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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Free 'cocks'

I don't like the word 'cock', preferring to call it by its proper name, 'penis'. But that's how Midnight Lotus are describing them, so that's how I'll blog them.

Midnight Lotus's shop is offering 'free cocks'. Non-scripted, which means they're non-functioning, won't become erect, cum or pee, but Midnight Lotus are to be congratulated for providing them!

They're a good colour and realistic, and as the absence of a penis is an issue fraught with panic for most new SL males, their existence MUST be promoted as widely as possible. Yes, there are other free cocks available, but none (that I've seen) match the quality of these new(?) items.

If you're a newbie guy, mosey along to Midnight Lotus's shop for a grab (!!!) of this fabulous item in the much larger Penis and Pussy Mall.

My search inferred there was a free pussy (or vagina as I'd prefer to call it) available at Midnight Lotus too, but this doesn't appear to be correct, and so I embarked on a search for free pussies to complement the new 'man gear' Midnight Lotus have provided you gents with.

I set down at Script where a freebie (pubed) vagina is available (not quite pubed enough for this blog's liking, if you've been reading the older posts, lol) but it will get new female players started with their equipment.

When I came into SL the 'Figgis Realistic Pussy' was available all over the grid for free in shaved and pubed variants. 'Figgis' seemed to leave SL, and the freebie pussies disappeared from view, around about the time that the 'adult' designation appeared, but you can still find them (often priced at L$39!). Don't pay it. They were originally free, and paying that for them now is exploitation. I looked and found it difficult to find the free shaved variant which many SL ladies prefer (but so passe ladies!)

I note that Freebies World and Freebies Galaxy both are suggested as suppliers in a search, but I didn't check them out. If it's a free shaved variant you want, try 'figgis realistic pussy' or 'freebies world pussy' or 'freebies galaxy pussy' in the search box and see what turns up.

The foreskin

Most guys in SL are circumcised. While this may reflect the RL reality for north American readers (and thus the majority of SL users), here in Europe the circumcised penis is much rarer. A pity, because to my eyes the circumcised penis has an aesthetic beauty lacking in an uncut penis. Sorry, European guys! The idea that the circumcised penis is much, much prettier may be making your eyes water, but that's my view.

And, I am reliably informed, oral sex with a circumcised guy is much, much more preferable, from a woman's perspective, than with an uncut penis.

Our next (anonymous) model is a European guy who has chosen to utilise the foreskin option available on an Xcite penis. I met him at a nudist sim recently and the topic...er...came up. His view was that he should try to accurately reflect his real life (uncut, European) self, so has used the foreskin attachment consistently since purchasing his Xcite gear.

Our model says (and demonstrates) that it is possible to change the colour of the penis's head, making it a more authentically different colour to the shaft and foreskin of the penis, as in RL, and the photographs demonstrate the xcite penis in its full glory, shrinking back (and the foreskin retracting back over the head) to its flaccid state.

I watched (and photographed) the entire procedure (but I'll spare you the 'money shot' pix, lol) and I have to say that it's very realistic and true to real life. I'm guessing that the head of the penis can also be separately coloured if the user is wearing a circumcised version. In my experience many guys don't do this in SL, which is a pity, because it would add authenticity to their avis. Guys...if you do use Xcite gear, please experiment with the colour hud to enhance your avi's look. Thanks.

A complaint from a reader

I've been admonished by one reader for presenting photographs that are 'too small'. Can I just remind readers that clicking on the photograph will open up a full sized image?

The Christmas Rush begins (1)

There isn't a snowball in hell's chance (see what I did there?) of us effectively covering all of the items now being offered to us, so we're going to have to be selective about what we model/photograph, although we will attempt to at least list all items.

You see, Christmas is coming, and it's the traditional season of giving, not least in SL with a myriad of freebies, dollarbies and group gifts that reflect the time of year. While not totally 'seasonally coloured' (i.e, white, green or red), Alphamale and Blacklace have a couple of free gifts at their store, and Mal is modelling a couple of sets, including a blue/grey corset set and a black bra and panties set. The location was (as it often is with Malgorzata) Fotoscope, and I deliberately encouraged her to stay away from snow scenes, lol, as I'm confident we'll have many of those over the next three weeks.

