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Monday, 31 January 2011

The twists and turns of Second Life

Sometimes you feel you're blogging in a vacuum. Then, out of the blue, there's an IM that alters your SL completely. This week I had one such encounter, as I was offered a position with a new SL business venture. Unlike the early days of SL, when the offer of 'unlimited amount of money' was on offer for those getting into what was going to be the internet's next big thing, no-one should be under any illusions that this is a money making venture. Instead, it's about enthusiasts getting on board to improve/enhance/expand the in-world experience.

I've said 'yes' to the offer, but this means that the plans for a 'tribe' related sim, group and blog are now firmly on the back burner. I will be throwing my energies into this new venture for the next few weeks/months until.....(drum roll please).....

.....we publish Second Life's first dedicated naturist magazine. A new publishing house is being established in SL, and the aim will be to produce several inworld and online magazines relating to SL. Apparently, this blog has come to the attention of the publisher, and I've been brought on board (with others) to put together a magazine that you can buy and read in-world. It's not the first of its kind, but it's a new project that has great potential, which is why I have signed up.

No, this blog will not be discontinued. We will continue to bring you the best of the sexier end of SL. Why begin with a naturist magazine? Well, the theory is that an enormous number of SL's residents do practice naturism occasionally or regularly, and there should be enough interest to find a market. I hope so, too. As for the money making element of it, the plan, as far as I read it, is to make Issue 1 free, and issues thereafter priced at...L$1!!!!!!!!!

Also in the pipeline from the same publisher is a second magazine, which I am not at liberty to discuss with you...yet!!!!

I'll continue to keep you all posted in the coming weeks.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Jinks Body Everyday

An absolutely wonderful discovery this morning!

Every reader of SSL will know we adore girl fur here, and the more, the merrier! I've no idea how this set slipped by, but we're delighted to bring you up to speed on it now.

Over at the Alli & Ali Zindra Mall sits a cart containing some pubic hairs by Jaimin Blitz, and they are utterly magnificent! I don't like to spend huge amounts of cash in SL at a time, and these are L$200 each, or L$500 for a fatpack of three. But, yes, I opened my purse because the photos on the cart looked so good! And, girls, I wasn't disappointed. It's quite possibly the best single L$500 purchase I've ever made! And while I do try to limit the number of photos in a post, and just provide a taster for the items we review, these were just too good to limit. I've been flip-flopping between wearing Pubic Inc's beautiful full bush, and the Intimate Garden M1 (male) full bush (available from the Busty Bitches Mall) for some time now, but they'll have to move aside, lol, as Jaimin Blitz's 'Jinks Body Everyday' set is now my current favourite.

What I particularly like is that there is a 'razor stubble' pants or underpants layer that can be worn in conjunction with the prim pubes and this provides another level of realism. Also in the fat pack are three different trims, the landing strip (I've photographed it with and without the razor stubble layer), the softly groomed variant, and the natural woman variant.

I've always been drawn to a full bush in SL because most trimmed variants look unreal. Jaimin's set sets a new standard here. The landing strip and the softly groomed ones just look superb, both with and without the razor stubble options and, do you know, when I'm next down at the SL nudist beach, I do believe I will be showing off my newly trimmed parts!

Thank you Jaimin! This set is a work of art, and should be a huge seller, for the quality, the imagination (razor stubble) and the fact that girl fur is making a comeback (both in SL and RL, boys!). Since joining SL two-odd years ago I've noticed that my lonely furrow (urp! what a description) as a fluff-wearer has been joined by legions of more natural avis. Long may that continue.

(submitted by EK)

Friday, 28 January 2011

St. Valentine's Day, part 1

I've been a fan of Movin' Lingerie ever since I discovered their store. Lucky chairs are available, and there has recently been a raft of freebies and cheap (under L$100, some as low as L$20) undies available (downstairs) in the store.

As St. Valentine's Day is just around the corner, now's the time to begin thinking about buy your loved one some special 'wrapping' for their present! :)

Malgorzata is already on the case, and you can expect a selection of photos from her, featuring Movin' Lingerie's goodies, later today, i.e. when I decide which to blog and which to flickrstream.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Managing Drama

OK...SL is a game (in my opinion), and is not real. However, we all invest a little of our real selves into our avatar, regardless of how idealised or fantasised those avatars may be.

