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Sunday, 30 May 2010

A note to designers

I've already received some 'samples' of people's work. While some clothes fit the bill as regards having some sort of erotic/sexual allure, and I'm happy to wear, review and advertise them via this blog, others -such as a pair of jeans- do not fit the general ethos of this blog, so I can't really do them justice. Sorry. I'm grateful for your interest, but I honestly can't simply review a lot of clothes. Lingerie's going to fit right in, a ball gown probably doesn't.

The same applies to skin and hair. Yes, the odd one might cut the mustard, but in essence I'm happy to continue wearing the skin I'm wearing, and the hair I'm wearing, for the duration of this blog and my SL. Pubic hair, underarm hair and so on will be gratefully received for review.

I'm not a freeloader. I'm more than happy to receive demo versions of your products if you wish, on the proviso that I can edit the word 'demo' out of the photographs I'm more than happy to do that. If you wish to offer items on no copy/modify/transfer basis, or make whatever adjustments you wish for me to return them after blogging them, that's fine too. Cocks and pussies from certain sims need to be road tested, lol, so the likes of Jimmy or Ringo need to receive cocks for review, rather than me :)

I'm rather more interested in reviewing 'equipment' (be those sex parts or sex beds) and interested in simply being pointed at sims that fit with the erotic/sexual nature of this blog. And yes, I'll accept a pass (even temporary) to those sims in order to review them.

I make a clear distinction between RL and SL. While BDSM doesn't remotely interest me, even as a concept, I'm prepared to visit and try out certain sims.

Scattergun thoughts

OK. Time to take stock after a frantic week's reinvention and rejigging of my second life.

I remember that the Amity Island sim didn't 'sell' freebies (clothes, skins etc) to avatars under 14 days old. Maybe this rule still applies. I'm warming to the idea that new born men don't qualify for even a freebie cock for 14 days, maybe even longer. I honestly believe that many male users of SL need to develop their conversational skills, and not see SL as a gateway to nothing more than cyber.

We've been told, for years, that girls outstrip boys in education, and that females are more articulate. This certainly appears to be the case in SL. This isn't an observation based on just last week's evidence, but over the course of the past year. If I'm dependent upon an 'articulate male' (oxymoronical, surely?) to pitch up and woo me, I'm beginning to think that my SL virginity is safe for some time to come, LOL. Men just don't appear to have much sense of verbal skills.

Of course, this may be something to do with the sims I'm inhabiting. I'm coming to the impression that certain sex orientated sims encourage the emotionally and sexually stunted, and maybe the psychologically damaged. For all of Linden Labs adult rules, it's clear that many 'adult male' users are either teenage boys or worryingly inarticulate. The minds of teenage boys trapped in the bodies of adult males. Scary. Just how did so many of them manage to reach the age of maturity while being so stupid? OK, it's a virtual world, but if they replicate their actions, behavioural and social skills in RL as they do in SL, then I'd be afraid for them to be allowed out without the presence of a responsible adult.

My profile...LOL...appears to be scaring guys off. What used to be a constant parade of 'Hi!' IMs, followed up by that classic of conversation, 'what'cha doin?' (I'm sat at a keyboard connected to the internet in RL, and in the same sim as you in SL, so you can see what I'm doing, you moron!) has suddenly stopped. Hmmm....it looks like there's more profile readers in SL than I previously imagined.

This is really rather interesting. While the two-syllable grunts that pass for conversation appear to be fine when confined to IM, there's a marked change when the threat/promise to discuss my SL sex life openly on a blog becomes an issue. Suddenly, it seems like the machismo has been emasculated.

The profile, however, must read as it does. It's not about entrapment. It's the opportunity for guys to read and respond as they see fit. If their conversational and cyber skills are as good as they imagine, what's to fear? Maybe the freebie cock Jimmy modelled for us in an earlier post, the one named 'how guys see their own cock', is an allegory for their entire second lives. That priapic flagpole is smbolic of how they view the entirety of their SL, but -just as they boast about their RL appendage, 'Oh, I'm just the average nine inches, baybee', while looking at a shrivelled acorn of a penis in the mirror- their boasts to be 'great cyber lovers' are possibly uniformly empty. The idea that their textual intercourse will be openly discussed on an internet blog seems to be cooling their ardour.

And, of course, that leads back to some of the issues I discussed with Eleanor Maven in an earlier post. Much of SL is sexually orientated, but it's women who have the control inworld. They're the ones (in the main) doing the designing and running successful businesses. They're the ones (in the main) selling clothes. These are issues to which I shall return, again and again, in this blog. It would appear that, for many guys, the purpose is to get virtually laid as often as possible, while women's expectations of SL are markedly different.

So far, the only sims I've seen where men and women's expectations dovetail better are naturist ones. Stripped of their clothes, and often lacking poseballs, the emphasis turns to dance and conversation. The conversation flows, often in local chat, and is simply a series of laugh out loud moments. I'm not naive enough to imagine cyber is not occurring between users, but from what I've observed, people are discussing their real lives, and real experiences, with SL existing as a social networking tool, and the chance to unwind after the rigours of RL work.

Me? I'm off to experience prostitution next, and report back on my observations.

The Library of Erotica

There are a lot of aspiring erotic writers out there in SL, and the Library of Erotica has got a meeting/sharing place at their own sim, where you can buy (free) examples of the writers' work.

