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Friday, 31 December 2010

Sexually explicit Photo Essays

Sharp eyed readers may spot that I've added a second page to the blog. It's in the links (right of this text) entitled Sexually Explicit Photo Essays.

Please note: This page (or pages if it becomes popular, and subsequently sub-divided by sexual genre) is NOT SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE!

I differentiate between pure nudity, as is shown on the main page, and scenes of an explicit sexual nature. The human body, nude, is a thing of joy, wonder and beauty. It is not dirty, sordid or something about which we are, or should be, expected to feel shame over. We should be relaxed enough to share our naked bodies, in RL and in SL, without embarrassment.

Photographs of, and accompanying descriptions of, explicit sexual material is another matter. As well as photographs of heterosexual acts, the Photo Essays page will include material of gay and lesbian acts, and other sexual material. If in doubt DO NOT OPEN THE PAGE.

You have been warned.

Ring out the old, ring in the new.

I don't want to do too much of an overhaul to the blog, having done a bit of an overhaul (hair) on myself, and this is hair I truly love, that is truly me! So I've opted for a new header photograph. Yes, I'm naked! And why not? There is nothing shameful about a naked body, real or pixellated, and I'm quite pleased with how I look. And, of course, as I expect others to be in the nuddy when appearing on these pages, I guess I have to lead by example. Above are some more snaps from the session.

Back soon

Happy New Year, everyone. I've not gone into some gin-soaked coma, but I've been working on two different projects right now. The first is a new blog as a companion piece to this one, and the second is definitely the longest post I've ever done (maybe the longest SL-related post anywhere in cyberspace, lol) so it's occupying a lot of my SL related time, involving perceptions, realtites, relatives, reinventions, the accuracy of SL avatars to their RL drivers and a bunch of other stuff in between.

I've also got about 200 photos relating to the post, lol, so I need to whittle those down to about 5-6 and then select others for our flickr page.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Shameless plug, and Happy Christmas to me, lol

This is probably the last post before Christmas. Not sure, but you know the way routine goes out of the window at this tie of year. So on that basis I wish all readers of this blog a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Peace and love to you all.

And yes, with a couple of 24/7 shopping days left, I thought I would shamelessly plug Tiny Larkham's (a significant supporter of this blog) vintage (and modern) classic lingerie store in this plug and advise you to get over there to buy your partner/significant other a piece of classic lingerie for them (and then you?) to unwrap. Come on guys! What's keeping you?

And yes, it's new hair I'm wearing (Damselfly's Wick II) because I've finally, finally found hair that pretty much replicates my RL hair right now! Oh, happy day! So that's a Christmas present to myself.

Remember...Tiny's store, any time of day or night, just for you, or your partner. The best Xmas gift I think I could imagine receiving in SL would be some of Tiny's stuff.

Don't over eat, don't drink to excess. Everything in moderation (except lingerie) and I'll catch you on the other side, probably Boxing/St.Stephen's Day.

Lots of love to all who have supported us this year. Big plans for 2011, including our very own hunt if we can interest enough designers and, more importantly, get people to actually advertise the fact that there are things like genitals, underwear, piercings and so on going on in most people's Second Lives.



Friday, 17 December 2010

Niche blogging

In the main, this blog focuses on the intimate/sexy end of SL and never strays far from that. Yes, of course how people define 'sexuality' is a wide range of topics, and it means we have a breadth of related stuff on which we can focus. But I feel that 2011 may well see an increase in niche blogging for Second Life, with people whose avatars reflect a specific area of interest begin to highlight product that reflects that area of interest, i.e. a knight in shining armour will end up blogging about the available swords, trusty steeds and outfits for damsels in distress.

I do feel that the era of one-size-fits-all regarding blogging will decline in importance in the forthcoming year, with bloggers focussing on narrower areas of interest. If the writing's up to scratch, we will see the emergence of several expert bloggers, and the decline of some of the more revered blogs.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Prince Albert

Ouch! Thanks Emma. Yeah, if you read Em's last post on the 'Mainly for Girls' store you'll have read about its range of piercings.

So, like the good little ace reporter I am, I toddled on over there with a brief, to purchase and retrofit one of Liann's nipple rings as a Prince Albert piercing.

