfectly formed. While I was there there was no one else around, but that didn't matter, because it allowed me to explore uninterrupted and formulate some sense out of Vibes role. And that is, I think, that it is likely to be a rather cosy place to hang out, and the size certainly benefits this. I can imagine 5-6 people, who all will inevitably get to know one another really well, hanging out here and having such good times it would be unreal. In bigger sims there's a sense of space, yes, but what that gains is lost in the sometimes anonymity of those places. Vibes won't and can't become like that.

You'll note that in the photos I cheated a bit...yes, the bumblebee bikini stayed on! Well, there was no one else around, probably on account of me visiting at a relatively unpopular SL time -mid morning. America's at work, and Europe isn't home from work yet, so fewer SL residents are around at that time. On my next visit, I promise, the bikini will stay in the beach bag! And I hope to fall into conversation in this delightful sim and make some new friends.

On a sadder note, I was pointed in the direction of Vibes by an avatar who is already a member there, and for that I'm grateful for the heads up, but she told me that a group notice was previously put out banning 'political' chat from the sim, on account of a 'Christian' dissing other people. I rather take it that it may have revolved around some sort of racial slur, for which the person is (I believe) now banned, and three cheers to Calista for that. I'm new to SL, but have already warmed to the high level of tolerance and friendliness afforded to other players. The real world is full of that shit, so let's park it at the SL portal door boys and girls. Your small-minded, racist, sexist, sizeist and ageist views aren't needed and aren't welcomed in SL.

See you next time,



(Emma adds: Can I just echo Vaj's views in the final paragraph? I despair of some of these atavistic views we thankfully occasionally meet in SL. From further investigations, I can add that the ban on political chat at Vibes relates to racist comments made about native Americans. Just as this blog appears to tread where others fear to go, in regards to the sexuality of SL and our views that the naked body is not 'dirty' or something to be plastered in pasties, we're also quite 'political' in outlook. We just haven't demonstrated it yet, much. We are not afraid to seek 'n' destroy those holding stupid, backwards-thinking views. We like political chat, and one of our crew is verrrrrrrrrry political in their approach to SL, from a humanist perspective, and has actively dropped into certain sims in the past and destroyed the outlook of specific groups holding nasty views through sheer force of argument. This happened prior to me starting this blog, but essentially a right-wing British based sim had its numbers decimated by one of my SL friends picking holes in every meeting they held to try and promote their odious views. I'd love to be able to chat to Calista about the native American experience, in a positive way, not to diminish or deny the experience native Americans had at the hands of s0-called Christians who raped their country and stole their land. Ooh...rant ends, lol. Anyway, the point is that political chat can be a positive SL experience in the hands of the open-minded. It's those of closed minds who need to be banned from expressing their views).

Thursday, 16 June 2011

OK....lots to unbox!

Just a quickie tonight, as RL is catching up with me, but I thought I'd share a fabulously summery powder blue sarong set from the Roswnwolf collection.

Pic 2 shows the full effect...isn't it stunning! And then, if you click on pic 1, and make it full size on the screen, you can just detect a little hint of areola peeping over the top of the bra top. Erotic? I certainly think so, and so do you, don't you? More, probably from Malgorzata, tomorrow, although I'll be rifling through the items Kieren gave me to model and making my own, amateurish photographs to show off this wonderful collection of beachwear.

Meeting Kieren

One of the great delights of SL is the random meetings it throws up, and is alos testament to the phrase 'carpe diem' (seize the day), in which you can make things happen in your SL by being, possibly, bolder than you would in RL. Maybe there's a lesson to be learned there.

Anyway, off the back of the 'sarongs' posting, and Ella's nudge that there were ladies' variants on the male sarong available, I toddled back to the Rosenwolf Design sim and picked up the ladies' freebies. And gorgeous they are too. But it gets better! I noticed, on mini map, that Mr. Rosenwolf Design himself, Kieren Rosenwolf, was in the house! So I introduced myself and have had the most terrific hour's conversation with him about the sim, himself and his designs.

