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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Jane (the shop, but probably several dozen SL users who answer to that name too) has a delightful little set of hipster panties available for L$0! Mal went along, picked up a set, and modelled them in the Carrie's Lingerie photostudio. They're on a washing line, of sorts, at the tp entrance. I've uploaded Mal's entire photoshoot to our flickrstream.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Tan and wet

A couple of quickies today. Biasta currently have a set of three different lingerie sets (in all four 'layers' of clothing, tattoo, undershirt, shirt and jacket for the top and tattoo, underpants and pants layers for the bottoms). What I particularly like about these sets is the tan version, which is something that I would say is a fairly unique selling point. They also have a lovely little lacy fron which just gives the merest peek of lady parts, and thus scores highly on the SSL 'sexymeter'.

The second item is a current 'Where is?' hunt item at Deetalez, and it's part of a set that gives 'wet shirt' versions. Again, the old wet T shirt contest can't be beaten for implied (and sometimes revealed) all round booby-sexy sexiness. I really fancy taking this set to a beach and then disappearing into the waves in the 'dry' version prior to emerging from the waves in its wet version. It might certainly turn a few heads! :)

Malgorzata models both items in the photographs, and modelled in the Carrie's Lingerie photo studios

Monday, 9 May 2011

Ha! I knew it!

After what seems like weeks of SL inactivity, I just knew there would be one item, a single item, that fired my SL imagination and enthusiasm. And here it is! It's available at Izzie's for L$50, and it's a set of different coloured unhooked bras, with the panties just showing the teensiest bit of bottom. Now, you may argue that in the SSL scheme of things this isn't particularly 'erotic', but I would argue otherwise.

The concept of the unhooked, unclipped bra is heavy with sexual anticipation, the moment just before a woman takes it off to reveal her breasts, in whatever situation. Before going to bathe, before dressing for bed, before some sort of naked cuddles with her fella (or girl), the image is one of delightful eroticism, and I just adore this set.

I'm also thrilled to find that there's a Dare2Bare hunt currently ongoing, with clues and locations posted on their blog. Ha! I knew it! It's going to be a sultry, sexy summer in SL!.