And (eyes watering here) it works. I had to resize and reposition it, of course, and then link it to my penis in order for it to work (otherwise it stays put when you shift position, floating freely in space).

A disclaimer coming up. If you choose to link what was a nipple piercing, resized and attached and linked to your cock, make sure you MAKE A COPY OF YOUR COCK AND USE THAT!!!!

If you, um, cock up, and end up with permanently linked items somehow, neither Emmanuelle or I take any responsibility for your permanently altered expensive purchase. YOU TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

If you look back through the posts, you'll notice Em has posted about free, non scripted (i.e. non functioning) cocks from Midnight Lotus. I suggest you pick up a copy of those and try it on those freebies instead, and then keep a Prince Alberted version in your inventory.

I like the look and may well use it on a nudist beach in SL in the near future. It's like this. It's going to be a major, major icebreaker, for guys and girls alike, when I saunter along the beach.

I've no idea if Liann (Mainly for Girls' owner) had thought about the potential for nipple rings being used in this manner, but then most people can't fathom the darkest recesses of Em's dirty, perverted mind, hahaha! And no, Emma, I'm not about to begin, before you ask, to apply multiple piercing additions to my scrotum either!

My final word? I do remember being on a nudist beach and seeing a guy wearing a cock ring recently. I did an unsuccessful search for that item, and it looks like the designer/shop who did them has disappeared. I'm guessing that a bit of experimentation (again using Midnight Lotus free cocks) would allow for the application of a resized nipple ring to be linked to a cock in order to create a cock ring. Remember, people. It's SL and your imagination is permitted to run riot. You do not need to necessarily use items in the format their designer ascribed to them.

Mainly for girls

I promised, a week or so back, to do a post on piercings. I'm still working on the first post on this topic as I planned, but in the meantime I've discovered 'Mainly for Girls', a small store run by Liann Shilova, who has the unfortunate luck to be from the English Riviera, it looks like, and the pain of following Torquay United. I feel your pain, sister. I grew up being dragged to Carlisle United games with my Dad and brother when we lived in the Lake District.

I want to post Mainly for Girls in isolation because their stuff is all free!!! That's rings of all description (including some for fingers, lol) as well as the lip rings, nose rings, nipple rings and the coyly named 'lower lips rings' :)

I'm not proposing to photograph the stuff, simply because of the sheer volume of it, but be assured it's all good, and I'd encourage those into intimate bling to pop on over there.

While there, I spotted a sign for 'La Petite Mort', which those of us who had the benefit of a half-decent education recognise as the French for 'little death' or, if you prefer, a metaphor for orgasm. Apt enough, given that tp'ing over there reveals a three storey shop dedicated to adult furniture and the production of a 'little death' in the participants. I do believe that phrase originally applied to the post-orgasmic male, and his shrinking, 'dying' penis.

I'll return there with a volunteer soon (lol!) to demonstrate some of the wide range of beds, rugs, etc on display and for sale. By the way, some beds off some nice 'solo sits' poses as well. Just the perfect place for rezzing a laptop onto the bed and doing some blogging.

One final word on 'Mainly for Girls' (grin!). I sent Jimmy over there with a task. Let's see what he comes back with, lol.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

More advent goodies

OK...I was zipping around the grid earlier, and happened to land in one of my bookmarked landmarks, Love and Desire. For all that know it, it specialising in intimate bling, piercings, that sort of thing. I love it and have bought several bits from there, as well as recommending it to others.

They've got an advent calendar on right now, and happily you can pick up previous days' items.

There's a couple of sweet clit rings in there, as well as santa hats and so on. Well worth visiting, and I hope to remind you all on Christmas Eve to pick up the lot. There's some tasty bits and bobs being given away.

And what would go perfectly with a clit ring than a clit? So, it was over to Real Pussies where, yes indeed, you can purchase a photorealistic pussy. I got our anonymous model to try it with some pubes. Some worked, some didn't. But I do like the look and would be enormously interested in some sort of fat pack of real pussies (underpants layers). Yes, they're quite expensive at L$299 for each one, but it's well worth it. I'd also be interested in some sort of demo capability to experiment with...um...a reflection on real life, lol.

