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Wow! I've had a lot of sex in SL, having previously worked as a hooker, a stripper, a pole and lap dancer and then just did some recreational sex in my spare time :)

I stopped being a hooker because it got boring. Just leave the cash on the washstand, baby, and a clean set of knickers went on and I'd be back on the streets, under the lamp post, earning another wad of cash. But eventually it got to be a job. The guys just wanted a quick bang (and probably RL 'relief') in the 30 minutes their wives were watching a soap opera, and so I didn't have to work at it too hard. 'Fancy a good time?' and 25 mins later we were done. Sex, believe it or not, became a chore there to pay for a top notch apartment. There had to be more to SL than this!

So I stopped. I stopped Sl entirely for a while. But then I came back, was lucky enough to run into Emma, and the rest, as they always say, is history. I'm not going to put the photos of Davlos here, but he's cool about his name being used, his pic being used and offers a hearty invitation for girls to IM him. And girls, it's worth it! I can honestly say that today was the best, most expressive, athletic, imaginative sex I've ever enjoyed in SL.

Davlos is a member at Turtle Beach, and it was Vaj who first encountered him, apparently, and passed on my name. He IMed me, and met up this afternoon where I got a tour of his own apartment and then the bed! Oh yes, I've seen a good deal of the bed, lol. His aim is for members at Turtle to indulge themselves vocally, in local chat, while using the various poses present, and I have to say that it would be a fantastic thing to happen at the sim, both to watch and participate in, and I sincerely hope that he has some success with it because, ladies and gentlemen, this is what SL sex, what 2ex, is all about. I walked (delicately) away from the experience :)

I imagine guys, quite often in my experience, use cyber as a tool in which to get off, For girls, less so. That remained the case today, simply because I was too busy playing keep-up with his enormously imaginative and erotic emoting, but I can imagine that if there was some sort of pattern established while having cybersex with him that it would be entirely possible for a female to become aroused (physically) by the experience. Reading back the chatlog, it's evident that this is a guy of great literary skill, and it's as good as reading any professionally written erotic novel! Yes, it's that good.

In fact, if I get his permission, I'm tempted to tweak the chatlog to exclude the boring pre-amble we did, and publish it almost verbatim. It would certainly be a departure for 2ex, and demonstrates the depth and intensity to which cyber, in text form, can take.

In the meantime some photos are at Emma's flickrstream. I make no apologies, as I make clear in the commentary to the photos, for not doing many photos. I got so wrapped in the text exchanges the camera was forgotten! :)

See you next time (or at Turtle, if you want to join in! :) ),