We adore Fotoscope! A series of locations set up to enhance your photography. Some stunning settings for your own photos and thoroughly recommended.

By the way, Mal is complaining about an attack of the 'Ruths' (you know where your skin/shape won't load and you appear to have sprouted a ginger mullet?). I've not been bothered myself so far, but I do believe it's become a more regular issue for SL users. One theory I've heard is that Linden Labs are shoving traffic through already busy servers that are 'losing' bits and pieces of us to the extent that a rebuild of the avatar is necessary.

I mention this because Jimmy has been struck down, and has decided to re-invent himself, lol, so don't be surprised if you don't recognise him on his next contribution. But, my! He looks sexy with it!

Monday, 29 November 2010

And following on from Silje's post

Following on from Silje's post, I've had a poke around in SL and discovered that there's an entire box of breast cancer related items free at Joanna Loon's Loony Bin shop.

In the pic (above) I'm wearing a 'think pink' tank top and the familiar pink ribbon from the box, which also includes notecards relating to breast cancer.

I would also encourage everyone to check out the UK's Breast Cancer Care website, Breakthrough, or for you to google the relevant support agencies or charities in your own country. The American Cancer Society, for example, has a significant SL inworld presence, so check out their sim.

Breast Cancer Awareness month

We're late with this, and it's not our usual sort of posting, but I felt it was important enough to post anyway, as it's relevant to all women. I received a small portfolio of photographs featuring poses from Glitterati (they're free!) to highlight Breast Cancer Awareness, and also the following text from Silje Krokus, who runs the 'Over 50' group in SL. I'll therefore hand this post straight over to Silje, and let her explain in her own words.


'Hi. I'm Silje (a European variant on Celia) and I run the 'Over 50' group in SL for those of us who are exactly as the name implies. I don't know how it is elsewhere in the world but once over 50 in the UK, women are invited to have mammograms for the early detection of breast cancer, which I believe is one of the major cancers that result in death in women around the globe. I saw that Glitterati were offering free poses to highlight breast cancer, and so with some trepidation I got my kit off, lol, and posed for some photographs by Diane Toxx, whom I believe you know. As your blog seems to encourage a little skin, I'd be grateful if you'd agree to post one or two and use them to highlight the issue and make women aware for the need to self-check regularly for lumps or anything abnormal, and also to make them aware of the need to have mammograms regularly. I'll link your blog to my group if you're in agreement, and maybe we can use SL to highlight awareness about this horrible illness, which is a cause close to my heart as it killed both my mother and an aunt. Another aunt underwent a mastectomy when cancer was discovered. Please write back with a yes or no'.

There could be no 'no'. I agree with all Silje wrote, and her IM is offered in its entirety. I'm more than happy to highlight the issue and encourage all female readers of this blog to self-examine, and for male readers to get their wives, girlfriends or significant others to do the same.

Poses 2 and 3 (above) are from the set, and Diane says she was struck by the fact that Silje used a 'mature' avi that we're all agreed looks fabulously sexy, proving that a carefully constructed avi can reflect the user's real age, and still look stunning. Diane cajoled Silje into removing her glasses (photo 1) and you have to agree that she looks simply fabulous! We don't all have to have that early 20s, eternal youth, Dorian Gray look, do we?

By the way, if you're over 50 and in world, look up Silje's group. They seem to be fairly active with events in world.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Body piercings

I'm working on a post that will focus on body piercings next. It's taking longer than anticipated, so bear with me until I compile a decent-ish list of links and photos.

In the meantime, here in the UK we're experiencing record low temperatures for November and I'm really feeling the cold. While my avatar cruises around SL in bikinis or less most of the time, I've been shopping for SL winter clothes so best to reflect my 'mood'. It's the first time I've ever felt any need for my avi to accurately reflect a RL feeling.

