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Hi! I'm Honey, and I'm going to be getting down and dirty with the really explicit stuff here on my own page. While some of Emma's crew have different roles and functions, and blog items and clothes, I'm going to be blogging SEX!!!!!! Yep, I cyber, and cyber quite a lot :) So my SL experiences are going to be recorded in here, maybe with pictures too. I've pretty much one rule, your avatar must be hot looking! I'm not crawling onto a pink ball for some guy (or girl) who has made no effort whatsoever with their avatar. I need sculpted pecs, tight buns, a realistic looking cock, a photorealistic vagina and breasts to get turned on. After that, who knows?


My current, real life boyfriend has quite possibly the smallest penis I've ever experienced, but for some reason he is proving to be the best lover, providing me with some truly weak-at-the-knees orgasms. It goes to show that, in the words of the old saying, 'it's not the size of the ship, it's the motion of the ocean'. I suppose I've got enough experience now to provide some sort of comparisons, but looking back on the biggest penis I've ever experienced, probably in the 8 inch region in length, and with a sizeable girth to accompany its length, it was actually disappointing. No matter what he did, I couldn't and didn't orgasm at all, and oral sex was equally disappointing.

Second Life is proving to be a similar sort of sexual experience. A more modestly proportioned penis means it's probably more realistic than these huge things guys imagine they have to have, and when indulging in SL oral it means their organ isn't poking out of the back of my skull (although pictures of that often appear to be depictions of 'fucking my brains out'). In the meantime, I've been having fun in SL with a number of hot looking guys. For now, unless I get their express permission, I've no intention of naming them :) and if I post photos of my SL lovers they will remain 'anonymous', but might themselves have some idea of who they are! Pictured above is myself and one such lover who was modestly proportioned in SL but who performed the most delicious oral sex on me and emoted beautifully. In real life, it seems a large penis is the property of someone with a high opinion of himself and maybe a lack of personality, and in SL something similar might apply. I don't know, what do you think girls? The guy photographed seemed to be confident enough in himself (and his avatar) that he was more than capable of providing what I wanted. He was able enough to make me wet in real life (who says RL and SL don't crossover?) through his words. I didn't cum in RL while taking part in this session (although I can and do cum if the guy's words are erotic enough over a period of time) but it was a close run thing, ha ha ha!


For no other reason than I want to, here's some more photos of recent lovers.

This was a 'big' guy ;) and he seemed to enjoy me performing oral on him. Just look at his ecstasy-ridden face as I take his manhood into my mouth while gently stroking his balls. His cum tasted yum, too. Swallow? Of course! Doesn't everyone?

Same guy, same location. I was rubbing myself while masturbating him, and he's just getting to the point where he's hard enough, and I'm wet enough, for full penetration. Mmmmm! I just loved him gliding between my thighs! :)

I'm straight in real life, but I do indulge all of my fantasies in Second Life. And sometimes those fantasies involve girls :). This was a sweet girl, relatively new to Second Life but with an adorably sexy avatar. We spent an entire afternoon exploring each other's pussies in a jacuzzi and I have to say it was fun both from a Second Life perspective and a real life one. I have no shame in saying my little vibrator was working the whole time and that quite early on in the session I did cum in real life as I watch the images of us exploring each other's pussies.


A recent SL lover asked me how many partners I've had in SL. I paused, because I couldn't actually remember. These days I will take note of their names, but in my early SL I was very promiscuous and just racked up the numbers! As of today, I'm 778 days old in SL. I lost my SL virginity on day 1, not quite knowing how to cyber. Then I had a spell of being fairly chaste, as I explored the metaverse and got to grips with the controls and buying up outfits. After that, I just went a little mad, cyber-speaking, and logged in maybe 4-5 days a week and didn't go offline until I had had cybersex. Do the math(s)!
111 weeks at 4 lovers per week (conservatively speaking, sometimes I'd have multiple lovers at an orgy),  less time off for holidays....it's over 400 anyway. Count in the orgies and I've maybe had 500-600 cocks. And loved every one of them!!!! And yes, there have also been female lovers along the way. It's important to explore fantasies, and the odd lesbian experience en route has also been a lot of fun. My lesbian (or should that be bi?) experiences have been much fewer in number, but there have been at least a couple of dozen along the way.  Some of these were very intense affairs.

After a while I did begin to make notes about my lovers, and I can say for certain that the number of black lovers I've had is several dozen, but only a few Asian guys (mainly Indian), most of whom sported western looking avatars.  While most people adopt a youthful avatar, I've had sex with several much older looking avatars which almost invariably means they're reflecting their older real selves, and most of them have been gentle lovers with a keen sense of emoting. And I've stolen the virginity of at least a dozen 'noobs'. 

Are there still fantasies to be explored and fulfilled? Yes. I've found it very difficult to find two guys who'd like to have me at the same time (in open chat), and I still harbour a fantasy to be in a bukkake situation with 5-6 or more guys. I've had several 2F1M experiences, I have to say, so maybe the guys are being a little shy. 

Just bought the Mama Allpa hud to control my fertility, and have opted to experiment with a bit of unprotected sex. Gotta admit, I just picked a guy at random and hopped into the sack with him and it was bloomin' good cyber. Delightful. I'll get back to you when it comes time to do my pregnancy test, lol. Not sure I should be joking about this stuff, but we'll see how it goes. In the meantime, some pictures...