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Friday, 30 July 2010

No takers?

My erotic adventures are supposed to progress incrementally. OK, some people's first sexual encounter/experience may have been full intercourse, but these folk would be rare. I imagine most of us began slowly, with teenage fumblings on buses, in cinemas or wherever, and eventually as out experience and confidence grew, that eventually led to full vaginal intercourse and a lost virginity, sometimes happily waved goodbye, sometimes with a sense of tearfulness and regret.

I hope your first proper sexual experience was a good one.

And as in real life, it is my intention to progress on similar lines. I quite fancied the idea of 'unzipping' some hunk in SL and simply masturbating him prior to him having seen you naked or semi-naked. I think, apart from having the contents of our bras and panties fiddled and fumbled with, that would be many girls' experience of a cock. Unzipping and maybe fumbling inside his trousers, probably with his encouragement, to then slip it from his trousers.

Wow! So many different shapes and sizes! Circumcised and uncut. Long, short, fat, thin. There's a whole world of discovery in guys' shorts, lol! Other than in photographs, this would probably have been my first experience of one, my first boyfriend prompting me to explore his shorts while I manfully (womanfully?) fended off his attempts to explore mine! Simply in order to fend off his sexual advances on me, I got my hand inside his shorts and, well, explored!

Out it came, all limp at first. I was fascinated, spending time just looking, then tentatively touching and, at his urging, then awkwardly manipulating him to erection and, with indecent haste, to orgasm. And again, wow! Just to see the entire process was....amazing!

And other than a bit of a stroke at my knicker elastic and pubic hair, I was still squirming away from letting him reach 'the promised land'.

Anyway, I was rather intending my own SL sexual awakening to follow the same trajectory. Intercourse being something I could lead up to. Of course, SL's not like that. We're all different ages and different experience, rather than a peer group of a similar age all exploring together.

So, rather than going for a bit of horizontal tango straight off, I thought I'd explore some other elements of sexual activity. Strangely enough, despite my best efforts to round up a posse next to a bukkake pit, all for the fun of being photographed, I'm struggling to find volunteers!

See you in world as I continue my search.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Eroticism comes in many guises.

But you all knew that already.

I find that good lingerie can be exceptionally erotic because, at the right moment, as the clothes begin to slip to the floor, and reveal a whole new strata of arousing lingerie, it can be enormously exciting.

While this blog isn't intended to be a shopping blog (so many more do it so much better, such as Fab Free, Arya, Resa and so on) I do occasionally chance upon items I simply must share with you.

Lately, I've been exploring good quality (and free or cheap) lingerie. Again, you will find many, many instances of its availability via Renee's blog or Arya's, so there's not much need for me to go there. Instead, I find myself drawn to other shops, and slightly different items that aren't (often) shown in mainstream blogs. Items I like.

I would never consider buying a L$250 dress in SL when there are so many excellent freebies and group gifts around, but there is no limit to what I would spend on quality lingerie, lol.

I'll be editing this post later today, to include photos of charming freebie and cheap lingerie.

Life as a boy, part 1

By 'boy' I do, of course, mean 'man'. Yes, I created an alt, who shall remain anonymous for now, as it affords me the opportunity to spend a lot of time observing events laid out before me rather than, as a female, being sucked into them by constant 'hi!, sexy' IMs.

That's not to say I don't actually enjoy the conversation that sometimes arises from these encounters, but sometimes observing can be more enlightening as to the way in which people approach their sexuality in SL.

So this last while has been spent not being Emma, and rather being a rather crassly assembled 'noob' guy. You know, the type that still has a typing animation, noob walk, noob hair, noob cock. I'm not about to change this look as I like the amateurish way in which 'he' is constructed, and all the more likely to not attract too much attention (other than for people to maybe remark on how dreadful he looks, lol).

Monday, 12 July 2010

Beautifully timed! (and volunteers required)

Suffering from an overdose of the World Cup, I sneaked in a quickie (camping holiday) free of television, returning last night and stepping through my door just into time to see the closing credits of BBC's world cup coverage. Perfect timing.

Freed of my computer, I also spent the time with a pen and paper (remember them?) scribbling tales for The Library of Erotica's short story competition (I've posted about them elsewhere), which was kind of naughty and fun to do, working the naughtier side of my brain, lol, to come up with something entertaining. I think one of the stories will be called 'The Peach', but that's open to revision.

Anyway, it's good to be back and my adventures in SL will now continue more regularly.


If there's anyone out there who would like to participate (and be photographed) in a bukkake film shoot, please IM me in world or email me via the blog.