And girls! He is one serious hottie! :)

We discussed the sim itself, with some sweet underwater bits and bobs you can explore. I won't spoil the surprise, but let you all judge for yourselves. The sim is clothing optional, so perfect for wearing their sarong and nothing else, or maybe just nothing! I wandered around a beautifully laid out sim with a variety of waterfalls, and have already issued orders to Malgorzata to scoot over there when she comes online to pick up the freebies and properly do them justice, rather than me attempt to model them by a fire.

I do believe there are a few discreetly placed poseballs around the place, but I've not tried them yet, so I can't offer an opinion on those, but I came away from our meeting having friended Kieren and getting the feeling that he's an instantly likeable chap whose designs are going to take the grid by storm. In fact, off the back of the meeting I'd be keen to see if we can even hold some sort of SSL sarong party there, in the hope that a) I can get to meet some of you, and b) you can maybe get to meet Kieren. He strikes me as a deep thinker and a thoughtful, intelligent guy (rare enough in SL), who would also be open to your ideas for future designs, in both swimwear and lingerie.

Get the thinking caps on girls (and guys). We know how much we love wearing this stuff, and how much the guys love admiring us wearing it, lol. Right now, I'm off to unpack and model a few of the Rosenwolf designs, take a few photos and have a cup of Earl Grey tea (in RL, not SL), and tomorrow I'll post up a few of the gorgeous Kieren's gorgeous designs!


Wow! Within minutes of publishing the previous post, a reader (we have readers?????) was over there and has mailed me to say that, apart from the men's sarong (in the 'gentleman's' shop) there are three free gifties for ladies in the ladies' shop, and they include bikinis and....sarongs in ladies' size. Doh! (Thanks to Ella for the info.)

I adore sarongs! To me, in beach life, there's always a hint of what does, or doesn't, lie underneath, both in RL and SL. So when we got a tip that there was a free, faded sarong at Rosenwolf Design, we just knew it was vital to get the message out ASAP. Although it's intended to be a men's sarong, it fits just fine, and it comes with a set of glitch pants too, although wearing them never occurred to me. :)

And having got it and unboxed it, I hurried over to the Su Casa naturist sim, and posed beside the fire. Of course, it being naturist, and me being naturist, it seemed silly to keep any sort of top on. Here I am beside the fire at Su Casa, probably warming up after an early morning dip in the ocean. A little bit of a chill in the morning air means I've covered up a little. Doesn't it look fabulous? Hurry over to Rosenwolf and pick up your L$0 sarong ASAP! I adore it.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Welcome Vajeena! Come back soon, Marlene!

Say 'hi', everyone, to Vajeena, a relatively new SL player and also a very talented writer. Vajeena's joining the crew to report from certain adult locations in SL, our very own roving reporter, cruising the adult sims in skimpy outfits and reporting (sexual) activity around the grid.

While on the subject of 'the crew', we wish Marlene Macbeth a speedy recovery from a recent operation. Marlene had been feeling ill for some time, and not capable of doing much in recent months, but a visit to the doctor's, a quick whisk off to hospital and some surgery has resulted in a much healthier and energetic Marlene now bombarding me with IMs and emails again, and that wicked sense of humour is intact, so now I know she's feeling much, much better. Get well soon, Marlene, and we hope to see you back and reporting from around the grid in short order.

Is there much to show you?

Hi, all. I'm, back from my holidays, and I've been looking around to see what I can show you in the 'sexy' stakes. The answer is...not much...but that's because you need to use it to see it, and pictures won't do it justice!

What is it? It's Phoenix Physics, and I just LOVE it!

For those who don't know, Phoenix Physics is free, available via the marketplace, and adds a little (or a lot) of bounce to your boobies and bottom. I've opted for a subtle bounce, keeping it realistic, because in real life there's not much to 'bounce', lol, and the avi is somewhat similarly endowed.

Nevertheless, it gives a little jiggling effect which I adore, and I don't expect to detach the physics attachment for the remainder of my SL.