The pubic hair in the photo is Maribelle's Pubic Patch, available at the Broken Razor, a club for hirsute honeyz and those who admire them, incidentally :)

I had hoped to round the look off with a fabulously sexy and revealing fishnet corset from the Free Sex Forest Mall, but the purchase doesn't seem to want to go through for me. A pity, because I'd have worn it for another picture attached to this post.


'Without the nipple, what is there? The breast is just a blob of sub-cutaneous fat' -Frank Zappa

SL is pissing me off right now. Or maybe it's the constant cold weather. Or a combination of both. My internet is hard-wired, around the outside of my house, and I'm beginning to think constant hard frosts are messing up the connection, which is sometimes difficult, sometimes impossible. When I do get logged in, I can't TP. Or I get half way through a TP and get logged out. Is it the weather? Or is it the latest version of Phoenix? I can't decide. Oh yeah, and then there's the constant, constant, constant 'ruthing' problem where I'm returned to my yellow skin and ginger mullet. Not a good look for a 'sexy second life', trust me.

It's very frustrating, because there are a lot of good, sexy items around the grid right now in the lead up to Christmas. Things are so bad I even resorted to downloading the official SL viewer. That's how bad things are.

Anyway, rant over.

While the weather outside is frightful, here's something that's delightful, a freebie Xmas 'kini from Nada's. While I'm not in the mood to slip into it, Mal's made of sterner stuff, and posed at the Carrie's Lingerie photo studio. And what nice sexiness! A bra top that barely covers the areola, and a second top on which Mal has forgotten to do the strap up, or else the strap has broken. Lovely! You can find the set at the entrance to Nada's, or else on the marketplace, costed at L$0.

Monday, 13 December 2010


I've never bothered much with nightwear before. In RL I sleep nude, you see, and, well, my SL would reflect that I suppose. It just never occurs to go shopping for jammies.

But WoE's pre-12 days of Christmas changed my mind about that, since they were offering, on Day 1, a lovely set of pyjama pants coupled to a tank top. Yeah, it's cold outside and about to get colder here in the UK (again?????) and maybe a pyjama set is the ticket for these cold winter nights, the frosts and the snow. Yummy, PJ bottoms in a variety of colours and the tanks...well, you can see how cold it is with this semi-transparent top with the nipply effect, lol.

It isn't the first time WoE have offered nipply style tanks. And what I say is, the more the merrier.

Mal models a set in the pic above. And isn't there just something sexily vulnerable about the look? The 'just crawled out of bed to answer the door and there you are sweetcheeks' look that has been replicated on millions of doorsteps over the years.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Let's get Glamorized (2)

I don't know much about American politics, but I do know that President Obama came in for a lot of criticism for his use of the 's' word, despite the fact that he didn't actually say it. 'Socialism'. It appears that right-wing America seemed to think that basic human decency was a roundabout way of being a 'C' word...communist.

Much of SL is based on an American economic model and mirrors the American Dream. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. To aspire to be....whatever....is an admirable goal. So before anyone imagines this post is a remotely 'anti American' diatribe, calm down. It isn't. I, too, aspire to a sprawling house on an SL private island. In fact, my RL finances are such that I could do it, but choose not to because I really can't justify that spend on something I maybe devote 6-7 hours to a week (or not, if RL demands).

However (you knew there was a 'however', didn't you?) not all of the world shares the same economic model or social values. In my previous post I referenced the SL stores that have closed this year as a possible result of a RL economic downturn.

SL haemorraging good designers and good stores is a problem for all of us, because they drive, to a certain degree, the entire existence of SL. We rely on a constant and growing number of players to feed Linden Labs, otherwise the entire metaverse could potentially collapse. So we need to do what we can to encourage new players and, equally importantly, encourage them to stick around. For that reason the likes of Yoko Leeeroy's Glamorized store is an important addition to SL's commercial development.

I note that there appear to have been criticism of Yoko's profile and some debate on Ruthed.com (I also contribute to it) in which Gogo (Ruthed's owner) comes down firmly on the side of Yoko's egalitarian store, while others, mostly designers/store owners with their knickers in a twist, are almost condemnatory. Let's leave the drama aside and concentrate on her product, shall we?