I'm not going to even attempt to review any of it, or infer it's of 'varying quality'. It's, more accurately, of 'various erotic themes', and I can only judge the work from a personal perspective, that is, some have more appeal to me than others. Which is why I'm not going to single anyone out. If the quality varies, it's only because certain themes have more personal appeal to me than others. Your tastes in erotic writing may differ substantially from mine and you may disagree wholly with my choices. The danger is that 'everyone's a critic', and I'm not going to do that. I can merely admire the effort put in by the people involved, and the manner in which they have done something positive and creative with their time, as opposed to passively watching television. It's impossible to say it's 'bad writing', merely 'not to my taste' in some instances.

The library also appears to run a monthly short story competition, with a L$5000 first prize, so if you're an aspiring erotic writer, why not submit an entry?

Why don't I? LOL, I've read last month's prizewinners, and my writing isn't in that league, baby! But, you never know...it might be an interesting exercise to participate in the competition, at the very least. If I'm going to be using this blog to address issues of eroticism and sexuality in SL, then I should really walk the walk, right?

The 1st prize winner and runner-up stories are available to grab as notecards at the TP point, and I thoroughly recommend that you grab, and read, both. Utterly compelling reads!

Also available is the group's own magazine, Darkest Desires, now up to Issue 4, also available as a notecard.

And I really did enjoy the experience of being a hooker, waiting for a client, under a lamp post, at the TP point, lol. (see photo). I'm guessing that the pose is just a bit of fun, rather than an exhortation to 'escort' within the sim.

What's exciting about this sim is the fact that there's a collision between RL and SL, the RL creations being brought directly into SL, and that it exists as a two-way thing for its group members or visitors. It should also be essential viewing for newbs (and even seasoned SL campaigners) whose idea of eroticism is a poseball, missionary position sex that looks like they're suffering from severe spinal damage, and textual intercourse confined to phrases like 'oh, yeah, baybee...so hawt!'

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Come to the cabaret, old chum...

You know, 'erotic' comes in many different guises. I keep referring back to Tiny's lingerie because that vintage glamour has so much more to offer than the concept of a piece of dental floss stuck between the cheeks of my bottom and called a 'tanga' or 'thong'. Oh, don't get me wrong, there are sims where that thong is is ideal beach wear, but it's an entirely different sexuality, and realistically not 'erotic'.

So I spend a lot of time bouncing around the grid in search of glamour that just oozes implied sexuality, something that has what I regard as the very essence of 'erotic'.

And so I found 1920s Berlin Project (1920s Weimar Republic Germany) sim. The essence of that period, before and just as the Nazis were coming into power, is wonderfully captured in the film Cabaret (was there ever a finer Liza Minnelli performance?)

The sim requests period costume, and helpfully offers freebie outfits for you to get into character. As well as this there is a shop where further vintage outfits are available at reasonable prices. I've not yet availed of those, as I'm not sure yet how often I wish to re-visit the sim (quite simply because I have other sims to explore, such is the nature of this blog), but if I were to be looking for something glamorous, and slightly decadent, without there being an overt sexuality, this would certainly be the type of sim I'd be landmarking.

Having been in Berlin (more recently than the 1920s, lol!) I must say that there's a nice capturing of the general architectural ambience of Berlin, particularly the former East Berlin, with the cobbled streets and greenery near the Unter den Linden (literally, Under the Linden Trees). There's some fabulous period advertising on the walls, and at the tp entry point you can even buy mp3s of period music.

Finally, I found 'Der Kellar' (The Cellar), the sim's dance hall, complete with period music and the opportunity to join a troupe of dancing girls like the Ziegfield Follies. I also liked the orchestra pit, something I've never seen in SL previously. The sim was quiet when I visited, but I get the impression that it is minor RP (i.e people innocently dressing and speaking 'in character') which could be a lot of fun if there were a few people around. It just has enough of a sense of glamour, with sexposes absent, to create electricity between avatars. Exceptionally well done, and I'll get back there at a time when I imagine (European evening times?) when I imagine there'll be more of a crowd.

The volume of posts will now slow a little

After an initial rush of posts, in which the basics of SL were explained for the uninitiated, the volume of posts will slow down just a little now.

The interview with Eleanor Maven was pretty much conducted over a 48 hour period, and the nature of it meant time spent out of world, rather than inworld. I think the end result justified it, though. Between us, we raised some interesting questions, although I'm not sure we found a definitive answer to some of SL's sexual issues, but these are matters to which I plan to return, again and again.

If the blog goes quiet for a day or two, don't panic, I'm not losing interest already, LOL. It just appears that in order to grab the central, important matters of SL sexuality, almost as much time needs to be spent out of world, researching and writing, as it does inworld.

'I don't do SL sex'

I DON'T DO SL SEX. Je ne fais pas de sexe SL. Ich tue SL Geschlecht nicht. Não faço o sexo SL, Я не делаю секса SL. No hago el sexo SL. Ik doe het geen geslacht van SL. Δεν κάνω το φύλο SL. Non faccio il sesso di SL. 私はSLの性をしない. 나는 SL 성을 하지 않는다 لا أفعل م الجنس. Expectations of sex will result in instant muting.