As a result, we connect with others from time to time, in order to embark on a mental connection, however briefly. We're directors in our own film (as well as being writers and actors), and we drive the 'drama' (or comedy) accordingly. Our online friends are rather more real. We get sucked into their SL lives too, and can empathise with their concerns. True friends help out, and in the past I've been tossed a bunch of Linden dollars to get that dress while flat broke. And I've done the same in return.

Here at SSL we're in the middle of a bit of a drama right now, as one contributor's relationship ends, and another begins. And as I'm pals with both of the players whose relationship is floundering (I think), it's difficult. I'm agony-aunting more than playing right now, and I guess it's something I need to do for my friends, and help them through a situation that, while it may be in an online game, is not without its real life feelings attached. Why does a SL relationship flounder? Probably, in its own way, for exactly the same reason a RL one does. We pick up with someone on another continent, there's a flame, but then RL intervenes and that person is no longer there at the same time. So 'affairs' may begin, and the next flame burns even brighter and the first relationship ends in recrimination and finger pointing.

Posts to follow, I think, I hope, on the detail and the fallout. 'Eroticism' comes from feelings, and I think that documenting the feelings of a dying love affair, while not 'erotic', is something that would make interesting reading, both in the context of this blog and wider SL play. Stay tuned, folks. A couple of exceptionally interesting interviews/stories are coming up.

(PS The tribal blog/SL group, for all that asked, is still going to happen, but has been delayed by necessity to hammer out the 'rules', the intent, and the locations. What we're looking at right now is to make it somewhere SL newbies can fit in, without money, and to use our experience to demonstrate how little cash, if any, is actually needed. They will become 'the tribe' to some extent, and we're maybe going to appoint 'elders' to it. Let me know what ideas you have for the tribe and we'll incorporate them too, and thus delay the announcement of it a little further, lol).

Monday, 17 January 2011


I'm delighted to report that the Free*Style blog has (17th January) shown a photograph of a skin in which nipples are visible!

No ridiculous, prudish nipple tape/pasties to be seen! Fantastic! Let's hope it represents a new year, new beginning for SL bloggers, and that everyone who blogs about our alternate reality follows suit.

Sunday, 16 January 2011


Playmates? Its been done. So we've decided that we're going to do, instead, a 'Desktop Pic of the Month' context, and invite readers (male or female or couples of any sexual orientation) to submit their own photographs for a monthly competition of sorts, with a L$100 prize for the one we, the SSL staff think is best.

Drop me ONE pic of yourself in a suitable SSL pose and we'll choose a winner. Just pop it into my inventory offer box. The theme for the February context will be St. Valentine's Day, of course! Entries to be received by the last day of January, and the winner will be posted here, receive their cash prize, and all entries uploaded to flickr by 7th January (which gives me a few days for RL commitments, if I have any). Remember! It's erotic, not necessarily nude (although we like nude at SSL) we're looking for. January's Desktop of the Month is Amaliya, a Russian SL player, who sent us a fantastic portfolio of nude shots, and she's wearing a super Lakroqi skin with facelight (Christmas L$0 gift). Doesn't she look lovely? While it wasn't a competition, just a submission from Amaliya, we've sent her the L$100 prize anyway, just for being an SSL reader, and being rather gorgeous and naked, lol. We need more of this sort of SL sexiness!

Next blog entry -midweek, I think- will be an interview with, and more photographs of- Amaliya.

Friday, 7 January 2011

I'm Ringo

Hi there! I'm Ringo, and I'll be writing about the gay scene in SL for Emma. Em is a long-time friend of mine in SL, and I met her one day in a SL gay bar where she'd gone to seek refuge from a persistent male admirer. Haha! She was the only woman, and straight, in the place but we struck up a conversation and hit it off. We've been buddies ever since. Yeah, I've been in Em's blog crew from the word go but haven't written before now because work was keeping me away from SL for a long time there. I hope that's about to change, and Em has cajoled both me and I guess Marlene to get more actively involved.

