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Friday, 14 October 2011

Naturist sims: the best, linked.

I'm a naturist, RL & SL. In fact, I joined SL imagining it to be some sort of virtual meeting place of naturists. I got that bit wrong, clearly, but despite the fact that some people live the naturist life by proxy and are still afraid to take the plunge in RL, there are some genuine RL naturists around.

I bumped into Emmanuelle at one of the naturist sims, probably Eden, since I lived there for a while and she seemed to be a regular visitor, and we became friends. Eventually, my preaching about 'genuine naturist values' led her to ask if I'd be interested in becoming 2ex's (then still SSL) naturist correspondent. Of course I would, I'd be delighted. And then, the instant I said yes, the regular appearance of a new naturist sim stopped.

Yes folks, we're in a sort of naturist hiatus, and I attribute that to the fact that, back in RL, there's a recession, in case you hadn't noticed, and I suspect there aren't so many new SL start ups. Naturism is simply another victim of people not investing money in SL any more.

I'm a genuine and dedicated naturist, to the extent that I, too, have looked at starting up my own naturist place, with true naturist values, but frankly the land tiers scare me off. And I did give up my own place in Eden, simply because irregular visits to SL meant I couldn't really justify the cost.

Anyway, I got an IM from Emmanuelle asking if I'd like to directly contribute to the blog, and while I would, it appears I can't, as I've no specific google presence (I'll work on this : Ems) so in the meantime this has been posted back to Emmanuelle for her to publish if and when.

I'm not going to dwell too much on the specifics of each locations. Horses for courses and all that, and it isn't intended to be an exhaustive list of naturist locations. It's simply a list of links of currently available naturist locations as of mid-October, 2011. How you find each of them is your choosing. I have my own favourites, but I'm not even going to make any commentary or analysis of them. Each have their own merits. And if you're a sim owner, and your place has been left off the list, be sure to add it to the comment box!

The Wild Coast Quite possibly SL's best known, most used naturist location, it also opened a more 'adult' nude beach (i.e. more poseballs). I've set the tp point as between Wild Coast and Turtle Beach. There's membership fees for both, but the cost is probably worth it in terms of the number of users you will encounter

Su Casa is relatively new, having been set up by former managers(?)/senior figures(?) at

Buffy's Cove which is now under new management. Buffy's is popular, and Su Casa becoming more so whenever I visit. Both are good, clean naturist locations (i.e few sex poses, but plenty of opportunities for a bit of naked dancing!)

Sweden Naturist has been open as long as I've been in SL and was maybe one of the first naturist places I found in search and visited. Not as popular as some of the other places, but sometimes that's an advantage! Low lag, and the opportunity to meet new people rather than get lost in the crowd.

Eden Naturopolis is a huge, massive, sprawling set of sims, each with their own character and emphasis. Lots of nude (or textile) sailing opportunities, a naturist church, many, many islands and much much more. I've been promising Emmanuelle I'll finish off a report dedicated solely to Eden sometime soon. I'll do it sometime soon!

Complejo Naturista Le Tejita is another long established place. It appear to be Spanish owned/run, and the people using it in the main Spanish. I can do tourist Spanish, but that's it, so I've never joined it, but it does appear to be relatively popular. There's a membership fee, and also a small free area outside the pay-zone. They've just move location or had a rebuild, and I have to say I preferred their older location and set up, with a decently sized free area outside the pay-zone.

A new place is Cap D'Agde. It's modelled on the real life French equivalent, widely known as 'The Naked City'. Originally a naturist town (yes! do your shopping nude, fill up the car bare, cycle around town without a stitch on) its reputation has suffered badly in recent years as having become a swinger's paradise. The amount of poseballs on the beach at this sim suggests they're following, closely, the RL equivalent. Not my scene, but I mention it because it was precisely at the real life Cap D'Agde that I enjoyed my first naturist experiences, long before it became tainted by exhibitionism, public sex and such like. A shame. The concept is fantastic the reality apparently, I've never returned, sordid.

Bavaro Parque is a German orientated sim, consisting of many small islands. It looks to be a 'clean' sim without poseballs, but you can buy a hud, which only works at Bavaro Parque, for more intimate moments. I'm not familiar with this sim, not being a German speaker in any shape or form, which kind of limits sociability in a German focussed sim.

Vibes has previously been blogged, very positively, on 2ex. No poseballs at all, just a place to hang out naked! Perfect!

SDI (Skinny Dip Inn) is another long established, very popular (and free!) nudist location. I've no idea why, but I've never used it very much. But lots of people do. If Wild Coast is the top naturist place in SL, then SDI's number 2. Of course, SDI people would say Wild Coast is number 2! Either way, it's a good spot to hand, dance naked on a beach and socialise.

For me, that's the main ones. There are others. Sunland, Abrico (Portuguese/Brazilian) for example, which are long, long established and popular, but are ones I've never really used for one reason or another (usually language barriers or time zone issues -they aren't busy when I'm on). And there are those we miss deeply: Manatee (the first place I ever felt truly at home, welcomed and accepted in SL), Sunset Cove and the recently departed 7 Hills (also a German place I used rarely but was remarkably well laid out and run). Do a search for naturist, nudist and fkk (short for freikoerperkultur, or free body culture, European shorthand for 'nudist beach') and lots more turn up serving Czech/Slovakian players, Polish people and so on. And a whole slew of 'nude beaches' which are nothing more than sex sims. You pays your money and makes your choice.

Ella Keng


  1. Ella, check my comment on the 'staff notice board' posting. I'll sort out some mail addresses for staff in the next few days and let you and the others know about them ASAP.

  2. While SDI is a great place to dance and have fun, it's reputation is one of a "meat market". Some people may like or dislike this aspect of it.

  3. Technically Buffy's is back under "old management" as it was originally my sim. Gray and Tess looked after Buffy's while I was having a break from SL - and did a wonderful job of it too - if they hadn't then Buffy's would surely have disappeared at the time :) Amy xx

    I'm pretty sure we're the longest running as I founded Buffy's back in 2007 but I could be wrong.

  4. After leaving Buffy's as Amy points out above, I now happily run Naked Dreams in the Eden group.

    It is run as a genuine naturist location with no sex pose balls and is proudly based on how Buffy's was when Gray and I had it.

    It is free but donations gratefully accepted!

    To find us, open the Eden Naturopolis link and look for the large Island on the Upper left, Eden Heron.

    You can catch a free boat ride from the Eden Naturopolis and leave your clothes and your worries behind! :-)

    Teresa Korhonen