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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Jinks Body Everyday

An absolutely wonderful discovery this morning!

Every reader of SSL will know we adore girl fur here, and the more, the merrier! I've no idea how this set slipped by, but we're delighted to bring you up to speed on it now.

Over at the Alli & Ali Zindra Mall sits a cart containing some pubic hairs by Jaimin Blitz, and they are utterly magnificent! I don't like to spend huge amounts of cash in SL at a time, and these are L$200 each, or L$500 for a fatpack of three. But, yes, I opened my purse because the photos on the cart looked so good! And, girls, I wasn't disappointed. It's quite possibly the best single L$500 purchase I've ever made! And while I do try to limit the number of photos in a post, and just provide a taster for the items we review, these were just too good to limit. I've been flip-flopping between wearing Pubic Inc's beautiful full bush, and the Intimate Garden M1 (male) full bush (available from the Busty Bitches Mall) for some time now, but they'll have to move aside, lol, as Jaimin Blitz's 'Jinks Body Everyday' set is now my current favourite.

What I particularly like is that there is a 'razor stubble' pants or underpants layer that can be worn in conjunction with the prim pubes and this provides another level of realism. Also in the fat pack are three different trims, the landing strip (I've photographed it with and without the razor stubble layer), the softly groomed variant, and the natural woman variant.

I've always been drawn to a full bush in SL because most trimmed variants look unreal. Jaimin's set sets a new standard here. The landing strip and the softly groomed ones just look superb, both with and without the razor stubble options and, do you know, when I'm next down at the SL nudist beach, I do believe I will be showing off my newly trimmed parts!

Thank you Jaimin! This set is a work of art, and should be a huge seller, for the quality, the imagination (razor stubble) and the fact that girl fur is making a comeback (both in SL and RL, boys!). Since joining SL two-odd years ago I've noticed that my lonely furrow (urp! what a description) as a fluff-wearer has been joined by legions of more natural avis. Long may that continue.

(submitted by EK)

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  1. Thanks for writing this Emmanuelle. I am so glad bush is coming back. It is so attractive. Sorry Jaimin only has for girls.
    Greetings Birger Hird