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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Pregnancy Reports (1)

I've managed to get two volunteers who own Mama-Allpa fertility huds to report on their activities in an effort to get pregnant (or make someone pregnant).

Both have asked to remain anonymous, and I respect that, as well as their -at this stage- desire not to be photographed.

For the sake of their anonymity I've decided to call them 'Adam' and 'Eve', and they will be filing regular reports on their efforts.

Adam: I'm surprised and delighted to learn that the women I've spoken to so far are all well-adjusted, intelligent people. I'd half-expected them to be unhinged nutters, but there's a lot of thought going on as to their fertility activities. I was drawn into this too, as there's quite a moral maze to be negotiated. Pleasantly surprised by the ladies I've met, and kind of in love with one already, LOL.

Eve: The weak point of the hud so far is that a man can wear a condom and not tell you. In real life, it doesn't work like that. He's telling you, or you're telling him, and you can certainly know by feel that he's wearing one. The hud doesn't offer those sort of options, so essentially you could pick up a guy, sleep with him, for the purposes of trying to get pregnant, and all the time he's using a condom and you're just being essentially promiscuous in order to be impregnated, and it's never going to happen. I think that the hud should warn a woman when, or not, the guy's wearing a condom. Other than that, it's been fun because I've had some great conversations with new people, but not slept with anyone yet. One guy's talking about a family unit in the context of SL, which sounds great, but then I'm thinking that it might be better fun to sleep around a bit to increase the odds, and possibly end up randomly pregnant. I'd echo Adam's thoughts on this. There is some sense of a moral jungle in existence. Adam and I have agreed that if we're online at the same time we'll probably sleep together anyway. He's got a good personality and a cute avatar, so having sex with him wouldn't be such a bad thing. I do find myself drawn to the better turned out avatars. If they've made an effort, I will be more inclined to sleep with them. I don't sleep with anyone and everyone in RL, but I definitely wouldn't sleep with someone I wasn't attracted to. In SL it's exactly the same. I'm going to sleep with more guys in SL than I have in RL, but despite being more free with my sexuality, the guy will still have to look good.

Monday, 29 August 2011

True Naturists

I recently received a notecard from Calista at the Vibes naturist sim (all group members did), and it's a place we've blogged enthusiastically in the past. I'm sure Calista won't mind me posting the NC in its entirety, because she hits the nail on the head with regards to naturism in SL and true naturist values. It is true that many places do not comply or conform to realistic naturist ideals and are simply free sex places, which is not what proper naturism is about, and ignorance or exploitation of the 'naturist' tag corrupts people's expectations of what the lifestyle invovles. That makes me angry, both in real life -where porn websites advertise themselves as 'naturist' and in SL, because our lifestyle is not accurately reflected by the notion that we're 'swingers' of any kind. Granted, some swingers may be naturist, but not all naturists are swingers. On that note, I'm off on my 2nd naturist holiday of the year on Friday, so there will probably be no blogging done for a week. I'm on holiday! I don't do computers while on holiday! Or a phone! Or anything any more electronic than a kettle! Vajeena's back from her holidays, so she may post while I'm away. And then again, she might not, according to what she discovers during the week. Honey's also back, and will definitely blog if she finishes an article she's writing for us. Honey and 'elongated research' :) are part and parcel of her charms!

Hello everyone,

we opened a new group called "true naturists". You might ask what we want with such a group. Think about how often you search for real nudist beaches or naturist places and you allways tp into crappy free sex places or shopping malls with a 10m by 10m beach just using the words nudist and naturist to provide traffic for their shop renters.

Now we want a group where we can talk about our experiences with such places and talk about real nude beaches where we can have a nice time being nude without being bothered by freaks just going for sex or whatever they call it.

If you want to join us search for our group and join or send a NC to Tabbenoca (Calista Choche) or me Guinevere (Geena Xue). If we don´t react within seconds with an invite, sorry but we all have a RL and that comes first.

