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Saturday, 5 June 2010

More pubic hair

I keep returning to pubic hair as one element of the scope of this blog, and make no apologies for it being a recurring theme. Why? I like pubic hair....so much so that I even have some (a lot) in RL!

I've never gone in much for trimming, waxing, shaving, and where my SL is merely a reflection of RL, I would be inclined to wear pubic hair. Obviously, in the context of this blog, you can see that I've already modelled the 'shaved' look. It's not me, and I blame the current state of RL and SL pubic fashion on the porn and swimsuit industries, where everything must be seen in detail (in the case of the former) and where ever decreasing panties, thongs and tangas have forced, to some degree, women to be ever more brutal with the razor or waxing.

I don't, personally, like that 'little girl' look. In a sense, there something rather disconcerting about it all, and I'm equally disenchanted with males following suit. Anyway, I'm a lazy mare who can't be arsed with that level of 'personal grooming' almost every day. It's itchy, it's scratchy and it looks just awful (in my opinion).

Better to acknowledge the fact that, come a certain point in our lives, we (both men and women) become hairier, and accept that.

OK...personal views aside, I'm very willing to model detailed genitalia, but caught naked, and without my blogging hat on, I'm going to be wearing some sort of girl fur.

And one of the best places, right now, for your pubic requirements is Pubic Inc. While I pretty much have run my SL as an exercise in freebie-dom, (skin, hair and all), it's unfortunate or disappointing that there isn't much free bush around for avatars. The freebies modelled below are fine, up to a point, but some of us...er...like to keep it natural! lol!

Pubic Inc is doing the business, but being pretty much penniless in SL, it's going to take a long time for me to gather the cash together to afford their excellent workmanship, but let's just say that their stuff is one of the items at the very top of my shopping list right now (see an example in the pic, above).

The version shown is a male one, but it wears perfectly well on a woman, and focussed in on hides the genitalia, and also has been designed to feature some of those unruly, stray pubes that some of us are familiar with!

It's not mine, but the model who posed wishes to remain anonymous. But there can be no mistake...this, and all of the other versions featured in the store are excellent value for money, and I cannot praise the store highly enough for their designs. Camryn McAndrews deserves all the praise available for these stunning creations.

Pubic hair is, largely, now a generational thing. I find that most women of a certain age conform to peer pressure, celebrity magazine shoots that make patently obvious the fact that our singers and film-stars are now trimmed within an inch of their lives. Beyond a certain age, women are inclined to be natural. While I fit into the first category, age-wise, I fit into the second category, hair-wise. I'm certain it works in reverse, too, but that's an observation on RL, and how it also reflects in SL.

If you have any comments to make on pubic hair, in RL as reflecting SL, or on my belief that there's something disquieting about the 'little girl' look, feel free to comment. I'd love to hear from you, regardless of whether you agree or disagree.

An observation I shall also make about pubic hair in SL is that....guys love it! While running around naturist sims, prior to this blog being established, I was astonished by the number of guys who wanted to comment on it, admire it and enquire as to why I was using it. Being naturally inquisitive, I asked for their reasoning in being fascinated about it. A dislike of the 'little girl' look was a recurring theme, as was the confession to being men of a certain age, whose ideal of a woman presumably involved pubic hair.

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  1. I quite agree. I like women to have lots of pubes