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Friday, 25 February 2011


More muff@ Yes, please! We can't get enough of it at SSL!

I tp'ed into Wild Coast today, and out of the corner of my eye caught sight of some lady fluff! What?????

I knew Bation Nitely's Nearly Tactile shop there was doing nipples, but I hadn't spotted the muffs before. I knew I had to review these immediately. Bation also provides a LM to her main shop, so I tp'ed over there to investigate some more.

Absolutely marvellous! What realistic muffs (and nips) they are. I've never really bothered with nipples much before, but I'm seriously tempted by these the instant I've got some more Lindens gathered up (i.e RL payday!).

I've taken photos of photos, simply because I can't afford to buy and model right now, but you get the picture(s). Wonderful. Simply stunningly wonderful.

Although their model appears to be a bot, I've taken the precaution of photographing her in b&w with her eyes edited to disguise her (Bation, if there's a problem using a photo of this model, let me know and I'll remove the pic).

I think the time has come to experiment with nipples, don't you? In the meantime, feast your eyes on these muffs and drool at the exquisite detailing.

Roll on February 27th, when some cash should land in my RL bank and I can afford this delightful, beautifully made pussy hairs. Absolutely stunning!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

First Lady, part 2 (Zoe)

'I've been looking for a new look for ages', says Zoe Bobair when I catch up with her in First Lady. 'When I saw this teenage skin I knew I had to have it. I'm not remotely interested in ageplay or any of that crap, but I like the youthfulness of the skin, so I bought it. There's a nice vulnerability about the slightly open mouth, too'.

Was Zoe concerned that predatory males might take her to be a real teen?

'That's always a danger in SL, I suppose, but I'm age-verified, and my RL age is stated in my profile. I won't be getting into games with SL's men anyway. I've been here a year. I'm a SL virgin and I'm keeping it that way. Cyber's stupid and ageplay is dangerously stupid and stupidly dangerous -on many levels. No, I did not buy the skin for that. I just liked the youthful zest in it. It's a fabulously made skin and I love it! Will I change my skin in future? Maybe in another year I'll be going back to First Lady to pick up something else. There's massive potential for reinvention, just as a result of a new skin. I've had this one for fifteen minutes now, and I'm already thinking of how it alone will reinvigorate my SL and how I can re-jig my entire thinking towards the game. I've had Zoe as a young and fresh looking avatar anyway, but this skin just takes things to another level. Zoe now looks perfect!'

First Lady

I'm quite excited by this post! I discovered First Lady, a specialist skin shop, earlier today, and got talking to some of its patrons. Happily, both agreed to pose for SSL.

First things first, our friend Jaimin Blitz, whose lady fur I raved about a couple of weeks ago, has a sale point set up at First Lady. L$200 for what is, for me, currently the best pubic hair in SL. There's also a re-seller's point, so if you're a shop owner you can buy it, rezz it at your place, and claim some commission! How cool is that?

Now onto First Lady. I could go on about every skin in the place, because they're all so good and the shop is also almost entirely dedicated to ethnic style skins.

Look, for example, at the Massaia skin (photographed), with a beautiful open mouth and puffy nipples. Isn't it gorgeous? Isn't she gorgeous? This, and all of the others, are skins you could wear for your entire SL. There is, I think, no need to look elsewhere if ethnic skins or unique skins are what you desire. Unique? Well, yes! First Lady also does a beautiful line in mature (black) skins which -praise be!- accurately reflect an older woman. Look at the pic of our model (who wished to remain anonymous). There, in all their glory, are the hallmarks of maturity. An older face, a belly mark that is either a tiny fold of flesh, or a caesarean scar mark. You decide!

Even better, Liane Paravane, First Lady's owner, invites you to IM her for a different pubic haired version of the skins -free!- if you desire a different look from that provided in the vendor. Could it get any better?

Another element of her shop I adored was that the skins are all shown in their full, nude splendour. No silly nipple tape and covered pubis here!

I wish I had more L$!!!! lol. There's 3-4-5 skins I would just love to own. Guess what I'm saving up for as my next SL purchase, girls?

Part 2 of this post follows later on! :)

Thursday, 10 February 2011

It's YOUR blog too!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is also YOUR blog. Sometimes I have no idea who is reading it, and then I get an email or IM out of the blue that lets me know you're a) reading b) exploring SL yourselves and c) wish to point me in the direction of this or that.

This week, a reader let me know about Fuckpig, a porno film studio in SL. So I naturally trotted on over there and looked around, identified the owners/movers/shakers in the venture and have set up an 'interview' with them, an interview I hope will follow in due course.

But just to give you all a heads-up on it, you can follow the slurl in the link above, and find free membership of the group at the gate, alongside some freebies for boys and girls. There's a few interesting animations around, too (see above: I'm applying some graffiti to a dumpster, and also appear to have been 'used up', lol).

Currently, the studios are making casting calls for a new TV series. I've asked to be kept informed and maybe even get a job as an extra for a while (I'm not really porn actress material, I don't think) as I observe the production being filmed. If you join the group you'll be kept well informed of their current activities.

What's more, the studios seem to upload the finished product to this site, so you can observe the results for yourself. (warning: it's naughty stuff and not safe for work and should be considered to be 'x' rated).

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Just a quickie

Just a quickie while I'm supposed to be working, lol.

Attitudes Lingerie's winter collection of bra and panty sets is out. They're all rather lovely, and they're free, girls!

I've cheated a bit here by simply photographing their in-store posters, rather than IM Malgorzata and have her try them, photograph them and then send me the pix. But having tried them all myself I have to say my favourite is the set on the right hand side of the poster, Attitude's version of that 'sensible white' ensemble we all wear, lol. For that night out with someone special, well, there's another five sets to decide on, depending on the evening's colour scheme (I do like the underwear to complement my outerwear, RL and SL).

For the guys, there's a lovely 3-pack set of boxer shorts, also for L$0! I also have to complement Attitudes on their really gorgeous looking models. And...umm...if the guy on the right in the hearts boxers wants me to examine his undies, anytime, I'm...um....*blush* willing to examine the quality of the stitching, lol!