Have fun being nude

Thursday, 25 August 2011


After some time missing from the grid I am pleased to learn one of my favourite lingerie stores, Attitudes Lingerie, is now re-opened. For those of us who are group members, we received a free group gift while the store was closed, just as a thank you for our patience. I am pleased to see that this (the purple set) and two other gifties are available at the store (the orange and lime green sets). I noticed that the entire spring collection which SSL blogged months ago is also still available and free. Joining the group is free, and will allow you to pick up the three group gifties, plus the entire 5 set spring collection so that is eight full sets of lovely lingerie to collect for nothing!!!!!

I modelled the group gifties at the wreck cargo vessel at the Fotoscope sim, a favourite location for many SSL photoshoots and at the front door of the Attitudes mainstore.


Thursday, 18 August 2011

My staff have deserted me!

LOL! It's hard to believe that the SSL staff, scattered around the globe, all appear to have managed to book their holidays (almost) simultaneously. Vajeena's been travelling for about 2 weeks now, and isn't going to return until mid-September. Marlene, in the wake of her breast cancer scare, has told me that 'life is for living' and is currently travelling around Europe, lord knows where Jimmy is, Ringo's in Ibiza as we speak, and Mal has today headed south to Hungary for her summer vacation. So I'm occupying the office alone. And as they trickle back in September, I'll be off myself for my usual naturist hols 'somewhere in Europe'. ;)

Honey's still around, though, but 'adventuring' in advance of reporting on her own page, which I updated a couple of days back. I'll be inworld most days over the next couple of weeks, unless I'm packing for my own vacation (and the amount of clothes required for a naturist holiday is alarming!).

There's a few hunts going, but SL seems relatively quiet as far as SSL type activity is concerned. I assume that things go quiet during the (northern hemisphere) summer, and we'll all be picking up the SL challenge, with another whirl of activity, as schools go back in September, the nights darken, and the leaves begin to change. I adore September. Maybe it's my favourite month, as you can get gorgeous days followed by chillier evenings under clear skies. Perfect for a day's gardening, the smell of cut grass, and then a BBQ under twinkling stars. One final little hurrah before we all dig in for more indoors time.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


OK...not strictly 'erotic', but certainly one element of SL sexuality is pregnancy (or the opportunity to become pregnant and give birth to a prim baby). I suppose we're all infertile in SL, and this makes for the opportunity to be very sexually active, all the time. I wonder how much this might change if all avatars were born fertile, and it was possible to become pregnant (or make someone pregnant)? I suspect the SL landscape would change dramatically. Imagine being able to read that that hot looking girl already had 5 or 6 prim babies. Imagine being able to read that the hot guy had fathered 8 babies to 8 different women. Imagine guys having to go and buy condoms with real L$!!! rather than just assume female avatars were a sperm receptacle. Imagine women finding their SL was curtailed by SL pregnancy. Imagine SL abortion clinics. Anti abortion protestors, etc, etc, etc.

When I started in SL there was a spate of talking tummies and pregnancies, but it's much rarer now, like a passing phase. Still, a visit to the Mama Allpa store showed plenty of luvved up couples preparing to take their SL relationship to a next stage by purchasing huds (which can also be seen on the Mama Allpa website) and then -as in RL- attempting, and maybe failing, to get pregnant. Or getting pregnant when they didn't expect to. Just as in RL.

It's something we're actively exploring right now, in order to bring you reports on a whole SL conception/gestation/birth cycle. And I think we've found a couple of volunteers! :)

Hi everyone! It's Ringo here, back again with another lovely little freebie, which is out as part of the 'Make Him Over' hunt going on right now. Yes, it's something of a gay-scene cliche, but I had to have it anyway. My SSL friend Malgorzata was online at the same time as me and I dragged her along to pick up a copy to try on. It also looks great (and heterosexual sexy) on a female avatar too, so maybe Malgorzata will show you a few photos of her own next time she's in the metaverse? Kisses to you all and see you again soon. xxx Ringo.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Mac's back!

