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Sunday, 31 October 2010

What a fantastic, unexpected little find!

I am impressed!

Over at Violetta Carolina's discoverA shop is a wall filled with variously coloured pubic hair. Just when I thought that there was no more lady (or gent) fur to discover in SL, I managed to locate this via the SL Marketplace and from there TP over to the shop. I'm pretty well fixed for feminine fluff right now, lol, so I got one of this blog's readers (who was looking for fem fluff) to buy it on the condition she modelled for us, lol! (Well, why not spread the linden love and fix up someone a bit short of cash! It's good to be able to help)

While wishing to remain anonymous, we got the snap, and you can see how nice it is, representing untamed girl fur in all its glory. An absolute snip (pardon the shaving pun) at L$99, it's in a variety of colours and as far as I can see, practically invisible in search, but easily traceable via SL Marketplace. And to rectify matters (this little beauty, worn as an underpant layer) the link above will TP you directly to the discoverA shop.

Get over there now! What we discovered was that in adding a pants layer it had the added bonus of having our anonymous model wearing panties with stray hairs peeking out. So true to life! (grinz).

I thoroughly recommend that all of our readers who are disposed to the natural look add this little gem to their wardrobe PDQ! Click on the pic to blow up the photograph, just to see how detailed and natural these pussy hairs really are.

I've added a flickr photostream


Just one photo up there yet, of yours truly. More, many more, will be added in the coming days, weeks and months.

All Saints Eve ballgown from G&N (freebie)

''I try to write some words in English. Please forgive mistakes. I find this Hallowe'en ballgown at G&N as the weekly freebie. If you go to SL balls or dances tonight, this L$0 ballgown looks fabulous in orange and black Hallowe'en colourings. Not erotic, but very very glamorous. I have to make photograph from distance to show in full effect. I hope you like."


Run quick, ladies! (lingerie freebie)

Malgorzata found some freebie Hallowe'en lingerie at Movin Lingerie. As it's Hallowe'en today, don't expect these lovely items to stick around long, so get movin' over there right now!!!!

Join the group (L$0) and click on Group Gift. Two sets of Hallowe'en lingerie are yours! And both aren't really limited to Hallowe'en! I love the corset set in pic 1, which could be worn at any time. The bra and panties set in pic 2 are more specifically tuned towards Hallowe'en, so if you're partying in SL today/tonight, grab these sexy freebies quickly! Fancy dress? Why bother when you can turn up in these sets and turn heads?

I tp'ed on over to Movin' Lingerie at Mal's recommendation and..wow! What an amazing selection of feminine lingerie across the store! We will be returning to blog some more of their stuff in the very near future. And remember, girls, we will accept photographs of you modelling their fabulous sets too. Take a snap and send it to me via my email, emmanuelle.warden@yahoo.com.

The Bullet Bra

There's something glam/erotic about Tiny's latest offering, the bullet bra. Yes, I'm thinking 'Madonna', but also the lingerie of German photographer Horst. More so Horst, since I'm the world's least enthusiastic Madonna fan, either for style or for music. And I don't find her 'in your face' style particularly classy or erotic. I tried black and white, to give it that post-war Horst feel, but then I wasn't doing justice to the delightful little blue bows on the corset/panties. So in the end I opted for colour shots, to end up with a portfolio of shots that tried to capture the essence of this retro, oozing eroticism offering from Tiny's design table.

An interesting aspect of this design is the bullet cups themselves, which are individually adjustable. Not being very well endowed, in RL or in SL, lol, I adjusted them 'inwards' a little to give some sense of proportion to my avi. And just how glamourously sexy is the result? I'm lost for words on this one. It gives a superb sense of 1940s/1950s proper lingerie, properly constructed lingerie and, where Madonna looks cheap, this looks stunning. Besides, you can wear it successfully with or without the bullet cups, and it still looks fabulous. Take away the pants layer and the underpants layer, worn alone, has the effect of making it look more modern, modern in a 1970s sense of sexy femininity. In effect what Tiny has done here is to provide you with two sets of lingerie in one.