I've not used tattoos before because, well, tattoos were tattoos and I hate them in RL and not much less in SL. To me they signify lumpen-brained neanderthals (blokes) and skanky ho's (girls). So tattoo layers, until now, have passed me by because they weren't something I wanted or needed. Yoko's use of them alters my perception, as her tattoos are for eyeshadow, lipstick and so on. This is a wonderful discovery! Why? Because it opens up the potential for an entirely new approach to SL skin application, with regard to make up.

Until now it was a case of wearing a 'nude face' skin or maybe a 'glam skin' variant of the same. All make up or no make up. I don't know about you, but I try to wear the same sking constantly because it's a reflection on RL. We're pretty much stuck with the skin we're in, notwithstanding a tan or the application of a bit of lippy to make us more glamorous. Lip or eye tattoo layers change the playing field. We can wear the same 'nude face' skin on a daily basis for our general meanderings around the grid, and then make up our faces accordingly for that big night out, dancing with our significant other or some cute guy we've met in a SL ballroom.

Such wonderful potential!

I am firmly predicting that tattoo layers as cosmetics will be a BIG 2011 development in SL, particularly amongst skin designers who will move to offer, with increasing volumes, that 'nude faced' basic skin, to which an entire range of lippy or mascara or blusher can be applied. And why stop there? I'm not sure how it would look, but it seems to me that pubic hair layers, worn beneath panties, are another potential use of tattoo layers. And I predict that Yoko may well be in the vanguard of SL's 'next big 2011 thing' by developing her cosmetics tattoo layers further.

Diane found Yoko's store independently of me (we pretty much read the same blogs, however) and unknown to me had been over there purchasing some items, lol.

Erotic and exotic? Yes. Look at Di's photo. A sexy white lace bra, part of a set that offers about 10 different colours of bra, and a bunch of tops that go over the bra, yet reveal it with scoooped necks. Sexy. A hint of what lies below. Of course it's erotic. Sort of 'sensible' and not slutty either. And only L$10 for the fatpack.

The glasses give Diane a kind of 'sexy secretary' look, which guys love, and she's also sporting a Yoko skin with pink lippy. It's a fabulous look, I think.

Just wait...in a year's time there'll be a couple of dedicated cosmetics stores (probably run by avis called Max Factor Resident and Yax Mardley Resident), dedicated to tattoo layers that help you glamourise yourself for that big night out.

Let's get glamorized!

I have bemoaned the SL economy for most of this year, as many stores appear to have gone out of business. Yes, the real world is harsh right now, and many SL players have to economise on their RL budgets, to the point where a hobby/pastime/social networking service like SL takes second place. Even without owning a shop or house, I've found myself being frugal with my linden dollar spend this year, and it all mounts up to a gloomy SL economy.

So...with just a couple of weeks left of 2010, it's just fabulous to bring you some great news about a store that is bucking the trend and providing a whole stack of exceptionally affordable skins, clothes, poses, teeth tattoos, etc.

I sent Mal over there with L$20 to see what she could achieve and she came back as an almost entirely new Mal! With change! LOL. Suitably buoyed by this, I tp'ed over myself to pick up a few items.

I got wind of Yoko Leeroy's store via the Juicybomb blog (an essential read!) and you can visit Glamorized via the link.

There is a marvellous array of exceptionally affordable items in the store, and there is no skimping on quality to provide these items at these prices. Look at the two photos of Mal above. The first is a skin which, as you can see from the nude photograph, is of superb quality. In the second Mal models a set of glasses at L$3, and a tank top and hippie jeans priced at a couple of dollars each. I mean, wow!!!!

Do these items fit into this blog's brief, I hear you ask? Absolutely. From newbie to glamour babe in three easy movements which are, essentially, 1) join SL, 2) spend three real life dollars on it, lol, and 3) visit Glamorized.

Let me say, just before closing this post out, and immediately beginning Let's get Glamorized part 2, is that Yoko Leeeroy has achieved a breakthrough of sorts here, and the sort which can redefine and reinvigorate a relatively flat SL economy, an issue as close to my heart as the exploration of the sexy when inworld, and more of which in the next post. Bye, sexuals!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Piercings and pubes

It's impossible to buy everything that I see and which may be suitable for this blog page, and for that reason the two photographs shown are of demo versions (L$0) of pubic hair and of a genital piercing plus genitals, both available from Emma Nguya's +EM *BDSM Toys shop, as well as many other poses, mostly BDSM related.