My Mac's back! Online.....imminently! Lordy, how I've missed SL this past week!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Brief hiatus

My Mac is broken :( As a result I'm working off an old PC which just, and barely just, can manage to run Second Life, but so slowly it's impossible to actually be inworld. I won't have an inworld presence until next weekend. :(

Sometimes you think that SL is becoming dull and boring, but when you don't have proper access to it you realise how much fun it actually is. I've decided that I shall use the enforced break positively. I've been promising myself that I should try to learn some clothes designing, so I'm downloading Gimp and a few templates to see if I can come up with one of the items I've never seen in SL in all of my time inworld -French camiknickers. Leggy, silky and loose fitting- you know what I mean? If you don't, there's a couple of pix attached to the post to give you some idea of what I mean. The top pair are a pair of traditionally styled 'french knickers', and this is what I'm aiming for (unless you know where I can already get a pair in SL). The second pic is a modern variation, and I already own several pairs of this style, in this colour, in real life, and they're available from one of my favourite French shops, La Redoute, a name that will be familiar to any of our French readers.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Honey's Home

If you check the 'pages' on the right hand side you can see various categories of our 'sexy second lives'. Honey has been quite active recently and has updated her own page (warning: some sexually explicit SL photos are contained therein).

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Keyhole Club

'Watch and be watched' runs the tagline. Earlier on, I tp'ed over to The Keyhole Club where a lot of watching and being watched was taking place. Also very interesting (although I don't know if it's common) was the amount of chat taking place in local chat. I suppose if you want to 'watch and be watched' you might also wish to 'hear and be heard', so it makes some sort of sense to make the chat 'local' rather than in IM. I wandered around a little, until I discovered their sex shop and something that is very dear to our muffs hearts here at SSL -pubic hair! And for L$30!!!

How good could it be for that price? 'Here, kid....got any pubes?'

'Never wear them, SL or RL' sniffed a punky looking and relatively new avatar.

'If I buy 'em, would you pose wearing them?'

'LOL. Sure!'

L$30 lighter, and camera in hand....and you can see the results above. For L$30, they're pretty damned impressive (see bottom pic). There are two versions, in dark brown and light brown, and our anonymous model chose the dark one.

Anyway, I thanked her and moved on, and she seemed pleased with her free gift. By now a girl was bragging or stating matter of factly that she'd been had by 7 or 8 men at the Keyhole, and I was fascinated. I also peeped through windows and eventually found a couple in the cowgirl position, (see top pic) him penetrating her deeply, her face arched with ecstasy. By now I was hooked in a voyeuristic sense, more by the open chat than the images, but with the sim being, understandably, popular lag was beginning to kill me. I've IMed Honey with the LM and hopefully she'll give a much more detailed report on a visit there. But if there's any voyeur or exhibitionist in you, it's a sim that would be worth your time.

Friday, 5 August 2011


I use chatlogs all the time. Daily. If you don't know, they record your conversations with other avatars. Now, in the main my purpose for them is that I know that the name of a person (a sim owner usually) is mentioned, and often I want to contact them about something I wish to blog, so I know I can shut down the text box while in world, and the IM is saved on my computer. In that sense, it's a practical tool.

But there are other practical tools involved too. They're the idiots who send random IMs when I'm researching, for example, a sex sim, and their lack of manners and personality do a lot to underline the notion that the internet is the last refuge of the socially dysfunctional, that the likes of SL exists to create a virtual reality for the emotionally unstable, possibly psychopathic and without a job, boy/girlfriend or prospects of integrating into society as a useful human being.

Example 1: 'Hi Emma. Wanna f***?' Well, I might, if we're forming some sort of SL relationship it's probably going to be an integral part of our virtual relationship. But experience tells me you're going to want exclusive rights to my inworld presence while I want to wander and explore. You'll stalk me each time I log in and then start making demands, usually sexual, while you perform RL acts of self-abuse over a cartoon figure on a screen. 'Hi, Avatar. Wanna f*** off?' is my standard reply here. Really, guys! There's little wonder why you're sitting at a computer screen, alone, ready to masturbate at the drop of a pixellated knicker. You've no mates, no prospects, no life. You wouldn't talk to a woman like that in real life (well, you probably might, which explains why you're w***king on your own) and would fully deserve a punch in the mouth if you did. It doesn't work in real life, so why assume it will in SL? Go. Away.