How much value for money is that???????

I've opted to show just four images, although in reality another 10, 15, 20 could also have been added.

Pics 1 & 3 show the full ensemble, while pic 2 opts to highlight the outstanding lacework on the long panties. Pic 4 shows off the bullet bra cups to best effect.

You really want to et on over to Tiny's now and add this thrilling lingerie set to your wardrobe, right now

Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Dead play Eden Naturopolis

'I'm resident at the Eden Naturopolis sim (tp takes you to the main entrance hall, not my apartment, lol), so wandering around I'm fully aware of what events are imminent. Yesterday it was the turn of the SL Grateful Dead to appear, with part of the harbour converted into a massive floating stage and dance area. This was my first SL gig, and my first Dead concert, so I was very interested to see how the entire process operated. Despite being, er, dead, both Gerry and Pigpen looked pretty chipper on it, and the organisation behind it all was impressive.

A huge stage (I nipped around the back while the curtain was still down, then slipped away before anyone should mistake me for a groupie), massive and very, very impressive lighting rig, mixing desk, the entire works had been rezzed to provide an authentic looking layout of an actual concert, including freebie lighters to wave in the air and, because it was the Dead, fat doobies. Because I wanted to report on it all with a clear head, I decided not to partake myself but with the heady aroma of herbal smoke surrounding me began to make me feel, um, happy!

Kicking off bang on time, the Dead performed a series of crowd favourites and, judging by some of the commentary, less well know tunes. They're not a band I'm familiar with other than by reputation, so I was enormously surprised by the laidback country-tinged vibe to the music. I had expected something more spacey and psychedelic.

I've no idea how much of an audience SL gigs attract, but I was certainly impressed by the turnout. With SL existing as a social tool, there were certainly plenty of social opportunities to chat with others and, happily, most conversation appeared to be taking place in local chat, so it added to a very social vibe. I confess that I sat and watched, taking in the experience rather than dancing or inhaling, and cammed around while listening to music all totally new to me. I'm not really in a position to judge what people thought about their set, but the crossfading from one track to another was seamless, and the music just flowed.

I'll be following the Dead in their further SL adventures, certainly, and I should also add that Abba are coming to Eden Naturopolis next Friday, October 29th. I'm not the world's greatest Abba fan, or even a midde ranking one (they actually leave me cold), but I'll certainly be toddling along to share the experience.

Check out the Eden website, which will keep you aware of all the happenings in the sim, and also includes photo albums. In time, they may also include some snaps from the Dead concert.

In the meantime, a couple of snaps of mine are attached to this post'

(Ella Keng, Eden resident)

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Hair defines us

'Hair defines us'. So says Candi Socke, a New Yorker domiciled in Britain for many years. Yes, she agreed to pose for the blog but, 'the clothes stay on'. Fair enough. Nevertheless, Candi was happy to share a number of hairstyles with us that, she says, have defined her SL since she joined. 'I like them all, the ones I've bought. Each of them pretty much replicates periods of my real life and teenage and youth experiments with hairstyles as I sought to find the real me. I think we do that with avatars too.'

Now settled on the style in pic 5 'for now', Candi says it's closest to her current RL style. Pic 1 was a style that 'reminded me of my teenage years', while pics 2 & 3 were 'the wild teenage styles. I still like to wear those afro styles in SL. They take me back to where I was at a specific age, and if I'm wearing an afro, I'm looking for the clothes to match, and then SL clubs where that style fits right in with the music being played. It can be all about re-capturing a place.'

'Hair defines us in SL, I think, much more than the clothes or even the personality, real or imagined, we project. We're searching for 'a look', and my various hairstyles have defined my SL persona much more readily than any other aspect of avatar construction. Once I've got the hair in place the clothes follow and, more importantly, so does the matter of mentally plugging Candi's avatar into a place, a time, a mood.'


Some alterations are imminent on the blog.

