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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The foreskin

Most guys in SL are circumcised. While this may reflect the RL reality for north American readers (and thus the majority of SL users), here in Europe the circumcised penis is much rarer. A pity, because to my eyes the circumcised penis has an aesthetic beauty lacking in an uncut penis. Sorry, European guys! The idea that the circumcised penis is much, much prettier may be making your eyes water, but that's my view.

And, I am reliably informed, oral sex with a circumcised guy is much, much more preferable, from a woman's perspective, than with an uncut penis.

Our next (anonymous) model is a European guy who has chosen to utilise the foreskin option available on an Xcite penis. I met him at a nudist sim recently and the topic...er...came up. His view was that he should try to accurately reflect his real life (uncut, European) self, so has used the foreskin attachment consistently since purchasing his Xcite gear.

Our model says (and demonstrates) that it is possible to change the colour of the penis's head, making it a more authentically different colour to the shaft and foreskin of the penis, as in RL, and the photographs demonstrate the xcite penis in its full glory, shrinking back (and the foreskin retracting back over the head) to its flaccid state.

I watched (and photographed) the entire procedure (but I'll spare you the 'money shot' pix, lol) and I have to say that it's very realistic and true to real life. I'm guessing that the head of the penis can also be separately coloured if the user is wearing a circumcised version. In my experience many guys don't do this in SL, which is a pity, because it would add authenticity to their avis. Guys...if you do use Xcite gear, please experiment with the colour hud to enhance your avi's look. Thanks.


  1. Interesting...do most women in Europe prefer a circumcised penis? I would have expected it to be the other way around (preferring what they're used to) which is the case here in North America.

  2. I can't speak for other European women, but I imagine your analysis is correct. I can only say that my personal preference, in terms of look, is the circumcised penis. So pretty.