I read profiles, because they often tell me a lot about a person I've not yet spoken to, or have just begun a conversation with. And I find the '1st Life' box to be as vital as the '2nd Life' one. It would be exceptionally rare for me to carry on an elongated conversation with someone 1000 days old whose 2nd Life and 1st Life profile boxes remain blank (and even more unlikely if he -usually he- is wearing the beefcake look and sporting newb hair after 1000 days).

So, while researching some naturist sims for the purpose of this blog, and exploring the eroticism or sexuality therein, I chanced upon Wild Coast member Eleanor Maven, whose profile is replicated, in full, in italics, above. I just had to talk to her, and she was more than happy to give me some of her time.

We spoke for a little while via IM, more or less for the purpose of establishing my bona fides, and yesterday evening we continued the conversation, backwards and forwards via email, for about an hour. The following is an edited transcript, re-tooled to read as an 'interview' and is published with Eleanor's permission (she has read this full blog post prior to its publication).

Emma : That's a unique profile, if you don't mind me saying so.

Eleanor : Possibly. I'd be aware there are others in SL who adopt the same general view, although not quite in the way I've decided to do it.

Emma: And in so many languages too!

Eleanor : It's important to make your views as widely known as possible. I've no idea if the grammar is correct, but hopefully the message is clear enough.

Emma : Why did you choose to adopt that profile? Has it always been there from the start?

Eleanor : No. Eleanor is my alt. My first or main avatar, who is now sort of semi-permanently retired, conducted her SL like many other people would. I'm a RL naturist, so I gravitated to the naturist sims in SL right from the start, and made a lot of friends. Genuine people, a lot of them. But there were persistent offers or maybe even demands or expectations of cybersex, and that wasn't part of my agenda at all. Eventually the thing became too oppressive so I killed off the first avatar, in a manner of speaking, to reinvent as Eleanor, with a blank slate for a friends list, and conduct my SL just a little more cautiously with a view to who I selected as friends, or the situations I got into with them. I think that the fact that your avatar is naked in a nudist sim makes many people imagine that it's a statement of availability, which is wrong in SL as much as it might be in RL. My first avatar was as non-cyber as I am, and had fenced off the idea of cyber, but despite the non-sexual nature of her, guys still persisted. So I discontinued the first avatar.

Emma : Did you kill her off? Account wise, I mean?

Eleanor : No. She runs my credit card, LOL. Rather than re-register all the bank details and account details again, I've kept her as the avatar who runs Eleanor's cash fund, and I can log her in occasionally to transfer cash to Eleanor's account if I see a particularly pretty dress I want. But other than that, she pretty much is discontinued.

Emma : Was there a single incident that forced the change in avatar?

Eleanor : Yes. A long-standing friend, who I trusted completely, offered an inworld massage. I thought nothing of it, and we continued chatting about ordinary stuff while the massage continued onscreen. Then all of a sudden the cyber chat began, and I was freaked out by it. I just logged out, kind of disappointed that an old friend should, after maybe a year of chatting, should suddenly get horny. I stayed logged out of SL for weeks afterwards, freaked, but missed playing it, LOL, so I reinvented myself as Eleanor. There were one or two friends on my original list that were notified of the change of name.

Emma : You could just have muted.

Eleanor : Probably, but it was just shocking to me at the time, and I didn't know what to do. I imagined my feelings towards cyber were well-known, that I didn't need to explain this stuff to an old friend. And we're always told that there are people with feelings at the other end of the computer. Maybe I'm too soft, but I thought that it would hurt the guy's feelings. I'd do it differently if I had to do it again.

Emma : Why are you so opposed to cyber?

Eleanor : I'm married. When the first avatar was operating, she pretty much edged towards trying cyber, but fortunately one of my friends was a bit of an SL philosopher, who questioned the entire process and it got me thinking. And while I was having fun with him and cyber would probably have been the next step, the conversations became deeper and I began to question cyber's value or point. Ultimately, I came to regard it as virtual adultery. We know there are stories in the real world of people divorcing partners because they caught them cybering in SL. I kind of value my marriage a little more than to watch it fail because two cartoons are f***ing in a game. So I'm grateful to the friend who challenged me on the entire process, and that I didn't partake of it.

Emma : You think that married people in SL should have a different set of values to single people?

Eleanor : Yes. But I imagine I'm pretty rare in that respect.

Emma : How do you see cyber, as a general concept?

Eleanor : There's a thrill to it for men, I guess. I do imagine that many use it as a masturbation tool, and that your sexy words are merely aids to achieve RL orgasm. I do think many guys are actually masturbating during the process, which seems very tacky and sordid. I reckon many men aren't feeling fulfilled, or sexually satisfied in RL, their marriages have become a humdrum experience and that SL allows them to undertake all the little fantasies in SL that they could never possibly do in RL. The same applies for women, of course. But generally, the need would be for males to achieve sexual relief.

Emma : Your first alt got into more of these situations, perhaps?

Eleanor : Yeah. Pure naivety about where to go, and the motivations of men inworld, put my first avatar into stranger situations. So I'd end up TPing into BDSM sims, simply in search of maybe a free bikini, LOL, and then end up in positions where I had to TP out quickly or mute or log out. In fact, that still happens. I'll see someone blogging about a nice freebie this or that, and go there to immediately find myself being leered at or chatted up by someone who has almost reflexively assumed that, because I'm at that sim, I'm going to hop on a poseball.