Example 2: 'Hi'. That's it! An elongated period of silence follows. 'Er...hi!' Then....'how are you?' Please!!!!!!! Be imaginative, be sparkling, have a personality. They've said 'hi' and now expect me to do all the conversational legwork. No, sorry guys, but I need a bit more to work on. I've previously discussed this with the now departed (from SSL) Jimmy Humbridge, who said the male equivalent is a female who tells you 'I live with my cats', and always swore that whenever he heard those words it was time to log off or move to another sim as quickly as possible. If there's silence from someone else, and their sparkling, witty repartee can't go further than 'hi' and 'how are you', then it's time to move on, swiftly. Remaining just means the hardest, most tedious hour you've put in on SL otherwise.

The chatlogs save it all. The terminally dull, the sexually predatory, the cat owners (I guess). If you're going to have a virtual reality, at least invent a personality to go with it. I've kind of had enough of this, actually. The nature of the blogs means that I do visit places where many morons reside, just to have someone provide their cartoon fantasies for all of the sex they've no chance of ever getting in real life (And they're not quite smart enough to work out why). I used to try and be polite, but now I just tell them they're morons, idiots, assholes. I might even prepare a notecard to pass to them in future. I'm just soooooo hacked off with these people right now.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Summer Swimwear (and less)

Mal reported back with a couple of new, free swimsuits currently available. The first two pictured are a lovely free set from the Su Casa Naturist sim. The top pic shows it in its 'see thru tank top' and bikini briefs configuration, and the second one shows Mal topless, although there's a matching bikini bra to the lovely aqua, belted briefs. The third photo shows Mal as Mal should be on a naturist sim, totally nude, but with a towel over her shoulder. This is an add-on from the second set Mal's modelling, a free swimwear set from G&N Designs. I really like the 'over the shoulder towel' on its own, as it's a pose/style of clothing familiar to many who have visited a real life naturist beach, wherein nudists will wander around with a towel slung over their shoulder. Not exactly 'erotic', but just a delightful little add-on that enhances your appearance on a naturist sim. This little towel will make you look like an 'old hand' at the naturist lifestyle.

Pics 4 & 5 show Mal wearing the bikini option and the bikini with sarong option. G&N have a freebie out every month, and I have 'bought' most of them since joining SL.

All of the photos were taken at the gazebo/jacuzzi on the Su Casa Naturist sim. In future, I'm asking all contributors to be able to identify where exactly photos were taken, as they often enhance the photographs and show the items, skins, hairs, clothing, off to best effect.

Alisa Dexter @ Fab Free blog

I'm a huge fan of the Fab Free blog in general, but a special word of thanks has to go to Alisa Dexter, whose taste in sexy clothes we at SSL simply adore. Check out Alisa's latest post on the Fab Free blog. What we particularly admire is that, like this blog, Alisa isn't afraid to show a little (i.e. a lot) of skin! I feel no shame in admitting that it's Alisa's posts that have sometimes given me a heads-up on new sexy items of clothing on various hunts, and it's due to her efforts that we re-blog with, hopefully, our own twist on things.

Renee's Fab Free blog is essential daily reading for me, and it's often the efforts there that inspire me to log in. Even if real life is busy, I'll try and set time aside to grab whatever sexy item I see blogged on the Fab Free blog. Even if it's a five minute log in, chances are it's to follow up on something blogged there. And I do admit to regarding Alisa's taste in clothes as those which most closely mirror ours here at SSL, and sometimes the IM's (or emails) go out to Vaj or Mal or whoever to hotfoot it over to pick up and model items previously picked up on by Alisa.

Even if you're not disposed to showing off as much skin as Alisa, Vaj, Mal, me or others in the SSL crew, there's always going to be something on the blog to admire and require.

Make the Fab Free blog part of your SL ritual, and if you're an SSL reader, then pay particular attention to Alisa's efforts.