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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I'm Jayne..

Hi Everyone, I'm Jayne Chun, the new owner/editor/author of 2EX, having taken over from Emma(nuelle). More posts in the next couple of days from me, but a bit of background information first.

I'm British, 30 later this year, and I've been in SL for about three years. I also run/own another blog, which isn't SL related, so I will not link to it here because a) you're unlikely to be interested in that element of my life and b) it would too readily identify my real life.

What have I done in SL? Shopped, socialised, been a nun (yes, really!), a 1920s cabaret 'singer' (yes, really!) and a couple of other things too, so I've had a fairly varied Second Life so far. I don't want to mess with 'the franchise' too much in the early days, so don't expect too much change in the 2ex style and layout in the short term. I've also already been in touch with some of Emma's old staff to see if they're interested in continuing to contribute, and I shall also contact the remainder over the next 48 hours or so. I've also hopefully got another couple of new faces lined up to add to the mix, and the offer remains open for Emmanuelle to return as a contributor at any point in the future.

One change you will see in the coming days/weeks will be the introduction of more in the way of 'sexy' clothing reviews and previews, something that Emmanuelle didn't do too often. There's a lot of sexy freebies out there, and I shall do what I can to blog some of them for you.

Feel free to contact me via IM or email (it's jaynechun29@gmail.com or jaynechun@hotmail.co.uk). I've already taken the step of making this blog readable on smartphones. I'm not quite sure how you do this myself, but apparently I've made this option available, so you can read 2ex on the bus or in the office.

Talk soon,


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