Emma : Would you say that your profile has had any impact on your SL?

Eleanor : Undoubtedly. It's quite obvious sometimes that a guy comes up and stops near me. There's obviously a profile reading taking place, then he walks away. The profile has instantly put him off. I don't mind. If the guy is so shallow that he approaches an avatar who has no plans for cyber, and walks away, it pretty much determines the shallow nature of whoever is at the keyboard, whose sole motivation is cyber. I can live without him in my friends listing.

Emma : Would you consider yourself to be a feminist?

Eleanor : Brilliant question, LOL! I didn't, initially, but now I would definitely say that I take a feminist approach to SL. It's entirely valid. I read History at university, and we often talked of Marxist or Feminist readings of History, where historians approached the topic with personal baggage -although baggage has negative associations, often. So yes, I approach SL with that view now. I take, sometimes, a Marxist reading of the whole SL economy, and find it wanting quite often, and as regards the sexual element of SL, I would definitely take a feminist view now. But that feminism isn't merely a case of me saying no to poseballs. There's a whole thesis waiting to be written here about how SL can also empower women and put them in control. If I wanted to reinvent myself as a prostitute, or escort, as we amusingly call them in SL, then if I'm taking a few hundred dollars off a guy every time I cyber, who exactly is in control? If I could get laid, often, to the point where I have the biggest, flashiest house in SL, and the best wardrobe, just because a few guys in SL are jerking off in RL to the words I type, then who, exactly, would be in control? It's a question I'd love to be able to see written about or answered. By the way, I think your blog has immense and far-reaching potential, because no one seems to talk about this stuff, and it's core to SL. I think it's a very brave and exciting prospect to write about this stuff. I wish you well with it.

Emma : Thank you. And thank you for talking to me about your experiences.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Research, research...

My first dilemma. I've been exploring SL's allegedly 'sexy' places, and set down at the SDI Orgy Theater, part of the Skinny Dip Inn sim. Interesting. Very, very much a case of 'in your face' sex, and nothing remotely erotic about the streamed blue movie being shown. There are lots of people milling around, treating the place like the meat market it almost certainly is, and within thirty seconds of sitting down to watch the movie (and scenery), I got the following exchange. The dilemma was to have been 'do I name the guy, or not?', but as I've said I intend to write about sex and sexuality in a brutally honest way, I see no reason why I shouldn't name the people involved. However, it has been pointed out that revealing the contents of IMs contravenes Linden Labs TOS, so F******** S******, born 11/29/2007 (911 days old at the time of our 'encounter') and I had the following conversation.

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[11:09] FS: hi
[11:09] Emmanuelle Warden: hello
[11:09] FS: whant sex
[11:09] Emmanuelle Warden: yes. but probably not with you
[11:10] FS: why?
[11:10] FS: not like
[11:10] Emmanuelle Warden: i don't think 'want sex?' is the most romantic approach, do you?
[11:10] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

I need to explore whether the revelation of IMs does, indeed, contravene LL's TOS. In the meantime, luckily for him, the name of this smooth talking bastard has to remain anonymous, LOL.

Thursday, 27 May 2010


Naturism, or Nudism, is the lifestyle of social activity without clothing. In its modern sense, it developed in Germany about 100 years ago, and was closely linked to commune with nature, exercise, and the benefits of exposure to sunlight. Exposure to sunlight helps in the body's production of Vitamin D, although we know now, as early exponents of naturism maybe didn't, that too much exposure can damage and age the skin and lead to melanomas.

In Europe, the practice is often referred to as FKK, an acronym for 'Frei Korper Kultur' (or 'Free Body Culture') and even in non-German speaking countries, you will find signs referring to the 'FFK Plage' or 'FKK Playa' or 'FKK Beach'.

There are numerous naturist locations in SL. Some embrace a more realistic approach to the lifestyle, while others mistakenly or deliberately exist merely as sex beaches. As someone who has been to a nudist beach in RL, I find the confusion or misunderstanding about what they actually entail extremely frustrating in their SL guise. Naturism is about being nude, enjoying the sun, the thrill of swimming without a costume and simply being social, having picnics on the beach and so on. There is nothing 'sexual' about it. I'm not saying that 'sex' doesn't exist, but I imagine that 'sex' is no more on the agenda for nudists than it is for clothed people (or 'textiles' as nudists refer to swimsuit wearing people).

Again, the sexuality often comes from the guy or girl wearing skimpy figure-hugging costumes, and displays of what's underneath (and sometimes barely underneath, given the size of some tangas and thongs) being implied. That is sexual display. Divested of the costumes, the real us is revealed and laid bare, literally, for all to see, and on a RL naturist beach it is alarming how quickly one ceases to see people as being 'naked'. Seen one hundred naked bodies, seen 'em all!

I've asked, while hanging out at naturist sims, if people are RL naturists. Some are, most aren't. I find this interesting, and have pointed out that in SL, as in RL, you eventually begin to become blind to the nudity. You're talking to a person laid bare, not trying to undress them with your eyes. And while people using the naturist sims in SL are contentedly naked in public, it appears that there's still no paradigm shift in their thinking. Most (at least of those I've spoken to) still cling to the notion that they could never, ever, ever in a million years be naked in public in front of others. What's the problem, people? Feel free to use the comments box to give your interpretations as to why SL's naturist beaches are so popular with people still apparently having body issues in RL.

