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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Nearly Tactile (Brazilian)

More genius from Nearly Tactile, this time a brazilian pubic hair. I've not had time to purchase and model this yet, but I will (or get someone else to) in the next day or so. Generally, I've avoided brazilian cuts in SL, because they don't reflect my RL, but this is so good I am tempted to give it a try in SL. Still a no-no in RL, lol.

Nearly Tactile are also promising a male version, which I'm anxious to see, as I've previously bought and worn male pubic hair for that thicker, unkempt look that I like. If I like the male version, I'll be buying that, and let someone else in the crew purchase and model this lovel Brazilian version. :)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

A sabbatical of sorts...

Unless something really leaps up and grabs me as essential kit for inclusion in SSL, I'll be taking a sabbatical from this blog for about the next 3-4 weeks while I work on a new blog, the one dedicated to the formation of a 'Rainbow People' group and the blog to go with it.

Right now, I expect we shall also add to my photostream, and possibly other points of contact/interaction over the next few weeks.

I need assistance or volunteers to help out as we plan the first Second Life Rainbow Gathering. We shall begin with modest intentions and make it an event that lasts only a couple of days. This will be occupying most of my time for the next few weeks and, if it begins to grow legs, then probably will occupy most of my SL time until the event's conclusion. If successful, then we'll establish a good team of volunteers who can plot further Rainbow Gatherings.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

SL frustration! (and more nipplephobia)

There are times when I don't feel like playing SL. I've too much to do, too tired, the computer chair's not that comfortable for a 3 hour shift, or I'm just feeling bored with it. There's nothing new.

What I've learned is that as soon as this feeling washes over you, there are a range of new items just around the corner, as soon as you've decided to give SL a break for a couple of days, that you must have, must own, must photograph, desire, crave and covet.

Not all of the flowing, spring dresses fir the remit of this blog, of course, but there are still a couple of cute little items I want to show you. Boom, at the Old Costa Rica sim, is currently doing free black hot pants complete with a 'censored' board for the breasts. I often find it exceptionally odd the way nipples are such a no-no in SL as one tours various design stores. While it's a virtual reality, it appears we can't shake off the real life morality (good or bad) that the societies we live in end up reflecting in SL.

In the main, Americans appear to have a great phobia for nipples being displayed, while Europeans have a much more laid back approach to them. While not a hard and fast rule, the origins of designers and the stores they run often do reflect this, and it's certainly reflected in the blogging world. When I saw the 'censored' board for the breasts, as if there was something intrinsically bad about part of the female anatomy, I knew I had to get it and photograph it, but Malgorzata beat me to the punch and the photo (above) landed in my inbox. She's obviously thought exactly the same as I did, as I was also going to post a similar photograph!!!

Yes, censor nipples, but leave the genitalia bare, lol. It's a cute and lovely little addition to my (and Mal's) SL inventory, but says something about the odd moralities at play in the real world being reflected in SL.