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Friday, 2 December 2011


I've just popped inworld to find a few IMs from readers and friends, and I can't bow out without thanking those who have IMed me with words of kindness and even some encouragement to continue blogging.

The blog will remain here, and a trawl through the previous posts may unearth some live slurls that take you to the items you need. If not, then a bit of sleuthing with names of stores may lead you to the current slurls.

To the reader who asked about my plan, a year ago, to blog about some post-apocalyptic world of semi nudity, free love and living wild (and therefore, outside the materialism of SL), it's not currently a valid proposal. I liked and like the idea, of course, but I lack the time and computer skills to buy and build some wild rain forest type sim packed with suitable poseballs in order to carry this plan out. And yes, I did say that we wouldn't need a home sim, as this SL tribe would be nomads, wandering the grid in search of food and possessions, but following further thought, that idea patently wouldn't work. To have an SL tribe, there would need to be a home sim, and I'm not leeching off someone else's hard work to basically set up camp on their work. So that idea has probably withered on the vine. The idea had merit, of course, since beyond a freebie panther outfit from one of the Gor stores, players in the tribe would have no need of much spending money (or the need to hang about endless, boring shopping malls). I'm afraid the clothes of SL never did it much for me, other than the 'sexy' items used while playing out...um....'social' situations ;) which is why we never blogged much. We could have done, but others did it better, and more regularly. It was never our forte, nor intended to be.

As for my plans? Just having an ordinary SL again, not one dominated by the blog. It'll be fun. SL should always be fun, otherwise there's no point.

And finally (no, really finally), to the reader proposing partnership(!!!!!), um, sorry babes, but no thanks. That is not on my agenda with anyone, ever. We've spoken about twice and you're lost in the concept of projecting something onto a photo of a naked player on the blog's front page. I don't get, and never have been, emotionally attached to other players. Sorry. There's someone out there, better than me, for you.

And with that...I'm signing off. Have a great SL, wherever you are.


Yer Mawm!

One blog I've been reading recently is Yer Mawm!

What I like about it is that it isn't afraid to show nipples and pubes when dealing with skins, and they've got the inside track on a lot of lingerie stuff that we've not even been aware of. In fact, so much lovely, sexy lingerie it would make Mal's head explode!

I've never understood the prudishness displayed by some bloggers where skins are concerned. Pasties and nipple tapes, panties and shorts. How do you get to to assess a skin where half the skin is covered?

Anyway, I've been in contact with the ladies blogging there, and I thoroughly recommend that you follow the link and bookmark Yer Mawm! What you found here, you'll find, in the main, over there. If you've been a regular reader here, then it's going to supplant this blog in your hearts as your numero uno stop for 'sexy'.

More regular blogging, a wider range of items (all falling into the 'sexy' category) and good writing. I think you should find most of the stuff you need over there. I know that I will be making it a daily halt on my SL time, as I get back to a normal (ha!) SL.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Time to call it a day?

Traffic remains steady on the posts we have put up over the past two years, with old posts as popular as new ones. So, there's obviously some sort of ongoing need (from new players?) for the items we've blogged.

But I feel the blog has run out of steam.

Ella has gone. Honey and Rosemary's more explicit stuff doesn't, surprisingly, attract huge volumes of traffic, and thus I've not posted up any more of their 'adventures'. We've kind of mutually agreed that it's not going anywhere with either of them. Marlene's more interested in raising cash and awareness for breast cancer, and I don't blame her one iota. It's much more important an issue than blogging. Vajeena's MIA until the new year (RL commitments) and that leaves Mal, Diane and myself.

It seems the old gang has been split up, and there's no one to replace vital components in what made SSL, and then 2ex, work. So I've taken an executive decision that, after two years, we're shutting up shop. Like shops and sims in SL, this blog has run its course and it's time to pull the shutters down. I've taken a break from blogging and, quite honestly, I've not missed it that much.

What I'm going to do over the next week is blitz the grid for current slurls, showing you where you can currently get many of the items we've blogged over the past two years (if still available), a sort of handy guide to pubes, see thru clothes, lingerie, etc. And at that point, we're done. :)

Am I giving up on SL? Not on your nelly! I'll be freed to go back to having a SL! Time is always limited, and as this blog grew, my SL presence faded. Time to redress that imbalance, I think.

I'd like to thank all the readers of the blog -and we do have a global presence from San Francisco to Vladivostock- and all those who helped over the two years. Special thanks to Tiny Larkham, who was very supportive, and of course all the staff at 2ex.

Maybe we'll run into each other on the grid. Who knows? In the meantime, Merry Christmas, and have a great 2013 in and out of SL.

Love and best wishes,