Later today I'm going to explore a couple of SL's naturist sims, take some photographs and report back to you. I shall also be attempting, a couple of days into this blog, to create SLURLs in order for you to TP directly from this blog to the SL locations referred to, so it's possible there'll be fewer blogs this evening as I master this technique, lol.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Our Page E girl!

Earlier today I blogged that I was off to pose, in Tiny's divine babydoll outfit, and take some photographs of myself. I still intend to do that, but when I popped down to a photographic studio, I ran into Eva Hoyes, who was taking some photographs of herself for her profile, and we got talking. This blog, naturally, got mentioned, and Eva must have had a quick look, or read, through the blog, because while I was mastering how to pose, set backgrounds, lighting etc, she came back at me.

'Do you know about tabloid topless models?' she asked. Of course I do, I live in the UK, home of the 'Page 3' girl, a daily, topless model, some of whom have been propelled to fame, notoriety, and sometimes a decent enough career. Like much of the sex industry (even if you consider topless modelling to be be 'sex' anymore, particularly in Europe) I have ambivalent views on 'Page 3'. On one hand, it's the sexualisation of the female breast. Surely we in the UK should be more grown up about this now? Other parts of Europe, where topless sunbathing is the norm now, almost to the point of being the law, are more grown up, surely?

Ah, well, no. The German tabloid newspaper, Bild, has its own 'Page One' girl 'below the fold', i.e. the paper is sold doubled in two and the daily topless girl is featured below the day's more important (or trivial) headline). Denmark's Ekstra Badet has its Page 9 girl, etc.

On the other hand, if a girl can make a career out of modelling and is relaxed about her own (semi) nudity, who exactly is exploiting who?

So Eva popped onto the pose stand, slipped out of her tank top and we popped off a few shots.

'It's a laugh to think I could be blogged in cyberspace as a topless model', she giggled. 'Stick that on your blog, and let's see how the SL community react to their own topless models!'

She's right, of course. So I've quickly thought up the 'Page E' girl concept, and I'll run this as a regular feature if there's enough interest. And if anyone wishes to send me their own topless pose, for use on this blog, I'll be happy to accommodate as best as I can, or run 'Page E' as a separate blog. IM me, or email me at emmanuelle.warden@yahoo.com

Guys and their cocks

I've hung around on nudist beaches in SL, and naturally I find myself looking at the nude guys and occasionally being impressed by the effort put into making a realistic avatar. Some guys make no effort whatsoever, of course, waddling around with the corn cob in the ass walk, sporting newbie hair, haven't even realised there's better free, newbie hair in their library than the crap they're wearing, haven't filled in their profiles, and perhaps worst of all, always, always, always begin a conversation with the word 'hi!'. Can't you be more imaginative than that? Oh no...of course you can't, you're going to follow it up with 'what are you doing?'

I'm sat at a computer, playing SL, you numpty, and I'm in the same freakin' sim as you, so you can quite obviously see if I'm sunbathing, shopping or dancing!

Over the past year, I've been fascinated by men and their cocks. Not in the sense of road-testing them, but more in the sense of their relationship with their avatar's cock. I've often asked if they have sized it realistically. You know, does it reflect how you are sized in RL? 'Pretty much' comes the reply, as the avatar shifts his weight on his leg and the thing dangling there bangs off his kneecap. 'I'm just an average 9 inches', the avatar shrugs. LOL! No, honestly, size it at 4 or 5 inches, flaccid, and get back to me, yeah? And try to colour it to match your avatar's skin tone!

One thing I have noticed, when talking to guys, is that they reflexively match their cut/uncut state in RL to their avatar. Guys sporting circumcised cocks in SL are almost certainly American, Jewish or Muslim. Uncut guys in SL are almost certainly European. The style adopted simply reflects the cultural dominance of circumcision (or not) in the country in which they grew up, and they bring this social element of RL directly into SL.

Penis No. 2

Jimmy says 'The Escort Eden sim has an in-club store, and on the wall are a selection of Hugsalot free cocks. Here, I'm sporting the 'mini'. I'm not quite sure what the aim of this one is: is it intended for adolescent/boy avatars? Or is it intended for men whose fantasies include being humiliated by their small equipment? Both, maybe. I don't know. But I'd say that if there were only two free cocks available in SL, and the choice was between this one and the one I previously modelled, it would be this one every time. In fact, as photographed, it doesn't look too bad. I didn't attempt to alter the colour to it at all, but I think if I tinkered with the tone of this one I could probably make it look not too bad.'

I say 'I prefer something realistically sized. Guys, not everyone is hung like a stallion, and some of you need to realise this in SL. Personally speaking, someone with a baseball bat swinging between his thighs has no chance with me, but the guy sporting this, exuding a little more confidence in his naked self, and not automatically assuming that a big cock is what impresses women, in SL or RL, has a much, much better chance of cuddles (and more) with me'.