BDSM isn't my thing, and the remainder of the usual crew aren't keen either, so we're currently looking for a BDSM reporter/model. If you're interested, drop us a line.

Back to the photos. The first one, the pubic hair with the word 'demo' clearly visible, show a fairly seriously trimmed bush, but there's something sweet about it. I think it would be lovely worn with a pants transparent bikini overlay, for example, or just a nice little bush for ladies who do like to shave, but not entirely.

The genital piercing is also nice, but I was more attracted to the shaved pussy detail that is part of the package. It would be great to have this one without the piercing. I might even be tempted to get the razor out, lol. The store also offers nipple piercings as part of the package.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Makeover time

A reader writes...'you've changed your look! You are different in recent photos than you are in the blog header. Any reason why?'

Yep. It's the end of the year. It's a time for death of the old and the birth of the new. Think of 'old father time', the changing seasons and a time of 'rebirth'. My avi's shape remains constant but, as in RL, skins change (reflecting us getting a bit of a tan in summer) and so does hair. Especially hair, where we can all change style and colour constantly.

On a more sub-conscious level, so do the clothes. New clothes pop up all the time in SL, so the wardrobe constantly evolves, but I think our SL clothes sometimes reflect our RL reality. Sitting in a snowy, freezing England there's suddenly more appeal for that big coat than for a bikini or less. I like nothing better than flinging the clothes off to tan on an SL nudist beach regularly, and avi-watch, but I'm not in the mood for that right now. A big coat and a pair of boots reflect my RL reality in SL.

And the end of year advent calendars and hunts make for a LOT of freebies, hence the ability to remake/remodel (note the Roxy Music reference there, yeah?).

It's a great time for new players in SL, as there are dozens of freebies added each day, giving players the opportunity to tinker with their look, their style. And I think that feeling doesn't go away at this time of year in subsequent years. The period coming up to Christmas in SL is always exciting, and always a period of great avi change. Perhaps Linden Labs feel the same. Is their new single name policy coincidental to the time of year? Or did they plan the capacity to offer new players something new?


I don't normally do hunts, as I get bored with the search after two minutes. It has to be something exceptional that makes me pursue a hunt item. And for inferred, revealing yet coy sexiness, the shirt (photographed above) is worth the pursuit.

Part of the Holiday Fantasy Hunt, I spotted Carson from the Fab Free blog sporting it, and just knew I had to have it!

Ostensibly a see-thru shirt for guys, it, well, *blush*...you know how this blog works, lol!

So I tp'ed over to Wilson's Designs and found it, snapped myself (Mal's offline for a few days, otherwise I'd have got her to do it) and as you can see...you can see, but not quite! Sexy, indeed.

I should point out that Wilson's Designs also has a wall full of freebies (following a L$0 group join) and while these too are ostensibly for men, some of them work equally well as female clothing.

Click on the pic to make it full size, and see just how inferred the seethru-ness actually is. For those of you who are a little more coy, this will also work brilliantly with a sexy lacy bra on underneath.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

A refreshing approach to blog nudity

This week Malgorzata pointed me at the freebiesowo blog. It's Polish (hence Mal's interest in it), but more importantly it demonstrates the division between north American and European bloggers, because Madelaine, who writes the freebiesowo blog, is not afraid to photograph n*ppl*s, lol.

Now, while this blog does photograph nipples for their own sake, self-censorship doesn't appear to occur to Madelaine because of a different, European, perspective to SL nudity. No ridiculous pasties turn up on Madelaine's pages!

Ultimately, it's pixel photography, and it's cartoon representation of human form, so not really 'pornographic' (although I would not have any issue in my blog with representing pixel porn). But Madelaine simply photographs the skins as they come, nipples and all, and it's a better representation of the skin than some of these arms crossed or hand-bra photos that proliferate when reviewing skins, simply because the shadows where the skins are designed (particularly below the bust) are hidden until you wear them. A free, open approach to nudity is vital when reviewing and photographing skins.

Don't be put off by the Polish language. Madelaine's blog is fairly intuitive, thanks to the photos, prices and hyperlinks being shown, and it's fairly easy to guess at much of what is being said (although I do have my own personal interpreter, lol!)