I'm really excited by these, and an expansion of 'the team' to include some photography enthusiasts with specific interests in nude, glamour and lingerie photography (but we'll still be blogging those sexy, sexy, sexy outfits that capture our eye). No, we will not be attempting to replicate blogs like Fab Free or Second Life 24h as Renee and Linda do absolutely stunning work day and daily. I don't have the free time to undertake that, and why try to create a pale shadow of the best, in my opinion?

Our focus will be shifted elsewhere. Stay tuned.

Friday, 22 October 2010

A Tiny Gold Corset

I could easily run out of superlatives for Tiny Markham's stunning range of vintage lingerie. As most of this blog's readers will know, I've been a fan for almost my entire SL. Really, from the moment I discovered the search button and began to tap wildly at the keyboard for items I thought I would need, the search phrase 'vintage lingerie' has been a constant. And, quite honestly, no one, no exceptions, does vintage lingerie better than Tiny.

I'd like to blog a gold corset here next, and include three photographs of this superb creation. The top one shows the full ensemble, with a 'model', lol, on some exceptionally cold steps. The suffering I must do to bring these fantastic creations to you!!!!

But it's the second and third photographs I particularly want to bring to your attention. The second photograph has a focus on the suspender clips and the jaw-droppingly great two-tone stocking tops. What can you say? These are sooooo good! Vintage lingerie just has so much style, and there's style a-plenty in the design here. Just look at it! It's so.....wow! The suspender belt clips are so realistic to those of us who are enthusiasts of lingerie of a particular era, and any of us who have ploughed through style books of the 1950s and early 1960s will recognise the two-toned stocking tops. I, quite simply, would buy a set of the stockings for themselves, regardless of the accompanying lingerie set. This set of stockings are like to be a wardrobe fixture of weeks and months to come.

But wait! It doesn't stop there! The third photograph shows Tiny's unflinching eye for detail, and I've photographed a particularly favourite detail, the hooks and eyes of the corset front. Are you likely to see better? I say not.

And while the suit worn on the album sleeve of Elvis's '50 Million Elvis Fans can't be wrong' looks a little bit tacky, there's nothing tacky with the 'gold' involved here, the 'gold' in question being rather more muted, and so much the better for it. There's a suggestion in the name that it could be tacky. Hey, this is Tiny we're talking about. There's nothing tacky involved. Ever.

'Gold' is a hinted colour, not a clue to the presence of 'bling'. I'm going to be careful not to ladder these stockings because you -we- aren't going to find better for a long time. These stockings are going to be a constant and probably the corset too, but when my usual attire, the ladies' business suit goes on, there's not going to be much hint of the foxy interior to the professional exterior. Only a 'close personal friend' is going to discover the fabulous gold corset.

And, by the way, those of you who have seen the film, 'The Runaways', released earlier this year, will be aware of the Cherie Currie corset that was a stage favourite. I just might have to start wearing this if someone starts up a Runaways SL tribute sim!!!!!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Howie takes a shower.

Well! We'll kick off with my 'new best friend', Howie, who I met at the Eden Naturopolis sim -a naturist sim. Howie had just been for a swim and was showering when I passed, and he said 'hello'. We got talking, this blog was discussed, and he agreed to pose for a few pictures as he was showering. I've got lots more, and doesn't he look cute, girls, but we'll begin the revived blog with this shot, which just seemed so natural. Yummy, in fact!

I'd hopped off the girl poseball to take the pic, and get him alone, which is why he's there, solo, but it's a great example of genuine naturism and he's totally unconcerned by my, or the camera's, presence.

I'm back

A bit of soul searching went on. Did SL need a blog of the type I initially envisaged? The answer is 'yes', but maybe not just as I planned. I've re-jigged my 'vision' for the site, and what I do plan to do with it, as much as 'eroticism' is now to include a lot of nude photography and lingerie type photography as well as a less 'in your face' eroticism. Hopefully the nude photography will also be 'erotic' in a fine-art/glamour configuration. Let's see where it goes...together!