Penis No.1

Jimmy says 'OK Ems, let us begin with the most ridiculous, ludicrous freebie I found, at Sarah Nerd's freebie place, and called 'How Men see their own penis'. Sarah, or whoever designed it, is obviously having a laugh at guy's expense, and who can blame her when you see newb guys running around naked with the likes of this strapped to themselves? It's not so much a cock as a third leg. You can be all sorts of avatar in SL. Human, Neko, Furry, but basically if you strap this on you're a tripod! We used to get warned when we were young that masturbation would make you blind, but I think you'd have needed several years of constant self-abuse to get so short-sighted that you needed to wear this to see yourself like this'

I say 'Like Jim, I've seen guys sporting things like this, surely the Babe Ruth/Slugger of all of SL's cocks, What's worse is that they'd waddle up (it's that corn cob up the ass walk again, people!) and ask for sex. It's little wonder I'm still a SL virgin, lol'

Meet Jimmy!

This is Jimmy, my oldest SL friend. That is to say, he's the first SL friend I made, not that he's 108 years old! I could just melt into his big puppy dog eyes but, unfortunately for me, Jim is celibate in SL, lol!

I previously blogged about guys being born into SL without a penis, and Jim has generously agreed to model some of the available free cocks that are around the grid, and these will come feature in a succession of photo posts over the next day or so, with comments from Jimmy himself.

Do you know, Jim and I have been pals in SL for so long, and shared so many laughs, jokes, flirted with one another outrageously and just hung out on cuddle poses that I do believe that a cybersexual relationship between us would now simply spoil our terrific, platonic relationship.

Would you agree with this belief? Do you think that you've had a SL opposite sex friend for so long that you simply don't see one another as an object of lust, desire, cyber anymore? Have you eventually slept with one of your SL friends, only to find the relationship soured? Or did it lead to a fully-blown, passionate affair or partnership? Feel free to use the comment facility to let me know of your experiences in this respect.

The Art of Seduction

(Pic 1...without babydoll nightie attachment, Pic 2...with babydoll nightie attachment, Pic 3...stocking tops in close up)

Wow! What can I say? I blogged about Tiny's wonderful vintage lingerie shop (below) and lo and behold, despite the youthfulness of this blog, Tiny has sent me a version of her newest creation, which is simply stunning. A babydoll set, which I'm modelling in baby blue, but there are other colours available. This is the Umaset, in chiffon and lace, priced at L$370, and it simply cannot be ignored by anyone in SL who loves their lingerie.

There is absolute volumes to write about this delightful set! Firstly, there's that full cupped, classic bra, evoking a sense of a bygone age when undergarments were truly sensual, a common feature in Tiny's work. It truly is the design of someone who implicitly understands that classicism in lingerie. The lines of the bra clearly show the underwiring, and there's a delightful bow complementing the lace work.

I have to return to the theme of eroticism working best when implied, as opposed to being 'in your face', because Tiny scores big points for the semi-transparency of the bra. The breasts and nipples are implied, not quite visible, and merely suggests at the soft flesh that lies in wait underneath. Stunning!

I'm also captivated by the lengthy suspenders (again, revealing some flesh to the observer) which draw one's eye down to the fabulous lacework at the top.

How could your man resist? This is the 'something more comfortable' you're going to slip into in the bathroom while your man fixes himself a martini and loosens his tie.

'Put on some music', you call from behind the door, 'I think there's a Miles Davis CD in the player'.

Set the environment to sunset, and make your entrance back into the room! How could he fail to know that you're a gal of pure class, oozng sexuality in a top notch babydoll set?

I've not finished blogging this set yet! Next, I'm off to try out a few poses on a chaise longue, hopefully with a martini glass in my hand, my eyes smouldering seductively as I give him a coy smile and toy playfully with the olive on a stick, imbuing the whole moment with a charged sexuality.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Has the name 'Emmanuelle' any relevance?

Of course it does. I entered SL with the vague notion of reinventing myself as a pixellated Sylvia Kristel, lol, heroine of the Emmanuelle series of films.

It hasn't worked out like that...yet!

Instead, I've found myself exploring SL for the best part of a year, avoiding sexual encounters while reviewing the world I inhabit virtually and coming to terms with it. I guess there may be older SL virgins than I am (at the time of writing) but there can't be many.

That will change....and soon. It's time to embrace cybersex, it's time to enjoy SL sex, and it's time to document that, fully.

It's also time to make reference to another of my heroines in this respect, Anais Nin, and declare my intentions to replicate some of her writing concepts as part of this blog.

Meet Ringo!

Lots of guys make no effort whatsoever with their avatars, keeping the same newbie hair, shape, clothes, walk and so on as they were born with. It's beefcake that is unlikely to make me go 'mmmmmm!' when I see him, and I just know that the conversation is going to be very, very, very hard work. In fact, the lack of effort is, frankly, appalling at times.

I was hanging out with a friend a while back when she announced, in IM, 'oh no, that guy who walks like he has a corn cob stuck up his ass is approaching us!' LOL! The description of the walk is sooooooooo accurate! While I laughed, he said 'hi!' and proceeded to enquire if either of us had a house in SL where we could go for sex. Ooooh, you sweet talking bastard. He can't be bothered working his avatar's look or investing in real estate (though you can be sure he has certainly invested in a cock, and sometimes not even then, preferring to sport a newbie woody) and he imagines that I, or some other girl, is going to spend Linden dollars renting a house where he can have a quick shag.

Sorry Dude, it ain't ever going to happen!!!!

So it was a delightful surprise to chance upon Ringo Stourmead (what a fantastic SL name!) at the Sweden Naturist sim many months ago. He had spent time on his avatar, and looked really rather yummy. After talking, we established that he was gay (and that's probably as good an indicator as any as to why he did look yummy....gay guys make so much more of an effort, in SL and RL, on their appearance than flabby and boorish hetero guys, a lot of the time).

