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Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Bullet Bra

There's something glam/erotic about Tiny's latest offering, the bullet bra. Yes, I'm thinking 'Madonna', but also the lingerie of German photographer Horst. More so Horst, since I'm the world's least enthusiastic Madonna fan, either for style or for music. And I don't find her 'in your face' style particularly classy or erotic. I tried black and white, to give it that post-war Horst feel, but then I wasn't doing justice to the delightful little blue bows on the corset/panties. So in the end I opted for colour shots, to end up with a portfolio of shots that tried to capture the essence of this retro, oozing eroticism offering from Tiny's design table.

An interesting aspect of this design is the bullet cups themselves, which are individually adjustable. Not being very well endowed, in RL or in SL, lol, I adjusted them 'inwards' a little to give some sense of proportion to my avi. And just how glamourously sexy is the result? I'm lost for words on this one. It gives a superb sense of 1940s/1950s proper lingerie, properly constructed lingerie and, where Madonna looks cheap, this looks stunning. Besides, you can wear it successfully with or without the bullet cups, and it still looks fabulous. Take away the pants layer and the underpants layer, worn alone, has the effect of making it look more modern, modern in a 1970s sense of sexy femininity. In effect what Tiny has done here is to provide you with two sets of lingerie in one.

How much value for money is that???????

I've opted to show just four images, although in reality another 10, 15, 20 could also have been added.

Pics 1 & 3 show the full ensemble, while pic 2 opts to highlight the outstanding lacework on the long panties. Pic 4 shows off the bullet bra cups to best effect.

You really want to et on over to Tiny's now and add this thrilling lingerie set to your wardrobe, right now

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