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Saturday, 28 January 2012

And so we begin (again)

Lack of posts? Yes. I've been beavering away behind the scenes attempting to build a 'team' with which to operate 2ex.

I'm happy to say that I've managed to get Malgorzata to agree to continue as our lingerie model, providing a link to the old Emmanuelle's blog. I have tried to contact both Emmanuelle herself -the offer remains open for her to act as 'contributing editor'- without success (so far). Vajeena has also responded in the affirmative to contributing, but is currently busy with RL, thus ensuring continued absence for a period of time yet.

I shall still be attempting to contact the other previous contributors over the next few days and weeks, but in all honesty I don't expect to be continuing with the 'sex' pages that both Honey and Rosemary provided. Their writing was great, but it seems that their contributions weren't readily appreciated by readers, and what I've been able to ascertain is that this blog is popular for newbies who've had a need to find free and cheap items to enhance their SL experience. Therefore, in the short term, the aim is to build on this foundation.

The lack of posts between the new year and now can be put down to the fact that we, in SL, have had a sort of post-Christmas lull, particularly in the area of 'sexy' items, but with St. Valentine's Day looming into view, SL's beginning to warm up with regards to 'sexy', so stay tuned.

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