Ringo and I have been good SL friends ever since and we hang out together a lot.

When I said that I was thinking of setting up this blog, and explained what I wanted to do with it, Ringo jumped at the chance to become involved. 1. He'll be reviewing the gay aspects of an erotic SL and 2. posing for photographs with me when we're reviewing poseballs and such like. I know he won't be trying to jump my bones, but instead will be someone I can feel comfortable jumping on a poseball with without any ulterior motives on his part. He's a cutie, he's a sweetie, and he's maybe my best SL friend right now.

OK...down to business

'Erotic' is not simply being naked. In fact, there is much to be said for the idea that 'eroticism' comes from the implied, rather than the revealed. So, lingerie has been a big, big interest of mine from the day I came into SL. I've scoured all corners of SL for lingerie, and have thoroughly enjoyed finding, buying and wearing it.

One of my favourite shops in SL is Tiny's Lingerie Shop, because it sells retro and vintage lingerie, and this gives a lot of Tiny's creations a classic, 1940s/50s vibe. Full corsets, suspender belts and so on. I love it!

Furthermore, Tiny also offers several free items, as well as some very, very inexpensive, yet beautifully sensuous items!

Here I am wearing the free, pink rose bra, which has a beautiful, simple glamour to it.

Pubic hair from Tuli.

The Tuli sim also carries free pubic hair layers. These are tintable. I've tinted these to black, but they're still quite light, and it's only the merest and downiest of lady fluff.

Pic 4. Full body shot wearing pubed vagina

Pic 3. Haired pussy (worn as underpant layer)

Pic 2. 'Shaved pussy' (worn as underpant layer)

Pic 1. Exodi's skin 'as purchased'

Pic 1.

Female Basics part 1.

I'm not going to explain how to walk, talk, dress or undress or do any of those basics in SL for you. I make the presumption that you will learn all by yourself, consult the many excellent tutorials available or...dammit!...just talk to other avatars, who are largely friendly and will spend some time, in the main, helping you out.

No...let's get on down to the basic basics of being naked and improving that avatar! A male version of this will be blogged in due course with the aid of one of my newly formed crew, Jimmy Humbridge, but for now the only thing to do is get my kit off and pose for you and explain some of the more intimate details of a SL woman, LOL.

Pic 1 shows one of Exodi's skins 'as purchased', with just a small, totally shaved pussy. Still very sexy, but we aren't all made like that, are we?

So there are some things we might like to do to 'enhance' the look to our own personal preferences, such as the addition of pubic hair.

If you search, you should be able to find a 'freebie pussy' in SL in numerous locations. When I first came into SL it was possible to pick up a freebie pussy in a variety of freebie stores, such as Freebie Republic, but the changes to Linden Labs' age policy meant that such items are no longer just so freely visible to pick up 'off the shelf'. They're still around, of course, but require a little more searching. At the time of writing, I was able to do a search and found that A+ Freebies offered a variety of complete avatars, some with shaved pussies, and some with a haired variety. It's worth noting that, when searching, you might like to try a variety of search terms, such as 'free pussy', 'freebie pussy', 'free vagina', 'freebie vagina', etc, as different wordings will turn up different SL locations. You'll need to search through the various avatars at A+ Freebies, or elsewhere, to find whether your chosen item (free) offers a shaved or pubed variety. My recommendation is that you pick up both, because then you have the look to suit your mood.

Pic.2 shows the avatar with an added, free, shaved vagina, while Pic.3 shows an added, free, pubed vagina (both are worn as underpant layers).

Finally, Pic.4 shows me posing with a full body shot wearing the pubed variety.

Your new-born avatar

On entering SL, your newly born avatar is pretty basic in the sexual equipment department. While women are born with breasts, the pussy is pretty basic, and probably shows nothing more than a slit where the slit should be. For guys, there's the traumatic knowledge of learning that you are born without a cock. This is because of the physics of computer animation. A cock cannot be hidden by simply dressing him in trousers. It must be attached or detached as nakedness occurs. So cocks, in SL, are always attachments to the male body.

Skins can be bought in SL and there are many, many excellent ones, even for free. I've bought several skins, and got many more freebie skins too, but I always, always, always return to those got free from Exodi. (yes! they have an online presence!). The web page offers a teleport direct to their store, and as the store location may change, as these things often do, I've decided to offer the link to their web page (as I will do for many links) as the store location will always be up to date, as opposed to an inworld link, known as a SLURL, which is liable to change. I just adore the tones that Ryker Beck (Exodi's owner) puts on her skins, and the fact that she offers so many free......wow!

While I'm not averse to reviewing other skins, it's like this: I will always be wearing an Exodi skin, unless stated otherwise, when photographed for this blog. It will be an exceptional skin that makes me step away from one of Ryker's freebies, simply because I think they're outstanding.

I note that many blogs that review skins are sometimes a little coy as far as photographing the genitalia (or even breasts!) are concerned. I shall have no such shyness! Expect, where required, for me to be photographed willingly and often in my birthday suit.

Sex in Second Life

Cybersex is a dominant feature of SL, and the wikipedia definition available via the link is as good a description as I can imagine: 'Two or more persons sending each other sexually explicit messages while connected via computers'.