What can I tell you? I'm English, and older than my avatar suggests, probably closer to what Quentin Crisp described as one of 'the stately homos of England' lol.

I've DJed, danced and been struck by the way the internet and SL brings people together from all around the world. It's exciting, and the fun of watching moving pictures while socialising is just fantastic!

I haven't got a SL boyfriend right now, so I can't show anyone off on the Friends and Lovers page, but there have been quite a few guys in the past and I hope there will be again. I've fallen in love with gorgeous looking guys and had my heart broken once or twice. Anyone who says RL and SL are separate is a liar. Fallouts with a cartoon figure and the person behind the keyboard working them can and does hurt from time to time.

I'm going to be writing about gay clubs and locations in SL in the coming months. I look forward to chatting with you all out there in Sl land. Seeya soon!

532 days...

...since I joined SL and finally I've lost my SL virginity!

Yes, I've been seeing someone, lol, as much a reason for my absence from this blog recently while we danced around one another, figuratively speaking. Flirting, flirting, flirting! Oh, it wasn't for the lack of offers. Goodness knows, it's possible to be hit on by a guy within 53.2 minutes of joining SL, and there have been a long line of suitors for my SL cherry.

For a long time I didn't feel the need, the inclination, and without this blog I believe I might have continued on the same path of disinterest in SL sex. Once I'd defined it, and got the thing going, I knew that SL sex was, at some point, going to be inevitable.

But I wanted it to be special.

I was lucky enough for my first time in RL to be special, almost remarkable, in its tenderness, its ease, its orgasmic conclusion, its wonderfulness!!!! All down to a remarkable, tender and considerate guy. I was lucky enough to replicate the specialness of my first time in RL with a wonderfully special first time in SL. No hopping on poseballs and a few grunts of 'mmmm' here. Instead, the building of a special connection between us over days, weeks, maybe months now. A meeting here, a meeting there, and no pressure placed on me to deliver. Just easy chat, the odd hug, a cuddle on a beach while the sun set. Lovely.

Finally, unplanned, it happened. I can say I was maybe as nervous in SL as I was in RL because I wasn't sure what to say, scared I would freeze on the emoting. In the end, I didn't have to worry myself. He talked me through a slow, slow build of erotic tension before it reached its obvious pixellated and textual conclusion, by which time my head was spinning with a RL dizziness of heightened erotic electricity. Yes, I was wet. Yes, I masturbated in RL afterwards. It was that good. It aroused me. It excited me. It thrilled me. It was as good as reading an erotic novel for building real sexual excitement. It was as good as watching a good erotically charged movie.

And yes, as is often the case with this blog, there are pictures. Not as many as I'd hoped or planned, I was distracted elsewhere, but there are pictures. Will I publish them? I don't know. The 'other party' is wholly relaxed about their release. I'm not so sure. It was a special moment in SL, and I want to keep the memory of it and the very real, erotically charged moment, special for now. In a few days...who knows? But it's clear that with an articulate partner, the endomorphins can roam free inside your head as a result of properly, articulately delivered cybertext.

At the risk of sound (to the other party) like some clingy broad, this opens up a whole new avenue of thought. Perhaps partnering in SL isn't so weird after all. Perhaps it's an expression of mental connection across the internet. This is one I need to think about for a while, hopefully between bouts of sweet, sensuous, erotic SL lovemaking! :)

Shaved heads (for Lizzie and I)

Hi! Marlene here with news of an exciting (for me) new find at DeeTaleZ. It's shaved hairbases, some which have designs shaved into them. They're tattoo layers for the scalp, and you can add mohican style hair to the top. I'm wearing the blonde version in the photo (being blonde) and I tp'ed Lizzie (my SL partner) over to buy the dark haired version. As a result, we've both shaved our SL locks to go almost bald, and my! but Lizzie looks hot with her new look (photos coming on the 'explicit page' and maybe on Em's flickr page too.

I think these would also look great on guys. Not sure, but you can try it for yourselves, and they'll be perfect for those who want the punky look. Erotic? Well...the new look certainly made Lizzie and I feel a little hot! So much so that we had to have a cooling shower over at one of our fave lesbian places, and these are the photos I expect Em to upload later on.