Monday, 15 November 2010

The Island of the Naked Angels is this week's big find. A naturist sim (and readers will know how much this blog loves naturist sims) which, like me, lol, is small and perfectly formed. Some naturist sims (and other locations) make the mistake of sprawling their facilities over a large area, which may be good for those private moments, but much less valuable for the social element of SL.

There are some lovely poseballs at 'Naked Angels', as well as the usual clubhouse, swimming and sexy facilities. I suggest you tp over there and say 'hi!' to whoever's there. It's a location I'll be visiting regularly, as soon as I sort out my internet provider issues. This week's lack of blogging and inworld activity is directly attributable to a change of ISP, and some real hassles with the 'wireless' end of it. It's perfectly workable in the room with the modem, but elsewhere is problematic. As soon as I can sort this out, then more inworld exploration, to bring you the best of the exotic and erotic, will follow. Mal has already been over to the 'Naked Angels' island for a photoshoot using some of the poses, and these will probably be uploaded to the flickr stream in a day or two.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Pubic hair is back?

I've received a query from a reader regarding our models 'all sporting pubes' and questioning this.

1. It's the models own choice whether or not to wear a 'grown up' look.

2. The wheel has turned anyway and pubic hair is on the way back. In RL that's a generational thing, but my own observations from RL (in changing rooms and naturist beaches) are that lady fluff is in the throes of a renaissance. From a personal POV, that's pleasing. I've never favoured the shaved look. Gents were always less likely to shave, but interestingly in naturist circles they're lagging slightly behind in this and if they did shave, are continuing to do so (perhaps because it makes their penis look 'bigger', or so it is claimed). But mark my words, gentle reader, pubic hair is on the way back, and this is true of SL too. In the time since I joined I have noticed a marked increase in the use of pubic underpant layers, and prim pubes.

Pubic hair is always something I will enthusiastically blog, and I'm going to be producing a post next of current locations for as many SL pubes as I can find. I'd be pleased if any reading store owners could keep me informed of their wares, and new releases.

Lingerie and naturism, combined.

The exotic and the erotic, our tagline reads. So here's a post with a frisson of each.

I picked up the latest group gift at Lingerie Boutique/Aotearoa and had the pleasure of being able to give it away to Malgorzata. This was a simple, fantastic pleasure, almost like being able to pass on nice dress to a RL friend. Wouldn't it be fabulous if all SL shopping afforded us the same luxury? The group gift, a corset set, looks fabulous (see Mal's photos 3 & 4, above). This is the November group gift. Not free, but as good as priced at L$10. The October group gift is also still available for the same sum.

As well as being our lingerie model, Mal is also a dedicated naturist, and she has free rein to choose her locations. So she tp'ed over to the Egypt Naturist Holiday sim, a new one to me. When Mal's photos arrived I thought it looked interesting, so tp'ed over myself and spent quite a long time wandering around what looks like a large and rapidly developing sim. Stunning, really, with an Egyptian theme (see Mal's photos 1 & 2 for a taste of the marketplace, which includes some yummy looking baguettes) and a lovely looking water feature. For all of you who do like to run around in the noddy from time to time (and that includes me!) I fully expect this to become a popular location.

Also very well done is the fact that Nikita Neuman, Egypt's owner, has separated the sex poseballs well away from the rest of the sim. I accept that sex poseballs are an integral part of SL (this blog is testament to that), but I don't like it 'in your face'. Unless the sim is a dedicated voyeurism/exhibitionism location, I prefer the sex to be private and slightly removed from the rest of the location. In this, Nikita has done a superb job of making the sex poseballs discreet, so top marks for doing that.

If you'll forgive me, I'll end there and put my clothes into a little pile on the beach and spend time wandering around Egypt Naturist myself!

Don't forget that we have our own flickr photostream, and more of Mal's and my own photos will be available there in the next couple of days. I've also got a shedload of Diane Toxx's photos to upload when I find the time and have sifted through my favourites.