In SL these encounters are going to be largely of a textual nature, conducted in IM (instant messaging, which are private conversations between two avatars, as opposed to the other variant of textual conversation, local chat, which can be 'overheard' (i.e, read) by anyone nearby. Some SL users may enhance this experience using 'voice', whereby they connect a headset to their computer and can speak directly, in real time, to the other avatar.

Other users might wish to 'cam', that is, utilise webcams to further enhance the experience, but that element ceases to be a purely SL process, and belongs more readily in the world of Yahoo or MSN social networking.

I've never 'voiced' or 'cammed' and I have no intention of making this part of this blog's activities, simply because they aren't exclusively SL, avatar related, processes. Neither, too, is the text sex that comprises SL 'cyber', but the point to SL sex is to have the text accompany various poses onscreen. As far as metaworlds are concerned, this again is probably not unique, but as I'm an SL user, this will be the emphasis of the erotic nature of my encounters.

The point to SL is to navigate the avatar through the SL world and, quite often, have the user re-invent themselves with an alternate reality. 'Voicing' of 'camming' does not work in that respect. In a sense it becomes no more than the computer equivalent of a dirty phone call to a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, or of sending them little cellphone videos of erotic dancing or whatever. Not unique to SL, colliding with real life (RL) and therefore not the purpose of this blog. The reinvention is dragged back to people's reality. If that's your interest, you don't need SL.

This blog is text and picture based, and therefore my emphasis will be on it being about text and photographs.

While many users operate SL for the purpose of designing virtual clothes, or houses, or making palm trees, furniture, etc., and selling them to fellow users, others will use SL to create the largest Barbie doll wardrobe in (virtual) existence. It's probably true to say that many users, particularly women, use SL for this purpose. I do not say this to denigrate such users. For most of the past year this has very much been my own approach to SL, simply gathering and wearing a wardrobe, or changing my look constantly.

And there are others who use SL purely as a cybersex exercise, the opportunity to indulge in some eroticism or maybe even sexual relief because certain elements of their real lives are found wanting, for whatever reason.

I'm not questioning anyone's motivations for using SL in this manner. It's their SL, and it is not for me to comment on their actions.

Over the past year I've read many SL related blogs about fashion, with blog owners commenting on how 'pretty' or 'sexy' a particular dress (or even lingerie) may be, but a discreet veil is drawn over the contents of that lingerie. This blog will change that. I want to explore and review the various equipment for sale (or free) in SL, and also the actions and reactions that go with it.

The predominant words for genitalia in SL are 'cock', for penis, and 'pussy', for vagina related items. While my personal preference would be for the proper words, penis and vagina, I intend to use the words 'cock' and 'pussy' where they are used in SL.

Clearly, I cannot review all of this stuff by myself, so over the past few weeks, prior to this blog going 'live', I have begun to assemble a 'crew' to undertake the reviewing, modelling and, er, road-testing of the various equipment. I shall begin to introduce them to you in subsequent blog posts.

Monday, 24 May 2010

What is Second Life?

Second Life is a virtual online world, where players control their avatars and navigate them around a virtual New York, Paris, London, jungle, surface of the moon and thousands of other locations. An overview of the game, and the program to download and play it is available here, at their own web pages.

The wikipedia introduction to Second Life is available here.

Owned and operated by Linden Labs, it was begun in 1999 by Philip Rosedale. Its unit of currency is the Linden dollar, which can be bought with your local currency. I have linked to just one monetary exchange, but there are hundreds of outlets (paypal, credit card, etc) where you purchase them.

Linden dollars are not, in my experience, absolutely necessary to live a decent Second Life, but as in the real world, they make it simpler.

You can alter the shape, skin, hair, eyes, clothes of the avatar you are 'born' with in Second Life, but then can buy better ones, ones that appeal to you more. I have been very, very frugal in my year in SL, really only buying Linden dollars to buy hair that I liked (decent hair generally costs in the region of L$200, but there are decent exceptions and often excellent 'freebies' available in-world.

Indeed, 'freebies' -items offered 'for sale' at L$0- are numerous in SL, and I have pretty much kitted out Emmanuelle's avatar (hair apart) for free, including excellent skins and very pretty clothes. It does take time to do this, however, and patience is a virtue as you read the various freebie blogs for items you want/need/desire.

I bought hair (L$200) and what was left out of an initial L$350 has now, with the odd L$10 outfit, lots of L$1 outfits, and other little items to accessorize my SL have left me with the grand total of L$2. I can play and enjoy SL with this, but...hmmm.....let's see where this goes, shall we?

Hi there!

Hi there. I'm Emmanuelle Warden, and I exist in the online game, Second Life. Today, I'm 304 days old in SL, and to date my Second Life has revolved around shopping and exploring.

But all that's about to change!

As from today, my SL alters radically, and together, you, the reader, and I, will embark upon an experiment that, so far as I know, has never been tried before. Blogs and web pages are two a dime in SL, usually revolving around the latest fashions. Certainly, this blog will touch upon fashion very, very regularly, and I shall blog what I feel are the best, sexiest outfits in SL, but more than that, this blog will do something new...that is, document the sexual nature of the world of Second Life. Including my sexual Second Life.

Where will this lead? I have no idea, other than the fact that all of it...everything...will be documented here.